Oct 01 2010

Mum Tutorial – Part II

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I’m back with Part II in a four part series of tutorials for the mums I made in the Fall series of designs.

Ladies, I don’t want to scare you off with the size of this tutorial.  Some of you who are more advanced will be able to briefly scan through the pictures below without reading the content and pick it up quite quickly.  Other’s may need to do a little reading.  And then those like me who need to connect all the dots from A to Z will more than likely be grateful that I’ve provided step-by-step instructions.  Once I’ve posted all four segments of the tutorial and you’ve had a chance to play with it, you’ll most likely all agree it’s rather simple with the proper tools.  It takes only a couple of minutes to make a mum, once you’ve cut and tinted the petals.

A recap of the tools, accessories and supplies needed to make the mums, together with a picture of the completed lower section of the mum from Part I of the Tutorial, is provided below. I then pick up with the middle section the mum, using the middle size die of Spellbinders’ Daisy Heads dies.

Products I used in making the mums include:  the Wizard, Spellbinders’ Daisy Heads die, Blossom 2 dies, a magnetic spacer plate, a tan embossing mat, two cutting boards, various colors of cardstock, various inks of your choice (optional if you want to tint the petals), a sponge wedge or dauberembossing mat, embossing tools (large and small), Gum Arabic and Pearl Ex (optional), Krylon 18Kt. Gold pen and a paint brush.

We ended Part I of the tutorial with the completed portion of the lower petals of the mum shown above. There are a lot of pictures in this segment of the tutorial.  I don’t want you to get confused thinking there’s a gazillion petals  .  .  .  LOL!  There are only four petals to the middle section of the mum. I had you make extra in the first tutorial (you should have six) in case you need a couple of back ups while practicing.  I’ve taken step-by-step photos of how I emboss each of the four petals to help illustrate to you the process I used to emboss the four petals.  I used Pergamano embossing tools 3mm and 4.5mm for the petals in the middle section of the mum. 

Okay, so let’s get started!

Select four petals from the medium size daisies (recap: these are the petals that we split in two in Part I of the tutorial). Cut every other notch as shown for a total of four cuts per petal, the last cutting will have 3 notches (the petals have 9 notches).  Make the cuts a bit longer in two of the petals, they will be used for petals 3 and 4 below.

Use the large embossing tool (4.5mm) and slightly curl the tips of the petals by placing light pressure on the paper as shown above. This is the 1st petal (which will be the bottom petal) of  the middle section of the mum.

Emboss around the entire petal in this fashion and then set the petal aside. 

Select another petal (2nd petal of the mid-section of the mum) and emboss the same as you did above, only press a bit harder and curl the petal in a bit more.

The cups in the notches of this petal are a bit deeper than the 1st petal.

Continue around the 2nd petal until complete and set aside. 

Select another petal (3rd petal) and slightly emboss the edges like you did with the 1st petal.

Go all the way around the petal curling the tips.  Now take the embossing tool and come down about 1/4″ from the tip of each notch and gently press down on the petal, forming a deeper cup for the 3rd petal.

Go all the way around the petal, gently pushing, getting closer to the center of the petal, forming the cup as shown above.

I’m now finished with this petal. I’ve worked it a bit more by pressing closer to the center of the petal forming a nice cup.  Once your petal looks like this, set it aside with the other two petals.

Take a smaller embossing tool (3mm) and starting at the edge of a notch on the 4th petal push down with more pressure forming a tight, deep cup in the notch of the petal.

Without lifting the embossing tool from the cup formed in the previous step, using pressure, push down on the embossing tool, pushing the paper into the embossing pad and pull the embossing tool towards the center of the petal, curling the notch toward the center of the petal. The smaller embossing tool will give you a tighter cup.  I’ve embossed two notches in the photo above, you can see a nice bowl forming.

I’m going to repeat the two steps above:  move on to the next notch and again, press down on the edge of the notch as shown above.

Pull down without lifting the embossing tool and drag/pull towards the center of the petal. The firm buoyancy in the embossing pad will give the paper an excellent curl. 

Continue on in this fashion and go around the petal, forming a nice bowl as you go.

Your 4th petal should look like this when completed.

Place all four petals back on the embossing pad.  The four completed petals should resemble the four petals above. As you can see, the 1st petal is slightly curled at the edges, the 2nd petal slightly curled a bit more.  Bowls have formed in the notches of the 3rd petal and deeper bowls in the notches of the 4th petal. I prefer my petals to be slightly crooked as shown, perfectly round petals are not as realistic, not that a paper flower is .  .  . LOL!

Place adhesive on the bottom of the 1st petal and place the 2nd petal inside as shown.

Place adhesive in the bottom of the 2nd petal and place the 3rd petal inside as shown above.

Place adhesive in the bottom of the 3rd petal and place the 4th petal inside.  The middle section of the mum is now complete.  Set aside and let the adhesive dry. I love the contrast of having only one side of the petals tinted.  Whether you choose to tint or not to tint, or tint one side or both is totally optional.  I placed the tinted side face down on the embossing pad and embossed directly onto the untinted side as shown throughout this tutorial. 

We’re ready to adhere the middle section of the mum to the lower section that we made in Part I of the tutorial.  Both sections are very pretty.  You could use these flowers as they are and have two flowers by placing stamens or beads in the centers.  We’re going to place adhesive in the center of the lower section and adhere the middle section on top and continue on with our mum.

Isn’t the flower so pretty! 

We’re not finished yet, we still need to complete the top section of the mum and fill the hole in the center.  If you like the flower as is, you can add stamens or beads and it’s done.  There are so many options with these flowers.

I hope you come back  for Part III of the tutorial. I’ll show you how I made the innermost part of the mum using the smallest of the Daisy Heads dies as we finish up with this mum. I’ll wrap up the tutorial in Part IV, showing variations of the mums with cutting techniques and using the Blossom 2 dies.

Paper Hugs,


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  1. Awesome!! Love these flowers.

  2. velta says:

    Oh My dear sweet creative friend!!! You have done wonders with these mums! And guess what…With your tools, that I have bought from you…I CAN do this!!! Your tutorial is perfecto…If anyone uses these embossing tools then their flowers can look just like yours! That embossing mat…If I had paid $50.00…it would have been worth it! I so LOVE that mat…it is the perfect tool when using your embossing tools. I happen to have those Spellbinders Daisy Heads…and don’t you know I will be trying this one to. After I print out your tutorial…I am glad, BTW…that you have made so many pictures…it spells out just what one needs to do to make these beautiful mums! Love it Jerri! Thank you for sharing and Bless you and Yours 🙂

  3. Edie says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. Love the mums. Love all your work in fact. You are one talented lady.

  4. Dottie Davis says:

    We’ve been waiting for these tutorials and they are very clear and descriptive as well as beautiful!
    Thank you for all your work! Can’t wait to try them myself on this rainy day.

  5. Gladys R. says:

    Jerri…your the best..Thank you so
    much for taking the time to do this
    tutorial. I will be trying to make
    these flowers. They are beautiful.
    All your work is beautiful and elegant.

  6. Donna G says:

    Hi Jerri,
    Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial! It really helps in understanding the process. The step-by-step photos are great!
    I’ll be waiting for Part 3!

  7. Your work is so beyond what I know to do but I love it. I believe you have a site for selling some products that you use. I do not know how to find you site for buying some of your supplies. Please respond so I can see your inventory and hopefully buy some tools so I can try to do some of the amazing things you do. Thanks you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you as time comes available. Thank you so very much.

    Elaine Nesselroade

  8. Jessica says:

    Just beautiful Jeri! I’ll be back for the rest!

  9. Great tutorial, gorgeous flowers! Beautiful work as always Jerri!

  10. Pati L says:

    Beautiful work and tutorial. I look forward to Part 3 & 4. What great timing for me! I’ve been looking at my daisy and blossoms dies thinking I need to research how to make flowers with them and here you are!! Thanks so much for all your work putting together the tutorials.

  11. Chris K says:

    Thank you so much for the step by step. It takes the mystery out of your beautiful flowers and lets us all know we can make them also with a little time and effort. Can’t wait to see parts 3 and 4.

  12. Earline says:

    Thanks so much for showing us how you have made these real like flower I love them

  13. Conniecrafter says:

    Great detailed instructions, thank you so much for the time you put into these tutorials!!

  14. Jenny Gropp says:

    wowsers. The result is beautiful…. thanks for showing the step by step!

  15. Nancy Williams says:

    This is so awesome. I can’t wait to try one of these. I so appreciate you sharing your wonderful creativity with the world.

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