Jun 10 2009

Blog Facelift

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Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to sit down and play.  I’ve finally finished, for the most part, the store, A Touch of Grace – Paper Boutique, (a link is provided on the left sidebar under my picture).  After completing the store I sat and drew the above drawing for my new blog banner.  I was very pleased with the finished result.  That is, until I tried to put it in my banner.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite wide enough and it was too tall.  Sooooo .  .  .  .  what you see in the banner is a cropped portion of the drawing.  One of these days I’ll get it right!

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you for making the Mother’s Day Card Kit such a huge success.  I do plan on future kits and promise not to limit the number.  I was overwhelmed with the response, never dreaming it would be so incredible!  From the bottom on my heart, Thank You!

A special thank you to my son, Stephen, for helping me with the design of the store and helping with the blog facelift.  I couldn’t have done it without you, Stephen!  I know it wasn’t easy working with all this pink .   .   . LOL!!!

 A little about the store and what you’ll find:  Tools and accessories I love to work with.  Everything in the store is what I use in my designs from blending stumps, Gum Arabic, Pearl Ex, Ranger gold embossing powders, even my favorite heating tool, The Milwaukee Heating Tool that I use for my gold embossing.  I’ve had my heating tool for 13 years, it’s still going as strong today as the day I bought it.  You’ll find a very large selection of embossing stencils.  Click on the picture to see the price, click on it again and it enlarges to approximately 4 x 6 for ease of viewing.  Some of you have asked me about the dimensions of the stencils.  They vary from one stencil to the next.  If you see one you like (or two), please e-mail me and I’ll be happy to provide you with the dimensions.  I do anticipate eventually getting that information on the site, but I’ve been away for a while and I’d like to get back to doing what I love most .  .  . designing. 

I also have a large line of Pergamano products in the store.  I’ve recently been introduced to Pergamano and love it!  If you’re a Pergamano fan or just plain curious, click on Pergamano on the menu and then browse through all the different categories.  The books and patterns are fabulous! I have the complete line of perforating and embossing tools, as well as paints and inks (what a surprise! . . . LOL!!!).  All the adhesives you’ll find in the store are the adhesives I use on my designs; Zip Dry is definitely my adhesive of choice!  It adheres quickly and leaves no wrinkling or buckling of the paper.   I also carry several gold stickers in many patterns, including sentiments.  These are no ordinary stickers, check them out, click on them twice to get the full size so that you can see them, the corners and borders are my favorites!  Click here to see an example of gold stickers on a design.

As I post designs, I’ll try to feature a product or two and illustrate to you how I use it and why.  At the bottom of this post under “Shopping”, I’ve provided links to the products I used in the design below for easy viewing. This stencil is an “L” shaped stencil approximately 3″ x 3″.  A link is provided below.


After taking the photograph for the banner, I flipped the drawing upright and completed this design that will be framed and placed somewhere in our home, which is now filled with a few of my designs .  .  .  LOL! I embossed and cut the four corners of the design and placed the drawing over Seagreen embossing paper.  I mounted the panel on Turquoise embossing paper using Joy! Foam Pads and then placed the design on Carnation White embossing paper.  All edges were finished with an 18K Gold Krylon pen. The bow was made with the Bow Easy.  I drew the butterflies and adhered them to the card with Perga Kit 3D adhesive .  .  . love it for adding dimension on the top panel – it’s my latest great find.  I want to show you how it’s used and why I think it’s fabulous for 3D effects on the top panel in a future post.


A close up of one of the embossed corners.


 A Touch of Grace – Paper Boutique Corner Stencil FE6124, Embossing Paper, Pergamano Tinta Gold, Tracing Pen, light box, 18K Gold Krylon pen, PergaKit 3D Adhesive, Caran d’Ache colored pencils, Removable Tape, Zip Dry adhesive, sanding paddle, blending stumps, parchment paper, Perga Soft, craft knife, stylus/embosser, Joy! Foam Pads

Stamp Simply Ribbon Store – Bow Easy

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit.  I hope you’re enjoying your summer with the kids and grandkids. 


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  1. Jerri, your Blog banner design is gorgeous — truly gorgeous! Such a wonderfully beautiful piece of art — I am so sorry it didn’t work as you intended to fit the banner.

    And your card with your new stencil is just divine! Truly a Jerri piece, to be sure!!!

    Such talent — you have been so gifted!!! Thank you for so freely sharing with all of us!

  2. Jerri, when I first read this article, there was no blog banner, so I thought it didn’t work at all for you. But now that I’m done, the banner is there — it truly looks so lovely — way to go!!!

  3. Dani C. says:

    All your cards are so beautiful! Did you draw the flowers? They are so lovely!!

  4. Oh Jerri…its just beautifully done…you don’t need stamps girl, your drawings are just stunning! Beautifully delicately colored too!

    Congrats on the store my friend. I know it was a lot of work to set up. Hoping you’re having FUN with it too!

  5. Kittie says:

    Gorgeous work on your blog banner, Jerri! Wow! You should make that drawing into a stamp. I am thrilled for you and the start of your online store. Congratualtions.

  6. Beth Norman says:

    What a way to wake up this morning. I’m going to kick back and sip my coffee slowly while sitting and staring.



  7. Karen W says:

    wow, this is breath taking!!! Just gorgeous!!

  8. Velta says:

    Jerri ~ I cannot tell you how happy I am for you and your new venture!!! I KNOW it will be a huge success. Love the new look and I am looking forward to more shopping at your store. You are such a sweetheart to share your gift with all of us who adore your art !!

  9. Joyce across the pond says:

    Jerri – many congratulations on a stunning banner….I could just sit and look at it all day….so soft and appealing…and it just marries perfectly with the words ‘A Touch of Grace’ – couldn’t be more perfect. And the card – just beautiful – as someone said you don’t need stamps…and I agree!
    Wish I had a Stephen!
    Best wishes for a successful business venture.

  10. Barbara says:

    Hi Jerri
    Congratulations. Your blog banner is fabulous and so is the store. I hope you will produce some tutorials some day for us novices. or pehaps a freq asked questions box.
    For instance, the tracing pen — it looks like you use it to trace. so if I am correct, the image is on a light box, you overlay parchement and trace. You can trace with different colors? so the image is glued to the card as opposed to drawn on the card?
    is there a book or something to tell you how this is done? Do you carry it? and if so which one. sorry for the deluge of questions. I so wanted to get you mothers day kit but you were pretty clear it was for advanced paper crafters -so i am ready to move up.
    Thank you so much and again – I am very exicted about your new venture.

  11. Dealbaida says:

    Congratulations on the opening of your jam-packed-with-goodies store Jerri. The blog banner is as exquisite as everything you make.

    I’ve been parchment crafting for nearly ten years and and am truly thrilled that my favourite designer/blogger has also discovered the wonders of this beautiful craft for herself. Be warned Jerri, it really is addictive!

    Can’t begin to tell you how much I look forward to seeing your parchment creations in the days to come.


  12. Cathy says:

    Oh, Jeri, I love it all! The updated art is gorgeous, card is a stunner, and I have been drooling over your store. Thanks for providing a shopping list.

    Wishing you much, much success,


  13. Fannnnnn-tabulous! Love the new blog design and the card is amazing. Those corner treatments with the stencil are beautiful!

  14. Carol Southern says:

    I’ve been a regular visitor to your site for a long time now, just love your designs and colouring so much. Congratulations on your new venture too, I hope it goes well for you. Your range of Pergamano products is fantastic too. I’ve been into parchment for 3 years now and love it.

  15. Julie says:

    You are truly an amazing artist – WOW, absolutely stunning!

  16. Julie says:

    Everything is so so so Beautiful You are reallly a wonderful artist. I’m glad to hear you are into pergamano I was introduced to it about 9 years ago and I really love to do it. I have not had much time to do any for quite a while but with inspiration like you show maybe I’ll get back into it. Love your art work for your blog and the art work for your house.

  17. Kim says:

    Another breath taking design! Just love it and the vertical version you embossed and added butterflies to will look wonderful framed. Thanks for the inspirations and congrats on your new venture

  18. wendy says:

    Congratulations i love your banner,how lucky for you that you have your son Stephen to help you.Im soo envious i can not craft yet as all my stash went up into the loft as we are now fostering so the craft room went back to a bedroom.I am waiting for my darling OH to find time to get up into the loft and put my shelves and worktops up,then i can start crafting yipeeeee …Love your shop and as soon as i can i will be ordering some stencils from you..Keep up the good work i LOVE your blog
    Wendy from UK xx

  19. Sonya Appel says:

    Absolutely Stunning! What a wonderful job you have done and what GREAT things you have in your store! I love the card and the colors, blue is my favorite, so pretty. Your drawing remind me of china painting which I had done a bit of when I was younger. I had to quit because of having small children and lack of an instructor close by. 🙁 . But, now I play with paper flowers! Thank you for all your generous help and instruction!

  20. Regina N says:

    Yes the card is Absolutely beautiful as are all your card.
    Regina N

  21. Such beauty to behold. Wow. Stunning work as always, Jerri! You bless so many people with your art! Hugz!

  22. Kim Teasdale says:

    What a beautiful piece of art work. The calm blues really make the pink flowers pop to create such fresh, soothing card. Sigh…pure beauty 🙂 Congratulations on getting you new store up and running and and all your little blog buttons and banner are just lovely!



  23. Jan Gingrich says:

    Checking in on your latest design is truly a highlight in my day! It is all so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Linda W says:

    All I can say is WOW!!
    Your cards are absoultely beautiful. What talent.
    My only wish would be to make a card as beautiful as yours.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I will be ordering some of your embossing templates.
    Good Luck!

  25. Becca Feeken says:

    Stunningly beautiful design Jerri!

  26. Jill says:

    Hi Jerri. Love the new banner – it’s so “Jerri Kay” – just perfect! I still haven’t had a chance to try out my the things in my mother’s day kit. I want to be able to sit back, take my time and have a good time with it so I’m saving it for a quiet, rainy Saturday.

    I LOVE Pergamano btw and am excited that you are carrying all the “stuff” in your store now. Otherwise I always had to go to Dutch websites and couldn’t read the language! I have several patterns on file – but didn’t have the right tools to complete them. I’ll be shopping with you soon.

  27. Jenny Gropp says:

    Oh Jerri! Your banner, your store…. where to start. I really needed another place to spend money, so I thank you for opening your great store — lots of really NEAT things you have that I am gonna have to try my hand with! Your banner piece… you are an artist…. AmAZing!!! Seriously just amazing! And that perfect little bow — oh so perfect!!!! =)

  28. Sandra says:


  29. Michelle R says:

    Simply beautiful! I love your banner and your card. Such a perfect work of art!!!

  30. Debbie Olson says:

    This is so beautiful, Jerri–best of luck with your new venture!

  31. Shirley says:

    Jerri, I placed an order with you at your store. I have email you twice. I tired to reach you by telephone. The number I was given was out of ordcer yesterdayand today it sounds like it is connnected to a FAX machine. I just wanted to know if you got my order, which I placed through PayPal, and when it would be shipped.

    Thank lyou so much,
    Shirley lRoss

  32. *THUD*
    This is breath-taking, Jerri!! Your banner looks absolutely gorgeous!

  33. leslierich says:

    Your blog banner is beautiful, Jerri, even though just a portion of the painting — I love it! I’m almost speechless to read that you drew this yourself. Incredible! I’ll have to look at those stencils.

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