Dec 07 2009

Christmas Poinsettia Table Decor – Prayer Card


Hi, I’m back with the Christmas designs I promised.  I started with an idea and it grew and grew.  I originally planned on designing a place card, napkin holder and wall hanging (I love designing wall hangings!).  As I got into the project, ideas kept coming and I kept working.  I hope you find something here that you like and will come back each day for the next several days to see the progression of the ensemble.

I’ll be posting tutorials for each project.   On some of the tutorials I will refer you back to the Thanksgiving tutorials for further instructions and some of the tutorials will be complete.  I have a lot of pictures to help you visualize the steps.  The designs are not difficult and if you find something you’d like to duplicate and have questions, please feel free to e-mail me.  I’ll try to answer your questions within a day or two.

Included in the designs I’ll be featuring this week are:  A Christmas prayer card (a total of 8), placecards (a total of 8), napkin holders (a total of 8), gift card holders (2), table center pieces (2), and a wall hanging (1). On the last post featuring the designs, I’ll provide photos of my dining room with all of these projects featured.

I’ve used a lot of product in the ensemble.  You’ll find complete lists at the bottom of this post with product names and links for easy shopping.

The designs are elegant, they have a lot of glitz, glitter, and tinsel.  I’ve used jewel tones, i.e., ruby, emerald, sapphire, and gold.  The focus of this ensemble is the true meaning of Christmas, the glorious birth of our Lord and Savior.  


I’ve designed eight prayer cards, two of each color:  gold, sapphire, emerald and ruby.  The stencil is an open passe partouts stencil, EH 1822, a beautiful octagonal shaped design.  The center panels of the prayer cards were made using large and small square nestibilities.  The monograms and borders were made with JustRite Stampers Decorative 2″ Square Monogram Kit.  I used tapestry Holly Borders and Holiday Garden stamps for the poinsettia and holly images.  May Arts silk ribbons were used for the bows.  The prayer cards are attached to Christmas ornament place card holders.


In this close up photo you can see more of the detail of the stencil, the cut work (very easy), and the stamped images.  I’ll show you how to make these gorgeous prayer cards in the tutorial below.  I used Encore Ultimate Metallic Gold ink to stamp the monogram and border.  I dusted it with Pearl Ex Brilliant Gold.  All edges were lined with a Krylon 18K Gold pen.


At the beginning of our Christmas dinner our sons will read the Christmas Prayer.  We’ll take our cards off the card holders, open them up and follow along in prayer. 


The inside of each card is color coordinated with the ribbon and embossing paper.  I used Carnation White embossing paper for the embossed portion of the card.  I used Very Vanilla for the inner portion with the prayer.  Iris Blue embossing paper was used for the layering beneath the embossed panel.


I love these ornament place card holders.  They were given to me a few years ago and I came across them a couple of weeks ago.  I originally intended to place the place cards on them, but when the idea came for the prayer cards, I knew exactly what they would be used for.  The emerald green silk ribbon is such a perfect match for the ornament, with the Christmas Green embossing paper a beautiful darker compliment to the emerald hues.


The Adirondack Bottle green ink matches the Christmas Green embossing paper perfectly. 


It’s very easy to match colors in Word.  With little effort I found perfect matches to all four colors.


The Christmas Red embossing paper is showing both burgundy and red is this photo.  It’s closer to burgundy, the color of the ribbon. 


The center monogrammed panels are placed on Joy! Craft 2mm foam pads.


Due to rain and lack of adequate sunlight, my pictures are not as true to color as I’d like them to be.  The burgundy print is dark in this photo, it’s much lighter in real life.


The Mustard embossing paper is a perfect gold for this project.  It’s not photographing as pretty as it truly is.


I can’t wait for everyone to see the table this Christmas.  The prayer cards are gifts to be taken home.


The gold print is showing beautifully in this photograph.  I love the tapestry stamps.  The inside of the prayer card matches the outside, glitter and all.

Prayer Card Tutorial:


Run your stencil through a Cuttlebug or Wizard, it’s the same thickness as Spellbinders’s dies and will work in die cutting machines that Spellbinder’s dies can be used in.  Place your stencil over the embossed image and trace lines as shown above.


Using a craft knife, cut along all the traced lines as shown in the photo above.


Using tapestry stamps from the Holiday Garden set, stamp as shown in the picture above.  I provided the inks in the photo so that you can see what I have used.


I used a Quickie Glue Pen to apply Martha Stewart glitters to the project. I’ll show you further down in the tutorial how I made the monogrammed panel.  (I made 8 of these embossed and cut panels.)


Use a clear ruler with grid lines for easy layers.  I placed the ruler over the stencil and drew lines 1/8″ from the outer edges of the stencil.  The inner lines closest to the stencil are for the colored panels.  The outer lines make up the template for the prayer piece. 


As you can see in this photo, I have provided a picture of my template with writing showing color lines and prayer card lines.


I’ve placed my cut panel inside to ensure that my lines are correct.


This is a template for laying out the colored portions that will be cut.  You can cut two squares and two octagons from one sheet of colored embossing paper using a craft knife if you use this template.  I drew the two octagons from the template shown 2 pictures above (the inner lines that have “red paper” written on them).  Cut two red, blue, gold, and green octagons (trace lines around the edges using the Krylon 18Kt. Gold pen), as well as two red, blue, green and gold squares from the square nestibilities (hold off on doing this step until you’ve done the embossed panels below so that you’ll know which nesties size to cut with, I used both large and small square sets so that I would have 1/8″ difference between the panels).  If you choose to use nesties instead of a craft knife, you can cut one square from the lower left portion and one from the upper right portion of the embossing paper. 


Using Encore Ultimate Metallic Gold ink stamp the border from the JustRite Decorative 2″ Square Monogram Kit in the center of Carnation White embossing paper.  Using mini daubers, gently tap Pearl Ex Brilliant Gold powder onto the stamped image.


To get your initial diagonal, you’re going to have to use a Stamp-a-ma-Jig or be pretty good at judging where to place your initial .   .   . LOL .   .   . as you can see, I need a Stamp-a-ma-Jig.  Follow the same procedure, use the Encore ink and gently dab Pearl Ex with a mini dauber over the initial.


To remove the excess powder I use a very soft flat edged paint brush.  If you have a Swifter duster, they work wonderfully, no need to go out and buy a paint brush!  Do not use a paper towel, it’s too rough.  When I use the Swifter, I pull off the outer covering and use the inner softness. 


Using your square nesties, find the one that best fits your stamped image.  Using Scotch Removable Tape, tape it down to the embossing paper.


Cut a paper towel in two.  Lay 1/2 of it down on top of your magnetic plate (which is laying on top of your bottom plate as shown above), lay your die face down on the paper towel.  Now place your cutting plate on top and run through your Wizard.  TIP!!!  By using the paper towel, you’ll prevent the powder from being imprinted onto your magnetic plate.  The pressure from the Wizard is near 3,000 lbs.  Your gorgeous border and monogram will imprint onto the magnetic plate when pressed through the pressure of the Wizard.  Trust me on this, if you don’t follow this step, you’ll have a beautifully embossed magnetic plate (and don’t ask me how I know . . . . wink!).  You’ll get a little bit of the powder on your paper towel, but as you can see from the picture below, 99.9% of the powder will stay where you put it.


Now, find the nestie that is 1/8″ larger and that is what you use to cut your red panel.  If you don’t have nesties, no problem.  Use a clear grid ruler and draw lines 1/8″ from the outer embossed lines of the border and use a craft knife to cut it as shown in the template I provided above with the two octagons.  I used my craft knife to cut all of the large colored octagons.


Using the Holly Border tapestry stamps, stamp in the holly leaves and berries.


Using the Quickie Glue pen, apply glitter as shown.  When dry (10 minutes), apply the Krylon 18Kt. Gold pen around the edges of both panels, wait about 10 minutes and then adhere the two panels together as shown using Zip Dry Adhesive. I made 8 of these panels, two of each color.  Tip: I lightly sprayed the 8 panels with Krylon Fixative to ensure that the gold powder is permanent and cannot be smudged. 


I used SU’s Very Vanilla for this part of the design.  I colored matched on my computer the four colors of embossing papers that I used in the designs, i.e., ruby, emerald, sapphire, and gold.  I printed two of each color on the Very Vanilla cardstock in the landscape position on my computer (test on xerox paper before printing on cardstock).  I took the template I provided above and used the outer lines (where I have written Carnation White) to draw around the print.  I drew very light on the left side and then scored from top to bottom.  Tip: To ensure that the prayer is centered, place the Very Vanilla cardstock on a light box and place the template over it.  You’ll be able to see through the template and will be able to get accurate placement of the template over the prayer.   Lightly trace cutting lines around the template. 


Using a craft knife with the clear ruler to get perfectly straight lines, I cut around the octagon as shown above, not cutting on the score line.


I folded the octagon inward as shown and using the clear ruler and a craft knife, I cut along the edges.


Cutting complete, I opened up my card to stamp the inside.


Using the Holiday Garden tapestry stamps, I stamped the above design around the prayer.  After I stamped the 8 cards, I glittered them as described above.  Once the glitter was dry I drew around all edges (both sides of the paper, front and back) with the Krylon 18Kt. Gold pen.


As you can see in this picture, since I was doing multiples, I made them all at the same time.  I did the entire project this way.  I embossed and cut 8 octagons, I cut 8 colored panels for the octogons using the template I provided above using the inner lines of the template for the colored octagons.  I made the 8 monogrammed panels at the same time (it saves a lot of time to make them all at the same time in an assembly line fashion). 


At this point all panels are ready to be adhered together.  Take your embossed and cut Carnation White panel and adhere it to the colored octogon.  As you can see in the picture above, I have adhered the embossed and cut Carnation White panel to the Christmas Green embossing paper.  Using Joy! Craft 2mm foam pads, adhere the monogrammed panel to the center of the octagon.  Use a Bow Easy to make a 2″ bow, adhere the bow to the center of the lower portion of the panel.  Close the prayer card and using Zip Dry Adhesive adhere the decorated panel on top of the prayer card.  It will look like the picture below. 


Now, isn’t this gorgeous!  To find Christmas ornament place cards, Google “Christmas Ornament Place Cards” and several will pop up.  If you can’t find them, don’t worry, the prayer card is just as gorgeous without them. 


A Touch of Grace:     Stencils:  EH 1822; AS 0703; Embossing PaperCarnation White, Iris Blue, Mustard, Christmas Red, Christmas Green; StampsHolly Border, Holiday Garden; InkEncore Ultimate Metallic Gold; AdhesivesZip Dry Adhesive, Quickie Glue Pen, Scotch Removable Tape; Accessories: Christmas Fairies; Joy! Craft 2mm Foam Pads, Joy! Craft Pearls Yellow, Joy! Craft Pearl Pale Yellow, Craft Knife, Craft Knife Refills, Mini Daubers, Pearl Ex Brilliant Gold, Mini Butterfly Punch, Krylon 18Kt. Gold Pen, Stylus, Perga Soft, Starform Gold Stickers (1021)

JustRite Stampers:     Deluxe Round Monogram Kit; Decorative 2″ Square Monogram Kit

Stamp Simply Ribbon Store:     Bow Easy, May Arts Ribbon:  1.25:  SK33 Gold, SK15 Emerald, SK25 Ruby, SK03 Sapphire; 1/4″; SK33 Gold, SK15 Emerald, SK25 Ruby, SK03 Sapphire; 5/8″ GH09 Gold Edge Ivory; 1/4″ GC30 Gold WIre Metallic Ribbon, Fiskars Scissors

Bonnie’s Best:      Genesis Paper Trimmer


Stamps: Holly Borders, Holiday Garden; Deluxe Round Monogram Kit; Deluxe Square Monogram Kit

Paper:  Embossing Paper:  Carnation White, Christmas Red, Christmas Green, Iris Blue, Mustard; SU:  Very Vanilla, Very Vanilla Textured

Ink:  Encore Ultimate Metallic Gold; Adirondack:  Pesto, Cranberry, Bottle

Accessories:  MS Glitter (Garnet, Malachite, Yellow Gold), AG (Mustard); Joy! Craft Pearls (Yellow, Light Yellow); Joy! Craft 2mm Foam Pads, Stamp-a-ma-Jig, Computer, Craft Knife, Scor It, Scor It Mini Metric, Mini Daubers, Pearl Ex Brilliant Gold, Mini Butterfly Punch; Christmas Fairies, Genesis Paper Trimmer, Zip Dry Adhesive, Quickie Glue Pen, Tim Holtz Clear Grid Ruler, May Arts Ribbons, Ornament Placecard Holders, Graph Paper, Stylus, Light Box, PergaSoft, Starform Gold Stickers (1021), Oval Ornaments (Michael’s), Red Berries and Gold Swirls (Silk Warehouse), Fiskars Scissors, Scotch Removable Tape, Stencils (AS 0703, EH1822), Wizard, Nestibilities Large and Small Squares; Large and Small Octagons, Krylon 18Kt. Gold Pen, Bow Easy,

Thank you so much for visiting, I truly appreciate you taking time to stop by.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


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