Aug 23 2008

Paper Doll Ensemble

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Hi everyone, I’m back.  Wow, I’m ready to move to Tennessee!  What an incredibly beautiful state!  I haven’t been there since I was fifteen and . . . well . . . we won’t mention how many years ago that was . . . LOL!!  I was thrilled to share with my son his first time to view the mountains!   We entered the foothills soon after leaving Atlanta.  The closer we came to Chattanooga the more majestic they became.  Stephen took numerous pictures with his cell phone as I drove and has promised to send them to me when he gets them uploaded.  We saw him safely settled in to college life at Vanderbilt.  Move in day went well, the weather was gorgeous, the campus . . . well . . . the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I came home feeling very comfortable knowing that Stephen is going to enjoy his college experience and wishing that I could move to Tennessee as well.  When I voiced this thought to my son Daniel, he asked me if I was ready to move to Tennessee because I left someone behind  .  .  . well .  .  . maybe just a little.  Carolyn, thank you for referring us to Vanderbilt, it’s a perfect fit for Stephen.

I was blessed with two wonderful sons, no pink or lace in my house.  Sometimes it’s a little lonely not having a daughter to shop with, take to lunch, go see a chick flick with, etc.  I have many wonderful memories of times spent with my mother shopping.  My father used to say that my mom and I were the only two women he knew that could drive to Gainesville and spend an entire day shopping with only a nickel in our pockets.  When I designed this paper doll ensemble, it was with the thought that maybe one day I’ll be blessed with a granddaughter to share those times with.  I have carefully boxed this project for that day.


These paper dolls were stamped using the same stamp.  I cut the bun off the back of one head and adhered it to the top.  It’s very difficult to see all the details in this picture, there are tiny glass pearls on the earlobes, as well as three on the center of the bodice.  I used Dazzling Diamonds on all of the ruffles.  Swarovsky crystals were placed on the ring fingers.  I used a mixture of Pearl Ex and Gum Arabic to paint the bodices.  One was painted in iridescent gold and the other in iridescent pearl, together with matching shoes.  The dolls are a little over six inches in height.


To create the dressing screen I stamped it four times across a sheet of watercolor paper.  I used a Stamp-a-Ma-Jig for near perfect placement of the four panels.  I left 3/16″ between each panel and used a Scor It to score the fold lines.  I have to admit this entire ensemble was fun to make.  It was like being a little girl all over again and playing make believe.  I watercolored the dressing screen, as well as the dresses using Tombow markers and Pearl Ex with Gum Arabic.  The little tuffets are adorable, as well as the accessories that go with the outfits.


In this picture you can see the tiny earring.  I colored two bouquets of flowers to look like pansies.  I cut the stems off one and placed a bouquet in her pocket.  I used Dazzling Diamonds on the tiny little ruffle on the pocket of the dress.


Oh my gosh, how cute is this!  An adorable vintage day dress, wouldn’t you say!  The hat measures about 1″ in width and 1/2″ in height.  I definitely had to use my reading glasses to paint it . . . LOL!  The tiny little purse is about 1/2″ x 5/8″.  As you can tell, I left the reading glasses on for this ensemble.  Dazzling Diamonds was utilized on all the ruffles, a mixture of Pearl Ex and Gum Arabic was used in the center of the dress.  I added a touch of blue from the blue marker to get the light blue iridescent panel.


This is one of my favorite dresses.  Very sexy, don’t you think!  So I asked my husband, “do you remember when my legs used to look like that?” and he says, “no”.   Oh, stupid man!!!  LOL!!! I watercolored the dress on watercolor paper, cutting out the portion for the vellum slip.  I then stamped the dress on vellum and embossed with bridal embossing power.  I trimmed the slip to fit within the center of the dress. 


I have a card in my gallery over at Splitcoast that I made using this stamp.  I loved it so much, I went back to Violette’s and ordered the entire set of stamps with the idea that one day I was going to make this ensemble.  There are more dresses that I have yet to ink up, so this ensemble will be growing.  If you like this set, you’ll want to look for that coming in the near future.  For all of you with daughters and granddaughters, this is a wonderful heirloom set (providing it’s not played with much).  I have another stamp of a vintage woman with short hair, similar to the roaring 20’s.  Some of the dresses in that set remind me of “flapper” dresses, lots and lots of fun! 


These are a few of the accessories in the ensemble.  Those little coat hangers are about 1″ in width and 1/8″ in height.  I cut all of these pieces using a craft knife on a self-healing mat.  I watercolored them using Tombow markers.  All of the pieces in this ensemble were stamped on Canson watercolor paper, embossed with a mixture of Ranger gold and gold tinsel embossing powders, and watercolored using #’s 1 & 2 Kolinsky watercolor brushes.


This project has a little bit of a Cinderella theme to it which I felt necessitated a carriage and mice.  Looking around in my stash of stamps I found this old set from Stampin’ Up! called “Say Something Mice”.  I love it!  I think it’s perfect in this ensemble.  It’s so adorable, these little ladies were so much fun to paint!


And last of all is the carriage.  It measures 4 1/2″ in width, 3″ in height.  It’s just adorable in real life!

  • Stamps:  Me & Carrie Lou, Stampin’ Up!
  • Paper:  Canson watercolor paper, vellum
  • Ink:  Versamark
  • Accessories:  Tombow markers, heating tool, watercolor brushes, Pearl Ex, Gum Arabic, Ranger gold and gold tinsel embossing powders, bridal embossing powder, Stamp-a-Ma-Jig, Dazzling Diamonds, glass pearls, Quickie Glue Pen, Swarovsky crystals, craft knife, self-healing mat

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  1. Linda says:

    Wow!!! This is just gorgeous!

  2. Althea says:

    Gorgeous! I look firward to seeing future postings!

  3. Hilma says:

    LOVE all of the dolls!!! I have to say that I lived in Tennessee for 4 years… back in the late 80’s, early 90’s I would give anything just about to move back there!!! I loved it and I sure do miss it. It was a very nice “life” there. My older 3 daughters still have friends there… I wish Cassie would have gotten the chance to experience it. Reading what U wrote about it brought back alot of wonderful memories!

  4. Jerri, you amaze me! The detail in every single piece is simply incredible and to create an entire set is mindblowing! WOW…WOW to every single piece! I sure wish I could pick up some of your colouring skills…maybe if I just hang around here long enough!!

  5. Vicky Gould says:

    Jerri, you are the most talented artist I have the cyber-honor of knowing. You are just amazing. Those little mice are a perfect example of why we should keep those old sets. What a spectacular display you have here – you’re gonna make an awesome grandma!

  6. Dealbaida says:

    My, what an exquisite heirloom you have created Jerri. Love in every “stitch”. Your granddaughters will surely treasure this wonderful collection. Thank you so much for sharing it with us first.

    Marion, UK

  7. nancyruth says:

    Jerri these are exquisite and a wonderful labor of love… Each piece is prettier than the next and if you could only hear me squealing with delight when I view your work i kl now you would crack up!

  8. Beth says:

    Your work is absolutely incredible. The detail, the coloring just just spectacular!

  9. Kittie says:

    Jerri, This is an exquesite collection. Your painting is so fantastic. We have to get together for lessons.

  10. Charmaine says:

    Beautiful! So much detail…everything is stunning.


  11. This brought me back to a time in my life when I had paper dolls……we too made out own clothes for them, but they did not look like this! Wonderfully stunning!

  12. Lydia says:

    I love the paper dolls. Beautiful. Where do you get your stamps
    for such a lovely project?

  13. Beth Norman says:

    I fell in love with this set the first time I saw it, and am in love with it all over again. Oh, Jerri, I do love your creations with Tombow markers. Please keep them coming.

  14. Well hello my dear friend! Glad you’re home and that you feel good about where Stephen is. Above all that’s what matters!

    I’ll be sending you a note hopefully tomorrow about our idea 🙂

    Gorgeous dolls again 🙂 You know that was one of my favourite of your projects….just for the wonderful girl factor. So lovingly and wonderfully done.

    Big hugs!

  15. Ruth Earle says:

    What a wonderful Grandma you’ll be! I’m not sure I’d be comfortable letting little fingers on these beautiful works of art. But I know Grandparents will do a lot for those special little ones in their lives.

  16. Bev J. says:

    Just wonderful beyond words. You are one patient lady-must have taken some time for this gorgeous creation. tfs your talent.

    Bev J. (Maxell on SCS)

  17. Juanita Brown says:

    BREATH TAKING!! You work caused me to immediately start searching. I’ve been searching since 11:30am…it is now 4.30pm! I found the phone number someone posted on SCS. You cannot imagine how deeply your dolls affected me. I LOVE PAPER DOLLS. TFS.

  18. Shel9999 says:

    Oh my gosh, Jerri! Both of these sets are STUNNING! Your details are AMAZING! Wow. I don’t know what else to say. Nothing seems appropriate. I’m just mesmerized!

  19. Andrea says:

    Wow, great!

  20. This set mesmerized me the first time I saw it and it has done so again!!! The meticulous detail on these ladies and their dresses and accessories is just mind boggling — I can NOT imagine the hours that went into producing this set!!! HEIRLOOM for sure — I cringe at the thought of you giving it to a LITTLE GIRL — save it for teenage years — LOL!!!!

  21. Juliana says:

    Not only are these DROP DEAD gorgeous–they look incredibly fun, too!
    I like that blue dress, too!! (Silly dh–you’d think they would know better–but they don’t)

    Beautiful collection!

  22. Rose Ann says:

    This set of yours blew me away when you shared it in the DD, and I am still so amazed by it’s beauty….and your fantastic attention to every detail!! Incredible, Jerri!!

    I am so happy to hear that everything went well with helping Stephen settle in!! Hugs!!!

  23. rainy says:

    Loved this set in the Fan Club Gallery and I still am just amazed by it. The detail, the colors… it’s all just so incredible. Oh yes, Jerri, granddaughters! It will be so fun… I promise!! So good to know that Stephen is in a good place!

  24. leslierich says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all this here in one post! I loved every word of it. Oh, what a wonderful set!!! I used to love paper dolls when I was little. Such a fantasy world that helped shape the grown up me. Beautiful dresses, dolls, coloring, accessories, details! What fun you must have had with this! I love how you included the mice and carriage, too.

    It’s so comforting for you to know Stephen is settling in to such a beautiful and tranquil place. I’d love to visit Tennessee someday. I’ll enjoy seeing pictures if and when you feel like sharing any!

  25. Alyssa Byron says:

    Stunning! Simply Stunning. To all those shabby chicks out there, listen in: you have NOTHING on this girl here. This is talent, pure, cold, hard talent. What BEAUTIFUL dolls. I am in shock, I comend you!

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  27. Deena says:

    I loved this when I first saw it in the Fan Club gallery and I am still in awe of it here! Wow!! Your attention to detail is amazing! I love it!!

  28. Gabbey says:

    I love the Paper Doll Ensemble. I have always loved paper dolls for as long as I can remember. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  29. tera says:

    I am sooo loving these paper dolls – Are the women themselves from the same company?
    I can see I will have to spend some more $$$ in the near fucture.
    If you don’t mind me asking – sounds like you live in Florida – are you anywhere near the panhandle? I am in Fort Walton Beach – near Pensacola. Hope you have done well through all the hurricaines this year.

  30. Debi Nicol says:

    did someone have to grow up too fast? This looks like your childhood revisited…awesome, just awesome…I cannot believe your God Given talent!

  31. Lydia says:

    Wow! Those are beautiful! It seems like paper dolls aren’t as popular as they used to be. I never outgrew them myself! What I would give to have them! You are an inspiration!

  32. Heather says:

    Beautiful work and I enjoyed looking at the details. I’ve found something new everytime.
    Are the stamps available for purpose?

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