Feb 10 2010

Stamping Room Move In Pictures

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I posted pictures back in September of my stamping room and I promised that after I moved my toys in I would blog some pictures. Well, my intentions were good but my timing wasn’t.  As soon as I moved in, I started designing to catch up on commitments.  My room quickly became a mess, and then the holidays were upon us.

Three weeks ago I couldn’t take the mess anymore, my mojo disappeared.  So I set about getting my neglected house in order (early Spring cleaning, it took about a week).  Nope, still no mojo.  The dirty windows are driving me crazy .  .  . gotta get those cleaned!  There goes another week. Okay, house and windows are clean, time to play.

I walked into my stamping room and was overwhelmed with the clutter and mess.  Definitely no mojo there! I wanted to turn around, walk out and shut the door.  Can’t do that, the house and windows are clean, no more procrastinating. 

So I started to clean; the more I cleaned the messier it got  .   .   .  does that happen to you? I wasn’t cleaning, I was just re-arranging the clutter.  What to do? .   .   .  brainstorming  .   .   .  well  .   .   .  maybe if I clear out items I don’t use that will take care of the clutter.  Yes, that’s it!  So I set about pulling and setting aside Stampin’ Up! overstock.  Oh  .   .   .  MYLANTA  .   .   . the pile grew.  As the pile grew, the idea came to offer it for sale and send it off to happy homes where it would be loved and used by happy stampers who haven’t lost their mojo.  So I set about taking photos of every thing and getting it blogged. 

OH .   .   .  MY .   .   . WORD .   .   . You all completely overwhelmed me with your enthusiastic response, and before I go any further, I want to thank you for helping make the sale an overwhelming success!  I most definitely couldn’t have done it without you and I sincerely hope you are enjoying your purchases. 

After several days of e-mails and shipping, I woke up Saturday morning and attacked the clutter again.  By late Sunday afternoon I was able to take pictures of the room with every thing in its place.

Ladies take note, this is probably the only time this room will look like this because I am a messy slob when I design .  .  . LOL!  So before I create another mess and wait another six months to clean it, here are the promised pictures.

I’ll do what I did the last time I posted pictures, we’ll start on the left side of the room and work our way around.  As we walk into the room, the paper armoire is to the left.


The paper armoire was designed to hold a lot paper.  


Two double doors take up the upper two-third’s of the armoire.  Inside are four roll out drawers and four adjustable shelves.  Designer paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 6″ x 6″, and 12″ x 12″ paper packs are located in this section.


There are four identical drawers in the lower third of the armoire.  Each drawer has built in racks for 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. The paper racks were placed in the center of the drawer to help offset fatigue on the rollers and evenly distribute the weight of the paper.


Moving on we come to the custom stamp storage area.  I’m thrilled with this stack of 16 drawers.  Each drawer measures 30″ x 30″ x 2″.


This drawer contains my JustRite collection of stamps and stampers.   I have two of every stamper.  When I’m working, I don’t like having to change stamps on the stampers, with two there’s never a problem and it saves a lot of time.  JustRite stamps and stampers can be purchased at A Touch of Grace-Paper Boutique.


I have four drawers of Stampin’ Up! stamps.  I’ve taken my collection off wood and mounted the stamps on EZ Mount Thin.  Each set has been placed in a clear CD case and labeled.  The larger sets are in two cases.  Each drawer contains 75 sets of stamps.  Taking them off wood saved me approximately 80% of much needed space.  The sets are filed alphabetically.  A master index list (cross indexed by categories) is kept in a binder on the bookshelves behind my main workstation.


Six drawers are filled with my collection of stamps that are still on wood.  I couldn’t bring myself to take my Impression Obsession stamps off wood.  I also have two drawers filled with clear stamps and another drawer filled with background stamps.


To the right of the stamps is the sewing station.  Oh, how I love this station!


The Dazor lamp you see attached to the edge of the counter top has a magnifying glass in the center.  This is very useful for hand stitching.  While my sewing machine has a light, the adjustable lamp provides added light for sewing.  Attached to the wall are wooden spool holders that I purchased at JoAnn’s.  A few sewing supplies are overhead in the cubbies.  Fiskar scissors are kept beside the machine for snipping threads.  The scissors are from the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store, they never leave this station, I love them that much.  Actually, I have the whole collection that Sharon sells, they’re absolutely wonderful for cutting ribbon.


Three ribbon drawers are to the lower right of the sewing station.  The top drawer contains May Arts taffetas, silks, cording, sheers, and crochet ribbons.  The second drawer contains more sheers, dots, twills, and boxes of 1/8″ silk ribbon.  Can a girl ever have too much ribbon?  Not in my book .   .   .  LOL!  These ribbons (and more) can be purchased at the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store.


To the right of the ribbon drawers is a drawer full of embellishments.  Underneath that is a cabinet door that opens up access to two shelves that run the length of the wall.  There are two lazy suzans in the corner, one on each shelf, enabling access to the hard-to-reach corner spots, I’ve utilized every square inch of storage space.  Water color paints and Tombow markers are in the upper corner cabinet.  The empty area where the chair is missing is the wet embossing workstation.  The heating tool is plugged in and ready to go.  Embossing powders are in the open cubbies above.


My colored pencil collection is located in the corner underneath the cabinet where the water color paints and Tombows are stored.  For fun, I keep them in some of my favorite mugs.


The wet and dry embossing stations are set up next to each other.  I have a light box at the dry embossing station.  This is where I emboss the custom designs I create with my stencils.  Embossing tools are kept on the white shelving unit against the wall between the two stations.  I love the open cubbies!  For me out-of-sight translates to out-of-mind.  Glitter, Swarovski Crystals, Flower Soft, Prima Flowers, PaperTrey, Ink ribbons and stamp pads, embellishments, Versamark, etc. are in the cubbies.  The two drawer box to the right of the light box contains decorative scissors for cutting deckle edges, wave edges, etc.


To the left of the chair are three drawers containing adhesives, i.e., tape, glue, dimensionals, glue dots, etc.  To the right of the chair is a drawer that contains more embellishments. Beneath the drawer the cabinet opens up to two long shelves that run to the right and up to the corner wall.  I have two lazy susans in the corner enabling access to both shelves.  Water color papers are stored here.


This is one of the adhesive drawers between the two embossing stations.  I purchased the sock divider from Lowe’s, it’s perfect for organizing drawers.  I’ve tried so many adhesives over the years.  The only thing I use in this drawer is the Scotch removable tape.  The Zip Dry adhesive I came across a year ago has replaced all of these adhesives.


The counter tops are all spacious, 30″ in depth.  This area is the printing station.  The beige boxes to the left of the printer are Photo Docks from Making Memories.  I love them!  My pictures are organized inside and ready to be scrapped.  Each dock has 15 folders, each folder is labeled by category, i.e., Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Vacations, Bath Time, Swimming, School Years, etc.


This is the smaller cabinet over the printing station, it holds chalks, sketching pencils, water color pencils, and Pergamano supplies.  I have plenty of room to grow.


This is the larger cabinet directly over my printer.  More supplies are stored here.


Below the printer is a drawer that contains shipping labels for orders I send out from my store, as well as postal forms for international orders.  All cabinets have roll out drawers.  This drawer contains my Scor It boards.  I use both the American standard and metric boards.  The drawer below contains copy paper and photo printing paper.  To the left is another drawer and cabinet with roll out drawers filled with products and embellishments.


This is my shadow, he follows me every where I go.  He has a bed in my stamping room.  Baxter was a gift from my hubby two years ago for my 48th birthday.  He’s a red short-haired Dachshund.  He’s adorable!  He found my gray sweatshirt on the floor and brought it upstairs to his bed.  You can see he put it in his bed and snuggled up to it.


My treasured bookshelves hold my beloved books.  The case is 7′ high, 5-1/2′ wide and 11″ deep.  


It was a bright, sunny day, as you can see from the glow in the window, when I took these photos.  The window gives me a lot of light on sunny days.  Unfortunately, the light is not bright enough for the other side of the room.  I’ve placed Ott lights throughout.  I plan to replace those with under the counter lighting, as well as a few more ceiling lights for even light distribution.


This is my main work area where I paint and design.  The Dazor lamp to the left was a gift from my mom 23 years ago.  I love to embroider and sew (counted cross stitch). This lamp is made specifically for sewing, it has a 3 dop circular lens.  At the time Mom gave it to me I didn’t need it for seeing, but the light was awesome.  Now, sad to say, my old eyes can’t see a thing up close.  The lamp is used constantly, not only for the light it projects, but the magnification the lens provides is invaluable.


I purchased the drawer dividers from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  They are perfect!  I love the slider resting on top, I push it back and forth for easy access to the contents underneath.  I bought these for all the drawers.


Roll out drawers are the way to go, this drawer contains items I use for colored pencil drawings, as well as paper toling.


This picture shows the “L” shaped desk, I love the way the station wraps around!  The counter top depth is 30″, lots of room to spread out.  The corner is my paper cutting area.  I absolutely love the Genesis paper cutter that I purchased from Bonnie’s Best, it has a light on it that is very helpful with cutting. 


This is the die cutting station.  Before I moved into this room, I sat on the floor to do all my die cutting.  What a difference it makes with a roomy counter top and standing .   .   . LOL!


The cabinet above the die cutting station contains my embossing stencils (in clear boxes) on the lower shelf, each box contains any where from 4-to-8 stencils.  The shelf above contains Spellbinders dies.  The dies are in clear labeled CD cases.  The dies cling to magnetic strips placed inside the cases.  The third shelf up contains more Spellbinders dies and Megabilities.  The Megabilities are in long opaque CD cases that have been labeled.


The drawer below the counter contains the longer Spellbinders dies, as well as plates, rubber mats, magnetic mats, Ten Second Studio embossing plates, Fiskar embossing plates, Boss Kut dies, Quic Kutz dies, etc.


Below the drawer is a cabinet that houses more plates, Cuttlebug dies, A Revolution, a Cuttlebug, and two Wizards.  I had the purple Wizard first.  The second one was a replacement that Stacey gave me at CHA, January 09.  So, of the three die cutting machines I own, what’s my choice?    .   .   .  the Wizard wins hands down! It’s a little tricky at first, until you get to know it, but now I say, “say hello to my little friend.”  Which is my son’s favorite line in one of Al Pacino’s movies.


This is my ink station.  The tower to the left holds Classic ink pads, re-inkers and markers, as well as the in-line colors, scissors and a few misc. tools.  The tower to the right holds my Craft ink pads and re-inkers and a few more tools.  Peeking through the two larger towers at the back are three turn tables that contain Stampin’ Up! brads, buttons, and eyelets.


I decided to hang the wild rose designs in my stamping room instead of the guest bedroom.  The panels were supposed to go to either side of the center design, but I think it looks good with them over and below it.  You can see the ink station from this view, I love how high it is.  With the inks at eye level, it makes it easy to find the color I’m looking for.

If you’re interested in seeing the “before” pictures of what the room looked like before I moved in, click here.

I love this room, it has so many odd angles and twists, it was added as an afterthought while the house was being built.  Originally, it was attic space over the garages.  I’m so glad the original owners decided to make it a play room.  My kids had it for years.  It’s a large, spacious room that housed many slumber parties and lots of wonderful memories! I love the neutral colors.  My entire house is painted this color.  We have this carpeting upstairs, the first floor has polished limestone floors in a neutral color.  Splashes of color are thrown in with our furniture, window treatments, paintings and rugs. 


I wanted to include this picture.  I usually take my photos on a table in my bedroom in front of a window.  However, on rainy days, or if I’m pushing a deadline and it’s late at night, I use this light tent.  As you can see, I borrowed the chair from my sewing station.  It works great because the chair can be raised or lowered.  The light tent can be turned over and used horizontally as well.  The lights and light stands were a gift from my hubby for my 50th birthday.  The lights are shaped like small umbrellas.  They have a covering that can be placed over them to diffuse the light.  The light tent is glowing in this picture.  It’s not that bright in real life, I’m not sure why it’s glowing so brightly here.

 I will be getting back to work soon and posting new designs.

 Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I’m always thrilled to hear from you.


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    What can I say but WOW, and amazing.

    Thank you so much for sharing your work room with us.

    Please check out my blog today.


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    What a wonderful space that you have. I love to look at your work!
    I can’t wait until I turn an unused apartment in our carriage house into a creative space. You have inspired me to dream about it!

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    Beautiful pictures…thanks for the update…hard to believe that this room could ever be a mess!!!

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    Thanks for a wonderful tour of your gorgeous room, Jerri! I love seeing your storage ideas and how you have divided up your work area. Everything has been thought out so clearly. How wonderful for you to have such a creative work area. I will have to write and ask more information about the paper cutter. I wish they sold the light source on the 12″. I will check that out with the company.

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    Wow… am I allowed to be just a tiny bit envious… “just kidding”… your space is awesome… I need to get hubby to revisit this page so i can get one just like yours…LOL… that is if i can get him to listen… your stamping drawers are just ideal… a well thought out perfectly designed work space… congratulations.. may you have many more hours of fun in your new room
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    Thanks, Jeri, for allowing us to visit your stamping cove! It is amazing and I wouldn’t know where to begin to “play” with everything having a place for itself!! You so deserve it. Your creations are gorgeous and you need a great place to retreat to. Thanks again for sharing so much in detail with all of us!!

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    Jerri, I am in awe of such a wonderful haven to stamp and craft in! Your organization is tops w/everything having its place. This is such a dream to have such a wonderful space…I only can wish. I use my guest bedroom, every available closet and space and my stuff is spread out everywhere. I am so envious of your space, gf…but happy for you. I know it took a long time, but the wait was worth it, huh? Thanks for letting us take a peak into your world of crafting! I love everything about it.

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  16. That was an awesome tour. Not only is the room fabulous but your tour was thorough. I hate reading a post like yours and wondering what is that or where does she put this? Just a note, I’ve heard that EZmount should not be stored in CD cases unless the stamps are stuck to something else like ez mount safe plastic or glossy paper. How long have your stamps been in there and do you find the EZ mount is degrading? I hope you can find time to answer. Rebeccacell at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing.

    PS: I want that stamp chest please – I will steal it directly from your room when you are not looking??????!!!!!!! LOL

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      i just found your wonderful blog post on your stamping room move in.. and i am very interested in where i can find the wood stamp drawer cabinet. with all those glorious drawers!!! if this is custom made i would love the plans or builder- if it was purchased- i would also lve the information to buy my own- thank you so much

    • Suzanne Gendron Shipley says:

      Your room is fantastic.
      Love the thought of using the cd cases for the dies, but all I can find is the ones with the ring inside and I’m sure that would damage my dies, so where do you get your, and can you provide the name of the company that makes them.

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    How blessed you are to have such a beautiful craft room

  77. Colleen Dietrich says:

    I jumped over to your blog after seeing your name on Sharon Johnson’s Blog Hop today. I just looked at the pix of your craft room, and I must say you are one lucky lady! Of course, I was drooling over the space and light that you have, because I have to work on my dining room table (which is the only table in our small house; no kitchen table). I have to clear my stuff up before dinner each day. My craft supplies are mostly in a repurposed TV armoire that is in my dining room, but it feels very, very cramped. All stamp sets are in the cellar – ugh. So, as I was looking at your pix, I thought “THis is what my craft room would look like if I had a bigger house!”. NIce work.

  78. Emily says:

    Your room is amazing! I would never go to any other part of my house if I had a room like that! :o) It was obviously well thought out and planned. Thank you for sharing!

  79. Lenoria says:

    I am checking out your wonderful space – again! This is so gorgeous and I wish I had your organizational skill. I have all this stuff and cannot figure out how or where to store it for easy access and organization. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and maybe I will get organized before I turn 100!! I also enjoy seeing all your creations and will be ordering more stuff in the future I’m sure.

  80. The Other Diane says:

    OMG I wanna be you when I grow up. LOVE all the stations and the neatness. Thanks for sharing.

  81. Nimue says:

    Thanks for the pics, Jerri. They’re an inspiration for sure. – Nimmy

  82. Ohhh myyy goddd!!!
    I’m filled with jealousy right now! haha…
    Your stamping/sewing room is beyond Amazing!!!
    I can’t believe how clean and neat and organized everything is. And you have SOOO much stuff! How Lucky!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    ~ Ayana

  83. Michele says:

    Gulp; a room in heaven I believe! I’m really small, under 5′ tall; I’m confident I could hide away in this room, watch you create and soak it all in! 😀 Love it!!!

  84. Laura.K says:

    Wow. I would love to have such a gorgeous working room. And so clean and organized.

  85. Chris Biljan says:

    Wow – I was impressed before Jerry – now I’m in awe! What a well planned, beautiful space (including the dog) My daughter has one just like Baxter – he’s always curling up in her clothes too – they’re so sweet. Thanks for sharing your work space – is it really “working “when you’re in there????

  86. MariLynn says:

    Oh I love your stamping area. I am so happy for you. I pray that as you use this space that you are blessed. I know you are going to create some amazing projects. You always do!

  87. Cathy says:

    Oh, Jerri, what a wonderful place to create! I’m so delighted for you that every inch of it has been able to be utilized in such a well-thought out and organizing way.

    So, when we finally move into a new house, you’re going to come and help me organize my space, right?!

    Sending hugs!

  88. CherylQuilts says:

    So glad to see you post photos of your amazing craft room! You are so blessed, and I miss you beautiful creations! Hugs!

  89. Sam says:

    Where, oh, where did you get those wonderful drawers you store your stamps in?

  90. Carine says:

    Wow! Fantastic!!! Where did you get those practical, wonderful drawers you put your stamps in? What are the measures?

  91. Abby says:

    Did you make the stamp drawers or purchase them? If you bought them, where did you get them? What are they called? If anyone knows, please email me!

  92. Jennifer says:

    Such a lovely craftspace. I wandered over to this blog after seeing a pic of your stamp storage tower and I would love to know where you purchased it.

  93. Wanda Edney says:

    Hi. Love your storage and craft space! Where did you find the stamp storage drawers? I would love to have the same!

  94. Donna Lawson says:

    I have seen so many craft rooms from all the groups I’m in, but your’s is the most awesome one that I’ve seen. I can just imagine how more organized work time could be when crafting in such a remarkable space! Thank you for sharing with us and for the great information you give us where to find things. I don’t remember seeing where you got the tall stamp storage unit could you please tell me? Thanks again, Donna

  95. Angela says:

    Where did you purchase the armoire and stamp drawers? I have a narrow wall but would like to utilize the wall height.

  96. patricia fitzgerald says:

    your craft room is wonderful! Do you have specific info on set of drawers you use for stamps? Where to buy, exact size, etc

  97. Joan whitchurch says:

    was wondering where to buy stamp drawers, wonderful craft room

  98. Kay Corden says:

    Would really appreciate information on getting the stamp cabinet….plans for making , or contact for purchase. Thank you!

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