Apr 10 2010

Parchment Roses


Isn’t this so pretty!  You know me, I’m never too far away from anything floral.  I couldn’t resist the cut blooms from my garden that match the parchment flowers and leaves perfectly.  I’m moving right along with parchment craft and having a lot of fun in the learning process!  It wasn’t long after we returned from Nashville that I started right in on this design.  The pattern has a photograph placed in the oval, I altered it a bit by placing flowers instead. 

The design is a faux hand held mirror.  I traced the pattern from the Pergamano Classic Designs book with a Mapping Pen and Tinta White ink onto Regular Parchment Paper.  Pergamano embossing and perforating tools were used for the embossing and perforating on the design.  (Shopping Supplies are linked at the bottom of this post.)


The two white roses at the top of the photo are from a sucker that sprouted on one of my English rose bushes.  I know it should be cut, but I’m loving the white roses and have decided to let it run wild.  I’ve never had blooms on a sucker and while the blooms are deformed, they’re absolutely gorgeous, almost looking like gardenias.  The fuschia blooms are from my Old Blush (antique China rose) rose bushes that I pretty much let grow wild and unkept.  I love a natural wild look in my garden (so do the snakes . . . LOL).


The parchment roses were pretty easy to make.  I made them using Regular Parchment Paper and varied the pink/bordeaux hues by using Dorso Crayons.  The white roses were left uncolored, the embossing turned them white.  I used Tinta Leaf Green ink to color the large leaves.  The veins were embossed using a Fine Stylus Embossing Tool.


In contrast, to show you another look, I placed the mirror design on a coffee table (which is where I’m going to keep it).  The mirror measures 9-1/8″ x 4-1/2″.  The little stars around the bottom of the design show well against the brown background.  I used Pergamano Parchment Scissors Stainless for all cutting. 


I love the translucency of the rose petals and leaves, they’re so soft and delicate.  Each rose has a stack of four flowers that was embossed with a Large Ball Embossing Tool.  I adhered the layers with Perga Kit 3D Adhesive to form the rose.  I embossed the tiny wild flowers and painted the leaves with Pintura Light Green and Pintura Ochre Yellow paint.  The center veins of the smaller leaves were drawn with Tinta Leaf Green ink.  The flower centers were painted with Pintura Ochre Yellow and Pintura Cinnamon paint.  Joy! Craft white pearls were placed in the centers of the roses. The roses, wild flowers and leaves were adhered to the mirror with Perga Glue adhesive.


I removed the cut roses so that you can see the design free from my clutter .   .   . LOL!  The little stars at the bottom of the design show well in this photo.  They are my favorite part of the cut work on this design.


A pretty, delicate bow made with May Arts sheer ribbon enhances the design.  I love the touch of elegance the gold trim brings to the design.


A Touch of Grace – Paper Boutique

I’ll be back with another design soon that’s almost completed.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate your visit!


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40 Responses to “Parchment Roses”

  1. Wow, this is jaw-dropping! Your parchment roses are gorgeous and all the detail and cut work is stunning.

  2. Gorgeous!!! I so love your style and the softness of the parchment!!!

  3. Carol R says:

    This is so exquisite looking. I love the flowers you have colored. Just gorgeous!

  4. Emily says:

    This is so beautiful! I don’t know which I like more, the design itself, the roses and flowers you made or the real roses you added for the picture!
    Thank you for sharing your artwork! :o)

  5. This is really beautiful! You have totally aced the technique! Exquisite….I really don’t have words to express the beauty of this piece!

  6. Wow Jerri, this is much prettier than the picture in the book!!! I have no words to describe it. Ditto to all of the above comments. Fantastic work!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Are you planning another trip to Nashville anytime soon? I live just outside Nashville and would love to have you come tutor me. This is gorgeous!!

  8. This is so beautiful I,m lost for words.A stunning piece of art work by a very talanted lady.Its just amazing Jerri.

  9. Beverly Robinson says:

    Absolutely beautiful, but then you always do such beautiful work…..Beverly

  10. Helen says:


  11. Sheri says:

    absolutely elegant. Those roses are just amazing – the real ones and the parchment ones. My roses would certainly grow wild if there were snakes in the garden! EEEK.

  12. Joan Fricker says:

    Jerri, this is so gorgeous. Fabulous. I can’t believe you made those adorable little roses. They are stunning and add so much to your lovely piece.
    You have roses blooming now..wow!!! So very pretty!!!!

  13. Karen Baker says:

    Jerri, Sooo beautiful! Love parchment craft. Your talent really shows the beauty of the craft. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Pinky says:

    Jerri, another fantastic work of art you have created. I love everything about your new craft! Those tiny roses are so delicate and beautiful, gf! You never cease to amaze me w/your projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Shawna says:

    OMGosh Jerri —- this is exquisite!!!!

  16. Beth Norman says:

    Another creative project. Your faux mirror is so beautiful. I love the parchment you used. Soft and pretty just like all your work.



  17. Cathy Hughes says:

    The roses are adorable. What punch did you use to make the roses?

  18. cyga4 says:

    Twoje prace są niesamowite, tyle szczegółów, precyzja i staranność wykoniania wprawiają w zachwyt.

  19. Diane says:

    I drool whenever I look at your work Jerri, it is awesome! This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the tiny roses and leaves too! Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

  20. Marie L says:

    Oh Jerri, your work is so amazing. This is absolutely beautiful and the roses from your garden are gorgeous too. All the work you put in your creations is truely fantastic. Your white sucker rose looks fabulous. Any sucker rose I have had only had single petals.

  21. Cherie says:

    Jerri, This is so stunning! Words don’t really describe your creativity! I wish you lived next door! 🙂 Tks for sharing!

  22. Susan G says:

    Absolutely stunning! this is sooo very pretty, it took a lot of work and it shows!

  23. Tonniece says:

    OMG!!!!!! So much awesomness???(is that a word)???………….. Love this Jerri


  24. Carolen says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  25. Velta says:

    Thank you again for your stunning creations Jerri!!! I am sorry that I have been so late in commenting…if you see my blog you will understand that I have had some really sad news. I have spent my time praying for the last week…and other than working full time I have not had time to even think of anything else. I must say, though, that this beautiful art work made me smile…and I thank you for sharing!!!

  26. Stunning Jerri!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Rufus says:

    I’ve never tried this, but your work makes me think,… maybe. Stunning

  28. rainy says:

    LOVE the pink roses.. both real and crafted. This is another exquisite creation, Jerri!!

  29. Rama says:

    Oh! my…your work takes my breath away. Sensational!

  30. Michelle R says:

    Absolutely the most exquisite thing I think I’ve ever seen, Jerri! You amaze me!!!

  31. Joan Ervin says:

    OMG, Jerri…you have succeed in mastering another gorgeous paper craft…your parchment roses are sooo beautiful!!!! Absolutely amazing and perfect…I just love every delicate detail!!!!!

  32. Heather says:

    You have real roses in your garden already?! At first glance, I too thought they were gardenias and with a wonderful memory of these, I immediately smiled at their scent. My smile didn’t fade when I found out they were in fact roses 🙂
    You do such lovely work! These teeny roses are precious and I must teach myself how to make them! I can see them being placed on virtually every card I make-lol. I’ve always loved working with teesny objects, which may be why I am so drawn to your gems, but have arthritis everywhere making some things a challenge. I will not let it beat me which is one great reason to learn new crafts. Your inspirations really do nudge me along on the tougher days – thank you!! – but they so brighten even a good day.

  33. Silke Ledlow says:

    AMAZING!!! You do such a fabulous job with the pergamo technique!!! I’m blown away Jerri!!! Your perfection to details are stunning!!! Another masterpiece!!! Hugs ~S~

  34. Carol Southern says:

    A beautiful work of art. That pattern is gorgeous and I know how much time is involved in a piece like this and you are producing lovely work. Look forward to seeing more.

  35. First – your real roses are just gorgeous! And your fan is stunning. You have such patience and care with this detailed technique, amazing!

  36. E.T says:

    wow.. this looks so gorgeous!

  37. Janine says:

    Hi Jerri!! Just gorgeous as always!!

  38. rizniya says:

    i need to study how to make parchment animals.

  39. Another gorgeous piece — LOVE those roses!!! Magnificent!

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