Oct 05 2010

Mum Tutorial – Part IV

With this last segment of the mum tutorials, I wanted to include this picture to show you once again what’s possible when you make some flowers.  I used my rose garden as a backdrop for this photograph. 

Hi girls, I’m back with Part IV, the last segment of the mum tutorials.

A recap of the tools, accessories and supplies needed to make the mums, together with a picture of the completed mum from Part III of the Tutorial, is provided below. Today, I’m showing variations using the Blossom 2 dies for the smaller flowers.  I’ve added this segment for those who want to make the smaller white and purple flowers with glass beads in the Fall designs pictured above.

Products I used in making the mums include:  the Wizard, Spellbinders’ Daisy Heads dies, Blossom 2 dies, a magnetic spacer plate, a tan embossing mat, two cutting boards, various colors of cardstock, various inks of your choice (optional if you want to tint the petals), a sponge wedge or dauberembossing mat, embossing tools (large and small), Gum Arabic and Pearl Ex (optional), Krylon 18Kt. Gold pen, and a paintbrush.

In Part I of the tutorials I had you make some petals using the Blossom 2 dies.  Pull three of the larger size and two of the smaller size petals.  The picture shows three small petals, but we’re using only two.

Cut slits on every other point of one of the three larger petals (a total of five slits).  Cut slits on every point of the other two petals (total of 10 slits per petal).  Use a small embossing tool to gently curl in the edges of the petals by using slight pressure to push down and pull on the tool on the first petal.

Go around the petal and complete as shown. Do the same with the second petal, curling the petal in a bit more.

Pick up the third petal and starting at the tip of a point, use a little more pressure to curl the petal toward the center.

Drag and pull to the center of the petal.

Continue around the petal.

Push down in the center of the petal to form a bowl.

The more pressure you use the deeper the bowl.

Adhere the three petals together.

Your flower will look like this.

Pick up two of the smallest petals, cut slits every other point on one and every point on the other.

Use the same embossing methods to curl these petals.  You’ll curl the edges of the first petal.

Use the same embossing methods for the second petal by dragging and pulling the embossing tool to the center of the petal as shown.

Your flowers will look like this.

Adhere the two of them together and your flower is complete.  This flower isn’t as closely formed as the mum, it’s a bit more open.  You see more of the inside, showing contrast of both sides of the petals.

Here I’ve used the smallest die and have embossed as shown above.

I adhered the two petals together and added glass beads.  This is the small white flower used throughout the Fall designs.

These flowers represent both the Daisy Heads dies and the Blossom 2 dies in various sizes. 

By using both sets of dies, I was able to create different flowers and different sizes for these designs.

I have completed a tutorial for the place card and will be posting that soon.

Thank you so much for your patience and coming back each day to read the tutorial.  Once you’ve studied it and make a mum, you’ll see the entire process takes only a couple of minutes once you’re comfortable with the technique.  There is no need to tint your flowers, that’s optional.  Hint:  If you decide to tint the petals, wait until they are completely dry before trying to emboss them.  Even if you don’t think they are damp from the sponging, they are.  Tinting, like painting, needs time to dry.  The petals will not hold their form if you emboss them before they are completely dry.

I hope these tutorials have been helpful and soon you’ll be creating your own versions of the mums in your designs.

Thank you once again for stopping by to visit.

Paper Hugs,


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  1. Jerri, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! You have such a giving spirit…I love all the flowers you have made. They are wonderful. Can’t wait to see how you did the place card!

  2. Mickie says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. The mums and your decorations are so pretty and I am sure going to make some for falll and I can see them again in the spring. You do such beautiful work and make it look so simple, I just hope my flowers turn out to look half as good as yours. LOL Thanks again for showing!

  3. Robbie says:

    Your tutorials are fantastic! I think I might try making some flowers because they are so enticing and seem easy. Your pictures are exactly the way I want to see each step. Thanks so much. I LOVE your creations…they are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. This was such a fabulous tutorial. I’m going to go back and read all the parts again, and then I believe I may just be making some flowers today!

  5. As always, wonderfully done!

  6. Pinky says:

    Jerri, these are absolutely amazing, gf! Thanks for the tutorials you have given us. The flowers looks so real!

  7. Bette S says:

    Jerri, the flowers are fantastic! And you are a doll for sharing the how-to with us. Bless you. You make such beautiful things it’s always a joy just to read your blog. Thanks.

  8. Dottie Davis says:

    Thank you so much…these tutorials are easy to understand because they are done well. The flowers are beautiful! Can’t wait to get on making my own mums.

  9. Helen says:

    Thank you so much for your detailed instructions.

  10. Conniecrafter says:

    Such Beautiful creations, just makes you smile looking at them 🙂 I love the glass beads for the center of the white ones, what a great touch!

  11. Jessica says:

    WOW! Jerri you are so very creative! Thanks so much for all the instructions. And I know right where to find them when I want to make them!
    Your work is so beautiful…. Thanka again

  12. Wonderful Tutorial!!!! I can’t wait to try these. They are just lovely. Thanks for all your hard work Jerri. 🙂

  13. Gwen says:

    WOW !!!!!!!! As always your creations are sooooooo amazing !!!

  14. velta says:

    Oh my goodness….what can I say Jerri…I want to say “shut up I hate you!” But that would be so inappropirate…lol…Your flowers have given me SUCH inspiration. What a beautiful job you have done with these gorgeous flowers…Thank you for sharing your tutorial…it is the bestest 🙂

  15. Donna G says:

    Wow Jerri, I just love seeing your Fall collection photo, with everything put together! Your home will be so lovely decorated for Fall with all of these beautiful creations. Your family might not even mind if you burn the turkey, with all of these lovely things to look at! LOL
    Thank you so much for all of the love and hard work you put into this, and especially thanks for sharing it with us.
    God Bless!

  16. Anne says:

    Jerri, Best of the best!! Thanks for sharing all the detailed work. You must be exhausted with all the photos and text!! It is really a labor of love!!

  17. Dorcas 98 says:

    These are fantastic. I only hope i can make them half as good!!! I wish you lioved closer!!

  18. bethann d says:

    these are phenonomel, spl?? wonderful and all the time and patience who had to make the tutorials WOW. thanks so much for time and creative spirit. i think i speak for everyone who saw these , thank you a million times.

  19. Kathy Bo says:

    Your tutorials are wonderful! I’m so inspired! Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  20. Marimer says:

    Maravilloso tutorial y muy claras las explicaciones. Gracias es de una gran ayuda para mis trabajos. Enhorabuena.

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  23. Leanne says:

    Wow Jerri………….I’m tired out just after reading how to do these flowers. So much work. Having a new blog myself and having to take pictures and writing a little with each post, I realize how much time you put into your blog and work. Thanks so much for posting and taking all your time for all this. Much appreciated. Also, I love how you used the back drop of your garden outside to display your flowers. I’m still trying to work on my light box for better pictures. I have a long ways to go yet. Maybe sometime I’ll try my green space in my yard. Hugs and blessings…Leanne

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