May 05 2009

Paper Roses


A few weeks ago I posted an Easter card and told you about a bow tying secret that I had picked up from Jenny Gropp, One Krafty Kat.  Since that time I’ve posted a few more cards with beautiful bows that I’ve made using that same “secret” method for perfect bows.  Several of you have written to me asking how I make such beautiful bows with both tails on the back side of the bow.

Well today I’m pleased to share the good news with you, the “secret” Jenny shared with me.  The “secret” is the Bow Easy.  Yes, that’s right, Bow Easy, and is it ever easy to tie the most beautiful bows you’ll ever make.  So what’s this Bow Easy?  Take a peek here and you’ll see what the Bow Easy is all about.  I’m pleased to share with you that the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store is selling the Bow Easy at the very low fee of $6.  Personally, I would have paid a small fortune for something that would help me create such beautiful bows, but there was no need . . . LOL!  The Bow Easy is so incredibly easy to use.  The green bows shown on the card above are only one inch in length and have triple loops.  With the Bow Easy you can make as many or as little loops as you like, and you can make seven different size bows.  To illustrate this I made a large bow with two loops from May Arts one inch sheer ribbon and then made a small bow from of May Arts 1/4″ silk ribbon and adhered it on top of the larger bow.  To see a wide variety of beautiful bows on samples boards made by Jenny, click here.

I recommend that you be the first to order the Bow Easy from the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store before it sells out, I have a feeling Sharon’s supply won’t last long; and, while you’re there, check out the beautiful variety of May Arts ribbons that Sharon has available.  My personal favorites are the sheers and the silks, but all are gorgeous!!

Check back with me later in the week, if all goes as planned, I’ll have a bow tying video posted showing you just how easy the Bow Easy really is.

I made this card for the Stamp Simply Challenge #85 – Let the Sun Shine.  No stamps were used, the image is my design.  It was drawn to fit within the parameters of the embossing.  Those sweet little butterflies were made with a new punch I just love.  I adhered them on the tassel and on the bow centers.


If you’re still not convinced the Bow Easy is for you, I invite you to check out the designs of these very talented designers:

Sharon Johnson, owner of the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store.

Jenny Gropp, who so willingly shared her “secret” with Sharon and me.  You’ll definitely want to check out this link, Jenny is offering a Bow Easy as blog candy.

Joan Fricker, of Joan’s Gardens, designed this fabulous card.

  • Image:  hand drawn
  • Paper:  Embossing Paper
  • Ink:  Tinta Gold
  • Accessories:  Embossing stencil, light box, craft knife, Krylon gold leafing pen, mini butterfly punch, small butterfly punch, Bow Easy, 3D glue, glitter, May Arts ribbons, gold cord, green glass beads, pearls, mapping pen, colored pencils, Gamsol, blending stump, dimensionals, Zip Dry adhesive


A Touch of Grace-Paper Boutique: Stencil

Stamp Simply Ribbon Store:  May Arts ribbons, Bow Easy

Joan’s Gardens:  Zip Dry adhesive

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Please be sure to check back later in the week for the Bow Easy tutorial and Bow Easy blog candy.  Wishing you a wonderful day with all His blessings!


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46 Responses to “Paper Roses”

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  2. Jenny Gropp says:

    OH MY! Jerri– These little triple bows are so perfect! Wow! You card is so beautiful!! And the image is hand drawn — whaaaaat? Girl– you got talent! I just love it! Amazing work!

  3. Jerri, I just don’t know what to say — I am totally speechless, jaw on floor gazing at this creation — your attention to so many tiny details in totally something else — the hanging pearls, the butterflies, the delicate bows — amazing!!! And your own artwork — you should be so proud of this creation — that image is beyond gorgeous — you are a true artist!!! Amazing piece!!!

  4. Darlene says:

    Jerri, what a gorgeous work of art!!! Your flowers are so beautiful. I love the bows, the adorable butterflies and the dangling pearls. Thank you for sharing your amazing creation with us.

  5. Rebekka says:

    This is stunning, you do not make cards girl, you create masterpieces.. I must get me one of these bow makers :).

  6. Barbara says:

    wow… this is beautiful. do you create the cutwork that the image lies upon? Absolutely stunning

  7. Dawn says:

    ya know Jerri…I’ve always wanted to be you when I grow up…!!!

    another totally AWESOME creation there girl! wow…do I ever love it! and yes, I just ordered my Bow Easy! *wink*

    hugs kiddo

  8. nancy littrell says:

    Jerri, your gorgeous, gorgeous card is even more stunning with your beautifully tied bows. I am definately going to add this tool to my must have list. TFS your art….

  9. Tosh says:

    Jerri, what more can I say except that this is beyond STUNNING!! Your watercoloring, cascading beads and butterflies, diecut, bows, everything is exquisite!!

  10. Elaine Allen says:

    Wonderful Jeri, just simply beautiful! How did you do all the embossed swirls that surround your lovely roses?


  11. OMG Jerri…………you are so talented!!!! I just love EVERYTHING that you do. Let me ask this, just what CAN’T you do???


  12. Kay says:

    Wow, you never cease to amaze me with your talent! Simply gorgeous!!!!

  13. Karen W says:

    I agree, you amaze me!!! I am interested in the white stencil part and the butterflies also, where can we get those stencils or punches please? Your flowers are breathtaking also. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. Joan Fricker says:

    Oh my goodness Jerri, this piece of artwork is absolutely stunning! I love how you dangled the pearls and added the glittered butterflies. Everything about it is fantastic! Your little bows made with the Bow-Easy are amazing too. Isn’t that the greatest little tool? Great job!


  15. Velta says:

    Good Grief Jerri ~ Though I am not amazed…Your work is always an eye candy!! Let me know what you have decided…I am lovin the stencil work 🙂

  16. Kittie says:

    Jerri, I keep thinking you cannot outdo yourself but each time you post one of these fantastic pieces of art you prove me wrong. This is fantastic.

  17. Joyce across the pond says:

    Jerri – this is a most beautiful card! You never fail to amaze me! I am particularly interested in the white layer with embossing….could you share how and what this is? Thanks again for all your inspiration.

  18. Wow, Jerri, your artwork is magnificent! I just love this! I would frame it! Your roses are spectacular. Just gorgeous colors, embellishments, layout, everything!

  19. You are so very talented. Just a beautiful artistic gem. I ordered the bow easy so I hope I can someday make bows like you. Artistic Gem Maker You.

  20. pinky says:

    Jerri, I did not know you were an artist as well a crafter! You amaze me w/your awesome talent creating beautiful works of art. I love the stencil you used and can only imagine how much time it must have taken you to create this beautiful card. I love every little detail about it and cannot wait to see your tutorial on bow typing…now, I must go to Sharon’s site to order that bow thingy…

  21. Julie says:

    It has all been said over and over. My heart almost stops when I see your work. I know your mother is where you got all of your talent. I think that is wonderful!!. Most of all thanks for sharing it with all of us that look at your work. Never give up what you do.

  22. Oh GOODNESS, you are such an enabler!! Ohhhhh, do I struggle with bows. I’m gonna have to think about getting one of these. The bows ARE fabulous and your coloring is always stellar!! Another GORGEOUS project, girl. Love your stuff!

  23. Nancy L. says:

    Jerri, your work is such an amazing piece of art! Where do you get your embossing stencils, can you share with us?

  24. Conniecrafter says:

    Such a Beautiful creations, lovely coloring, wonderful frame and the butterflies and the beads are a neat touch, tfs about the bow maker!

  25. Lenoria says:

    I am also enjoying your beautiful creations and wanting to know about the stencils you use. Your work is always breathtaking.

  26. evette says:

    Hey Jerri this has got to be one of your most beautiful cards! Love the butterflys and the coloring. You are sssssssoooooooooo talented. Keep showing and sharing your wonderful creations. ekc

  27. stella says:

    ok Jerri-completely blown away here! Actually I own that little bow thing and have never used it and now I have to go try to find it! lol! Jerri, you really need to help us out heren with some tuts! lolo! I usually am a very prim person, but your work is just awesome! I have searxhws everywhere for the embossing stencil or folder for the last card you did with the cathedral window. My Godparents 50th anniversary is coming and I would love to make a card something like that! PLEASE will you share???

  28. Dawn B. says:

    This is breathtaking Jerri. I love bows and all that info but your image is amazing. I just love it. I too am wondering where you got the embossing stencils for both of your last cards and how you do that. It is gorgeous. Your coloring is incredible. Super job…

  29. Carolen says:

    Thank YOU so much for sharing Jeri! Love
    your treatment for the frame!!! And your
    dangles and ALL of the butterflies!

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    p.s. A Bow-Easy is winging its way towards me!
    Can’t wait!

  30. wendy says:

    WOW Every card you make is a work of art!!
    you give so much inspiration to us card designers..Thank you
    Wendy xx

  31. I am on your site for the first time and mouth is wide open in awe. These are works of art and the bows enhance it. What beautiful cards. Thank-you for sharing

  32. Silke Ledlow says:

    Jerri, when I saw your FeedBlitz message on my computer I knew I had to hold on to my chair – LOL – I knew something fabulous is waiting for me/us and OMG – this is just ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!

    The embossing is WOW and I love all the details you’ve added – a true JERRI MASTERPIECE!!!

    BTW – I’m so gonna look at Michael’s for this Bow Easy…LOL…yours turned out super cute 🙂 – Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs ~Silke~

  33. Elaine M. says:

    Another incredible card!! Where can I get that beautiful stencil? You always use such great stencils – is there a special place you shop that carries so many? They certainly add a great touch to your cards.
    Elaine Moore – [email protected]

  34. Your work is just jaw-droppingly awesome. I just can’t describe how beautiful your projects are.

  35. Thelma says:

    This card is the best yet, Jerri. It is beyond gorgeous. I love every single thing about it especially the embossed cutwork. Your drawing is wonderful too….you are a true artist. This would be beautiful framed. I can’t imagine what it would be like to receive a card like this.

  36. Lin says:

    Just had to let you know that this card is truly beautiful. Love the cutwork. and embossing.

  37. Deborah says:

    Jerri, this card is just beyond words!!!!!!! I love how you did the embossing and framing of the painting itself. I agree you don’t make cards, you make materpieces!!!! Just Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the info on the Bow Easy. Just wrote Sharon to be put on the list to get one.

  38. Amy Sheffer says:

    Gasp!! Another gorgeous Jerri Kay masterpiece!! How DO you do it?!?! TFS the info on the Bow-Easy. I’ve had one for years and have only used it once or twice! I’m inspired to pull it back out!

  39. I’m so fascinated by this bow maker Jerri. What amazing details you’ve given this creation!

    Ok girl…did you draw this or is it one of your mom’s masterpieces transferred to you? It’s just beautiful!

  40. Rose Ann says:

    It’s another frame-worthy piece of work, Jerri!! Just stunning!! I especially love your perfect bows with the little butterflies, and of course your fabulous coloring!!

  41. shirley henry says:

    Where do i begin? Such a beautiful every detail. You are very talented!
    Going to try and get the bow easy here in Australia.
    Would you mind telling me how you did the white frame surrounding your beautiful drawing?Is it a spellbinder frame?

  42. Danielle says:

    Holy cow! Your cards are STUNNING!!!

  43. Oh, Jerri, GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!! I just can’t get enough of your work! It SINGS to me, girl…sigh! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us! 🙂

  44. Pam P says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!!! Your work is so incredible, I always look forward to see what you have in store for us each day. You are so talented. Please tell us about the stencil that you used for the scroll work and where one can be purchased.

  45. leslierich says:

    Your roses are drawn and painted beautifully, Jerri! I knew it was just a matter of time till your artistic talent was revealed in full bloom. This must have been immensely satisfying after all these years of stamping and painting other artists’ images. Someday perhaps we’ll be painting yours!

  46. Sandy Knecht says:

    How much better can a card get? Just keep watching Jerri ! This is awesome.

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