May 07 2009

Bow Easy Tutorial

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Murphy’s Law . . . .what can go wrong, will go wrong!
Good Morning, I had been trying for days to get a tutorial made for the Bow Easy on U-Tube only to realize that my video equipment was too old and not compatible with my computer.  I bought a new HD camcorder recommended by B & H Photo and was told that it would be compatible with my computer.  Well, I haven’t figured it out as yet.  My son says the high definition is too high for my computer, whatever that means.  He used his MAC to run the video through to U-Tube.  We were provided with a code to copy and paste into my blog.  We’ve had no success in loading the video on my blog for viewing and decided to provide a link to U-Tube so that you could view it there.  When I clicked on the link and viewed it on U-Tube, I was appalled at the poor quality.  I don’t know what happened when the video was sent to U-Tube.  The recorder did a wonderful job on the picture quality.  Okay, now here’s where I’m truly ignorant, I don’t understand any of this!  I believe when the video is transferred to U-Tube there’s distortion, especially with very high definition equipment, or at least that’s my understanding, I’m not sure, far too above my extremely limited knowledge.  I’ve decided not to provide the link until we can get this figured out.  We’re working on it and I hope to have it available soon. Thank  you so much for your patience.  And, if anyone has any tips out there, I’m all ears . . . LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.


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  1. Jill H says:

    How frustrating for you (and for me too cause i was waiting for this tutorial.) First the equipment is too old then you spend your money and now it’s too new??? Go figure. Sorry I can’t help you – when it comes to video through computer – I’m uneducated. Good luck.

  2. Joyce across the pond says:

    Don’t worry, we’ll wait….and wait… will be worth it!

  3. Diane Long says:

    THANK YOU for sharing your computer struggles! I have had so many problems myself and all the “computer geeks” I know never seem to have encounted the same problems I’ve had. They provide no help at all. It’s nice to know that I am not alone. I thought computers were supposed to SAVE us time!!
    Good luck.

  4. Velta says:

    So sorry Jerri ~ Wish I knew what to tell you…I am not computer illiterate…but I am not a computer savy either…I sending a prayer your way that it will not take long to get this straightened out 🙂

  5. stella says:

    Sorry you’re having problems Jerri, but you are probably alot more upset than us. I agree, anything you do seems to be worth waiting for. Try not to worry so much! stella:-)

  6. I understand your challenges Jerri!
    I have a love/not love relationship with technology. :o)

    Through team work, you all will figure it out I’m sure. No worries. Meanwhile, you are learning new things!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  7. Cathy says:

    I can really relate to your struggle…Murphy is my “guardian angel”. He showed up on June 26, 1982 and hasn’t left my side since. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he does take a holiday once in a while!

    I can wait for your video and hopefully, in the meantime, my bow maker will arrive and I can practice while watching the video.

  8. Becky B says:

    Oh computers, can’t live with, can’t live without them! I am so computer challenged, like I am bow making challenged, lol it is not even funny, it is amazing I am even figuring out how to leave you a message. Hang in there, I am praying for you. Thank you for going though so much to get this video out to us. We are so grateful for your hard work and the time you have given, so generously!

  9. Erica Fields says:

    Since I’m planning on ordering this over the weekend, your tute will come in handy, so I’ll be as patient as you need. I know you’ll have it figured out in no time.

  10. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing “bow easy”. I’ve had the Bow Easy for several years and never picked it up to use it. I will now. The U-Tube tutorial was very easy to follow.
    Thanks again!

  11. stella says:

    Hi Jerri! Well St. Francis answered me and I found my Bow Easy(the finder of lost things)so I got out some ribbon and your video made it easy as a cream puff! Thanks again! Stella:-)

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