May 14 2009

Thank You

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Ladies, thank you for the overwhelming response to the Mother’s Day kit.  I truly had no idea it would be so popular, especially since Mother’ Day has passed.  I had ordered enough materials to sell 10, wondering if that many would sell.  So far I’ve had 21 women respond that they want a kit.  I’ve called my distributor and have ordered more materials.  They will be shipped Tuesday, May 19.  I should have them by Saturday, May 24. 

I have made the decision to limit the kit to 25 as I have to move on to new designs.  The first 10 women who responded to my May 13 post will receive the first 10 kits.  They will ship Monday morning. 

I will notify each of you where you are on the list and get the billing information I will need Friday morning, May 14. Four kits are available for those of you who want one and have not had a chance to respond.

Thank you all so much for your patience. 


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  1. Darlene says:

    I didn’t even know about this – must have missed out on an update or something. I’d love to know the details and if there is still a possibility of getting a kit. I’m not sure if it’s too late or not. I would definitely be interested in any kit you would do. Thanks

  2. Barbara says:

    likewise, did I miss a post somewhere

  3. Julie L says:

    I also would be interested in any kit you offer, but cannot find the information on your Mother’s Day kit?

  4. Judi Farr says:

    I too missed the post about a kit even being offered. But, I am definitely interested and ready to sign up. I hope that I’m lucky enough to receive one. I would be very honored and not to mention, delighted.

  5. Dealbaida says:

    Can someone point me in the direction for this kit, please?

    Marion, uk

  6. Mary Bennett says:

    Good morning,
    I also have missed something here about a kit for Mother’s Day.
    How much is the kit and can I still get one?
    Thank you very kindly,

  7. Pam P says:

    I also missed the info on the kit can you fill me in on it? I don’t know how I missed it. Thanks.

  8. Rama Reddy says:

    Hope I am not too late. I would be interested in a kit for the Mother’s Day card..

  9. Marian says:

    I check in here pretty regularly, and I didn’t see it either

  10. Nancy L. says:

    Looks like I am not alone not knowing about the Mother’s day kit? How can I get one?

  11. Deana Smart says:

    Your blog (recently discovered and now bookmarked) and your beautiful work are absolutely incredible! I am particularly impressed with your Mother’s Day card. I would love a kit. Please email me with the information on how to get one. Thank you so much for sharing God’s gift of the creativity He blessed you with!

  12. Thelma says:

    Jerri, I am interested too but I didn’t respond the other day as I thought I had said this before when I emailed you privately. I think I am too late now though as you said you only had 4 more.

  13. Gloria says:

    I would love one of these kits also. Let me know the deets if they are still available. Thanks.

  14. Amy Johnson says:

    I never saw a Mother’s Day Kit post either. I wonder what happened?

  15. Doris Adams says:

    Jerri, I don’t know if I officially said that I want a kit but please don’t leave me
    out of the kit for the mothers day card. Thanks, Doris

  16. I am so excited to have made the list. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

  17. jackie M. - Oregon says:

    Oh, am I too late? I would love to be in on the kit! Please let me know. Your cards are wonderful and just found your site from the bow-easy tool video. Jackie

  18. Melanie Risk says:

    Your card is soooo awesome and this is exciting. I check your blog every few days and drool. I just noticed this today and hope I’m not too late…Melanie

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