Sep 20 2010

Welcome to Fall – Fall Menu


I’m so thrilled you’ve come back to visit!  Today I have a dinner menu to share with you.  This is going to be my Thanksgiving menu.   By changing the flowers and leaves, it can be used for any occasion, i.e., wedding, shower, birthday, teas, Valentine’s Day, etc. 

Several Spellbinders’ dies were used in this design:  Mega Ovals (inside and outside of menu), Mega Rectangles (core of menu), Blossom 2 (small white flowers with black glass bead centers), Assorted Leaves (various leaves), and Daisy Heads (mums), as well as the PD 0009 Star Collection stencil.  


These designs are not difficult once you have the instructions.  This design was fun to make and didn’t take that long, although it looks like I spent hours and hours on it.  Once you have the tutorials, you’ll see what I mean.  You won’t be able to do it in an hour, but you won’t spend an entire day on it either.  Most of the time spent on the designs was in making the flowers, once they were completed, it was a snap to pull it all together.  I followed the same regiment with this series that I did with the bridal collection, I made up lots and lots of flowers before starting the designs.  Once the flowers and leaves were completed, I then set about working on the designs.  Since nothing is set in stone when I begin designing, and I usually go in several directions before I determine what works and what doesn’t, I have a lot of flowers left over for other designs. 

I randomly selected a few petals to outline the edges with an 18Kt. Gold Krylon pen.  The flowers and leaves shimmer with a mixture of Pearl Ex and Gum Arabic that I painted on them.  You can control the intensity of the shimmer by the amount of Pearl Ex you add in the formula.  If you like less shimmer, but want a high gloss, add more Gum Arabic and less Pearl Ex, you are in full control.  The gold shimmer isn’t showing well in the photos, and no matter how hard I tried to zoom in and get a shot, it wouldn’t work.  If I had an understanding of aperture and shutter speeds instead of shooting in point and shoot mode, I’m sure I’d be able to get those pics I want   .    .    .   one of these days! 

Embossing pads and tools used for the leaves and flowers are:  Pergamano embossing pad, Pergamano embossing tools 3mm-large, 4.5mm-large, and 6mm-x-large. Darice embossing tools were used for the smaller flowers.  Please note:  PergaSoft is only used to emboss the card fronts that are hand embossed with the light box, not on the flowers or leaves. 


Several embossing papers were used for the menu, Carnation White (Menu, small flowers), Moss Green (leaves), Olive (mega oval), Mustard (leaves), Purple (flowers and leaves), Violet (flowers), Orange (flower), and Nut Brown (leaves). 

All flowers and leaves were painted and embossed using both wet and dry embossing techniques.  The flowers and smaller leaves were first sponged with inks close in color, but a bit darker, than the embossing paper, then painted with a mixture of Pearl Ex powder and Gum Arabic before embossing.  The larger leaves were embosed with Encore Gold ink and Ranger Gold Embossing powder.  A tutorial will give step-by-step instructions for making flowers and leaves. 

Isn’t that brass butterfly gorgeous!  Notice how it matches the reddish/gold leaf at the bottom of the design.  I colored it with Copic markers and sprayed a lacquer sealant to set the alcohol ink. 

I love the soft silk ribbons, available at the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store, (bow was made using the Bow Easy with 1/8″ olive silk),  jeweled pearls and the sweet lady bug, a bit whimsical and fun.  I used the Flourished Elements stamp set from Flourishes by stamping the large flourish stamp several times on the oval with adhesive from the Essential Glue Pad, I then dabbed Pearl Ex powder onto the stamped image with a Jumbo Dauber.  The excess Pearl Ex powder was easy to remove with a Swifter dust rag.  An 18Kt. Gold Krylon pen was used to trace around the outer edges of the Olive mega oval.


I did a little research on the internet when starting this series. I wanted to make the entire ensemble as realistic as possible with the limitations of using mostly paper throughout.  I was delighted to learn that lady bugs are a Fall insect.  I set about trying to find some for the designs.  When I came across these hand painted enameled brass lady bug beads, I knew I found what I was looking for.  The beads have a hole running through them making them easy to sew down. The bottoms are flat, making them perfect for gluing as well.  I used PergaGlue throughout the designs.  My intent was to have the lady bug appear as though she’s crawling over the flower’s petals, as in nature. 


I embossed the top of the PD 0009 Star Collection stencil (upper portion of stencil for top of card) twice, and then embossed the bottom of the PD 0009 Star Collection stencil (lower portion of stencil for bottom of card) twice.  I cut a large mega rectangle twice (once with Carnation White embossing paper and once with 6 ply white poster board). Now comes the tricky, but easy, part.  After cutting the two upper portions of the stencil I adhered them together (wrong sides together).  I then adhered the Carnation White rectangle to one side of the upper portion of the cut stencil, turned it over and adhered the poster board rectangle to the back side.  I did the same to the bottom of the menu.  I then folded a piece of Carnation White embossing paper and cut a large rectangle inside the cutting edge of the die so that only three sides were cut, creating the folded portion of the menu.  I adhered this piece to the backside of the menu over the poster board, completely hiding the poster board.  By adding the poster board, I gave the menu a very strong core to support the weight of the floral panel that is attached to the front.  Okay, we have one more step before we start working on the inside of the menu.  This step doesn’t have to be done, but I wanted to be able to tie the menu closed. I cut two trips of 1/4″ wide May Arts Olive silk ribbon that I purchased at the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store to 15″ lengths.  I centered the ribbons on the backside of the menu and adhered them down, I then covered them with another mega rectangle made of Carnation White embossing paper. 


Moving on to the inside of the menu, I printed a prayer and my menu onto Carnation White embossing paper and cut them with the Mega ovals. I aged the ovals with Vintage Distress Inks and traced around the outer edges with an 18Kt. Gold Krylon pen.  The ovals were then centered and placed inside the menu.  I adhered brass charms to the top and bottom of each oval and glued a Swarovsky garnet crystal to the flowers’ centers.  If you’re interested in the brass charms, please e-mail me and I’ll check availability with my distributor.


And yes, this really is my Thanksgiving Day menu, we’re having all this food and more, but it wouldn’t all fit .   .   . LOL! 


This is what the menu looks like from the back when closed and tied.  I added the small flowers with brass leaves to the backside so that when the menu is opened, there would be few viewable flowers on the reverse side.  I used the small flower die in the Flourish Accent dies to make these smaller flowers.


Turning the menu over, I adhered two additional strips of silk ribbons, cut the same size (1/4″ x 15″) to the front, centering them on the mega rectangle.  I then attached the mega oval (after all flowers, leaves, ribbons and embellishments had been attached) onto the front of the menu centering it over the mega rectangle onto Joy! Craft foam pads. The ribbons were then tied into a bow, closing the menu.


I couldn’t resist taking pictures outside in my new rose garden, the background is so beautiful for floral designs.

Shopping links have been provided throughout this post for your convenience in Olive Green.

Thank you so much for stopping in, I hope you’ll be back tomorrow for a peek at what I’ve got to show you next in the Fall series.



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25 Responses to “Welcome to Fall – Fall Menu”

  1. Nessie says:

    I love this Menu display as well. But one (funny?) question: How do you make it that it stands?
    Warmest wishes,

  2. Mikki says:

    So, beautiful Jerri!


  3. Kittie says:

    Another gorgeous piece, Jerri!

  4. Joan Fricker says:

    Totally stunning Jerri. The flowers look like you just picked them from your flower garden. What a beautiful table you will have!

  5. Diane says:

    This is beautiful!

  6. Bev says:

    You are such inspiration every morning to me. I have really fallen in love with your Fall Menu and Place Card. Will you have a tutorial on these? The reason I asked is my daughter is getting married in December in these would look lovely on the tables. I’ve made all of her bridal shower invitations and favors, now I am working on the wedding invites. Have a wonderful day!


  7. cepet says:

    What a lovely menu (can I come to your house for t-day?) and a fabulous idea.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! The menu is just so beautiful with all your florals, embossing, gold and silk — truly stunning! What a show stopper this Thanksgiving table will be!

  9. Sheri says:

    How amazingly beautiful! I can see it on a table right inside the front door. What time did you say dinner was? LOL The prayer is beautiful as well. I have a friend who does a lot of buffet meals for family and she always has little cards that she has decorated telling what each and every thing is. You both amaze me. I am lucky to throw it on the table!

  10. Jerri, your creations are absolutely beautiful. Such rich and elegant. I am so glad that you’re back. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.



  11. alex says:

    Can i say WOOOOOW!!!! This is just stunning beautiful and amazing.

  12. Beautiful, Jerri! You are so awesome!

    I have a lady that is interested in some of the Marianne Design Anja Style Templates, so I am sending her your email address, if that’s ok. I have purchased from you.

  13. Pat Schwartz says:

    Your are amazing. I would love to be invited to your Thanksgiving dinner…what a beautiful table you will create with all your wonderful designs. We are all thankful for your creative talents and your willingness to share your designs with us.

  14. I love all the stunning realism – especially knowing it’s all paper…fantastic friend!

    And the menu sounds yummy – and your rose garden must be so beautiful….I feel so sad, my garden and flowers are all done now, and yours is so beautifully blooming!

  15. Earline says:

    Elegant I am so amaze at what you have done with your setting you are truely talented thank you thank you so much for sharing with us your work of art.

  16. Sylvia Johnson says:

    This is one of the most elegant handmade items I have ever seen. Just stunning work you do. TFS.

  17. milu says:

    forget about the food!
    I want the Menu!
    I would be drooling over the plate just admiring the menu

  18. Now I know where I want to go for Thanksgiving.!! Amazing work Jerri.Thoes flowers are so real.Philomena

  19. Bev J. says:

    Gorgeous menu, lovely prayer and yummy sounding food. Looking forward to Thanksgviing.

  20. You really should enter these in Martha Stewart’s contest that is listed in this month’s issue… these are just stunning. Me thinks Miss Martha would love them too!!!!!!!!!

  21. Margie says:


    I am in awe of the things that you design. I thought the bridal collection couldn’t be topped, and now you have the fall collection. So beautiful. I would love to be able to make those beautiful flowers. We all want to come to your house for Thanksgiving. Your family is truly blessed. I can hardly wait to see the next project. I LOVE your website. Thanks for sharing.

  22. jenny gropp says:

    OH my! Jerri…. First off I was drooling over the designs…. then I read the menu and my tummy growled too! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  23. Donna G says:

    Wow, Jerri, these are beautiful. Everyone who sits at your Thanksgiving table should look at all of the beautiful things you have created and the food that’s been prepared for them, and feel how special they must be to you, and how blessed they are. You and your family will have an awesome day!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us. God bless!
    Donna G

  24. Deb Saaranen says:

    Now I want to come to your house for dinner too!!! Over the top elegance…and yumminess!!!

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