Nov 17 2010

Spellbinders Jeweled Ornaments

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I recently purchased Spellbinders’ heirloom ornament nestibilities and truly love them.   I see many possibilities over the years to come playing with these dies.  I chose to create my own heirloom ornaments by painting poinsettias on them. 

I was browsing through an old decorative painting magazine and came across a poinsettia drawing that an artist had submitted.  She had created a beautiful black box with a huge poinsettia on the lid.  I traced the drawing onto parchment paper.  I like using parchment paper when transferring drawings because I can see through it.  Being able to see through it lets me see all the different possibilities and best placement for the drawing on the design I’m working on. 

I placed the largest ornament die onto 140 lb. cold pressed Arches watercolor paper and lightly traced the inner part of the die onto the paper with a graphite pencil.  I used a Quickie Glue Pen and drew over the traced line.  I sprinkled a mixture of Ranger Gold and Gold Tinsel embossing powder over the glue lines and shook off the excess powder.  I then heat set the embossing powder.  Next I took the graphite tracing and placed it over the ornament and played with it until I had it where I wanted it.  I chose to place only a portion of the poinsettia on the ornament.  I transferred the drawing onto both ornaments.  By using parchment paper, I was able to turn the drawing over and trace the mirror image on the other ornament in the exact same place.   

By turning the tracing over for the mirror image I can play with the ornaments.  In this photo I have placed the red ornament on the left.  The poinsettias are on the inside of the ornaments.  Look above, in the first photo the green ornament is placed on the left, the poinsettias are on the outside of the ornaments.  Both arrangements are pretty.

After completing the embossing for the poinsettias and leaves, I then drew the lines for the netting with a pencil, went over them with the glue pen, and embossed with the gold powder.    

The next step was to paint the backgrounds.  I used a mixture of Pearl Ex Gold Interference, Gum Arabic, and water to paint the background gold. I then water colored the poinsettias and leaves with Tombow markers.   

Once the paint was dry (I waited several hours to ensure it was very dry), I placed the ornament die over the painting and taped it down with removable tape so that it wouldn’t slip when I ran it through the Grand Caliber.  After cutting the ornament I adhered Swarovski crystals to the leaves and poinsettias with PergaGlue.  Gold pearls were adhered to the netting.  Once the adhesive was dry, I used an 18Kt. Gold Krylon Pen to trace around the edges of the watercolor paper.  I placed the ornament die onto Christmas Green embossing paper and traced around the outside edges with a pencil.  Using a craft knife I cut out the ornament.  I adhered the water colored painting to the Christmas Green embossing paper with Zip Dry Adhesive.  I love that particular adhesive when adhering layers because it doesn’t buckle or warp the paper.  Once the adhesive was dry I went around the edges of the Christmas Green embossing paper with PergaGlue and sprinkled gold glitter on the ornament. 

I followed the same steps for the red ornament except I used Fiesta Red embossing paper.  In this photo you can see specks of glitter on the poinsettias and leaves.  It settled there after I sprinkled the glitter on the edges of both ornaments, I liked the effect and left it there.

I cut ornaments using a smaller die for the top of the design.  I traced the inside of the die onto the embossing papers and went over the lines with the Quickie Glue Pen and embossed with the gold powder.  I drew lines for the netting and embossed them as well.  Gold pearls were adhered and glitter was placed around the edges as done on the painted ornaments.  I adhered the two pieces together and placed a gold bow over the area where the two ornaments were joined. 

I used May Arts gold sheer ribbon for the double looped bow (made with the Bow Easy).  I curled the ribbon with a heating tool.  I got a bit too close and melted a few holes in the ribbon .   .   . oops .   .   .   , but liking the effect, decided to leave it that way.  I adhered Kaiser pearls in the center of the bow.  Using a paintbrush with diluted PergaGlue (mixed with a drop of water), I painted the glue onto the pearls and randomly on the curled edges of the ribbon.  I then sprinkled gold glitter on the pearls and the bow.

Using a large craft needle, I pierced holes in the tops of the ornaments and ran gold cord through.  I then tied knots in the cord close to the ornaments.  I cut two of the smallest ornaments (two red and two green) and adhered the gold cord between the two layers.  Once dry, I added glitter to the edges of the tiny ornaments.  I found the large jewels at Michael’s.  I believe they are Jolie’s sticker jewels. I removed them from the gold casing they were set in and adhered them to the small ornaments. 

Once the ornaments were completed, I lightly sprayed with a fixative to set the glitter and the watercolor paint.  The total height of the ornaments is seven inches, ten inches including the gold cord hanger.


This photo was taken at night without the use of flash.  I wanted to show you how deep the colors of the poinsettias and leaves will appear at night.  The Pearl Ex Gold Interference glistens, reflecting light.  I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like on the tree with the glow of the Christmas lights.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit, I hope to be back in a few days with another ornament I’m working on!

Paper Hugs,


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  1. Joan Ervin says:

    Ooooh, Jerri…I LOOOVE these gorgeous ornaments!!!! Your coloring on the poinsettias is FABULOUS and I love all the gold!!!! I just ordered the ornament dies, too…thanks for all the inspiration!!!!

  2. Lisa Schipritt says:

    These ornaments make me want the ornaments now!!!!!

  3. These are so beautiful! I love how you did these. Do you ever make videos? I’m a visual learner and would love to see a video! Well done!

  4. Barbara says:

    Wow These are gorgeous!!

  5. Dealbaida says:

    Just when I think you can’t possibly “up” the WOW factor, up you pop with the most beautiful ornaments I have ever seen. These truly exquisite baubles will do more Spellbinder sales than a whole newspaper full of advertising!!! Spellbinding indeed.

    Marion, UK

  6. Kittie says:

    Jerri, these ornaments are beautiful and so rich and elegant.

  7. Gorgeous! Those are so pretty! Love them.

  8. Susan says:

    Another treasure Jerri,

    I can see how these will be used year after year the designs for these are endless, thanks for sharing.

  9. Pam P says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!!! What more can I say.

  10. Joan Fricker says:

    Jerri, thee are awesome! Absolutely stunning. Thanks for giving us detailed instructions on how you did them! I love them!!!

  11. cheryl says:

    Absolutely beautiful, I want these dies so bad, everytime I see them on a site they are back ordered or out, maybe after christmas I can get them for next year. You amaze me with your talent

  12. Sheri says:

    These are just taking my breath away. I am at a loss for words. Stunning!

  13. cepet says:

    Jerri, what can I say? These ornaments are magnificent!

  14. Chris K says:

    Stunning! These are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Selma says:

    Jerri these are the most gorgeousl ornaments I have ever seen. You are so talented — everything you do is over the top fabulous. Thanks for sharing these stunning ornaments with us. Hope you post a picture of your tree so we can see them on it.

  16. Kim says:

    I think these are the most beautiful ornaments I have ever seen. Nicely done!

  17. Bev J. says:

    What gorgeous ornaments-your coloring is just wonderful!!

  18. Jenny Gropp says:

    WOW. WOW. WOW. Absolutely beautiful!

  19. Lisa L Unruh says:

    Oh my goodness! These are so very beautiful! I have never left a comment in all of the time this site has been up but these are so fabulous I just had to tell you so! They are going to look so wonderful on your Christmas tree! Thank you for sharing!

  20. These are absolutely breathtaking Jerri. So rich and elegant. What else can I say girlie, you’ve done it again. They are going to look gorgeous on your tree. WOW!!!

    Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.
    You are a blessing.



  21. Cindy says:

    One word–gorgeous!! So very beautiful. With my luck, if I took the time to make something this elaborate, our new puppy would tear it off the tree and chew it up! He loves to shred paper. I’m not sure whether or not we will have a tree this year.

  22. America says:

    Absolutely beautiful and so amazing!
    I just had to come over here from SCS to see/get more on these. WOWWW!!!!

  23. Pat B says:

    Your work is just amazing! I could tell that not only your talent went into making these ornaments but love as well! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work! Pat B

  24. Michelle R says:

    Exquisite! Such beautiful details…and so many of them! Love all the gold, and the netting, and those poinsettias are colored to perfection! You’ve outdone yourself once again, my friend!

  25. JoAnn says:

    I am in awe! Thank you for sharing this beautiful ornament!

  26. Denise says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  27. Val says:

    These are absolutely stunning!!! I so enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your beautiful art.

  28. Deana in No. CA says:

    WOW!!! I love your work! Your family is so blessed!

  29. Evette says:

    FANTASTIC!!!! These caught my eye as soon as your page came up. You simply captured the Christmas season with just these two ornaments. Keep up the great ideas and thanks for giving us so much info on how to make our own. ekc

  30. Ursula Uphof says:

    Jerri, these are truly heirlooms. I follow everything you do and can’t even try and match what you produce, but my heirloom dies will be here any day now, so as you have inspred me I will do something with them. Thank you so much for showing us these magnificent pieces of artwork. Warm wishes

  31. velta says:

    Simply Slendid Jerri!!! I do not know of another talented artist in the crafting world that is as creative as you! Your ornaments are a treasure to be remembered and I know you are proud of them. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well, or better I should say ~ Hugs

  32. Diane says:

    Love this Jerri, I did not realize the ornaments were that large either, so glad you shared the size. I love how beautifully you decorated them.

  33. Helen says:


  34. Pattyjo says:

    Your ornaments are gorgeous!!!!!

  35. Pamela Pung says:

    These ornaments gave me chills of happiness!! They are stunning! I love seeing what you create and it inspires me so!!

  36. Karen Hanim says:

    This are so awesome! I am wondering how long it actually took you to do them once you had the technique down. Pretty amazing ornaments!

  37. Elaine Allen says:

    Jerri –

    These are just so beautiful! You make the most gorgeous, heart touching pieces of art! I love these ornaments.

    Elaine Allen

  38. Tonniece says:

    These are as stunning Jerri. As ALWAYS


  39. Soooo gorgeous Jerri! I love them!

  40. Maria W says:

    These are stunning! What a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Sue Bishop says:

    I LOVE THESE!!! I have put in a request for these, and will be making some of my own soon! Sue Bishop

  42. Amy Johnson says:

    Wow! These are so stunningly Gorgeous! I can’t believe you painted them yourself. You are so amazing! Love the gold accents!

  43. Cindy Lou says:

    Bea U T I Ful! Leave it to you to take something fairly simple and make something simply gorgeous out of it 😉 These are going to have to be added to my ever growing collection lol. Thanks for the inspiration Jerri!

  44. Barbara Riefner says:

    You are amazing!! Those are beautiful!! I would never have the courage to try something like that, and yet you have done such a beautiful job!!! The effect is stunning. I am in such awe of you!!!

  45. Sue K (Australia) says:

    My jaw is getting a work out again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are totally gorgeous – really beautiful and rich looking – like they have just been bought from a shop. Your idea and the execution – just amazing – really very very beautiful.
    Thanks again for sharing with us.

  46. Earline says:

    Your are amazing young lady simply amazing.

  47. Lori M says:

    Beautiful . . . I think I need these! :0)


  48. Wendy Moore says:

    These ornaments are really beautiful. Your work is outstanding and I truly enjoy your creations every day. TFS!

  49. WOW! Just amazing Jerri! Takes my breath away as always!! Hugs,

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  51. Beth Norman says:

    Oh my heavens and stars, what a gorgeous project. How beautiful to be on your tree. The detailing is amazing. It was a treat to read how you made these. Awesome work once again.

  52. Pinky says:

    Jerri, your ornaments made from the nesties are simply wonderful and truly a treasure for years to come…lots of work involved, but oh so worth it!

  53. Jessica says:

    Just beautiful Jerri! I love the antique look of these! I remember having ornaments like these on our trees when I was a kid. My mom always decorated them beautifully. Every thing had to be perfect, so Dad and I weren’t allowed to put on the tinsel. She put it on one strand at a time! Of course I was a kid, so I didn’t have the patience to do that. So Dad put on the lights, I put on the ornaments, and she waited till we were gone, then she rearranged everything! Then she spent 2 or 3 days to do the tinsel!
    But the finished product was gorgeous!
    Your work often reminds me of long forgotten memories! Thanks so very much for that!
    Hugs, Jess

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  55. Melanie Muenchinger says:

    these are incredible, great job!!

  56. Oh, Jerri, be still my heart! I can’t stop looking at these completely gorgeous stunning exquisite creations. You are such and incredible artist. Seriously.

  57. Absolutely exquisite! Oh, those tiny jewels… sigh…

  58. These are truly gorgeous! That stamped image brings to mind a card I received a few years ago, and truly treasure! Fabulous ornaments!

  59. You are amazing! Gorgeous! WOW! I can’t believe you traced this, and added all that detail! It muddles my brain! I love them even more now!

  60. Elaine says:

    Very creative and what a great technique! These are beautiful!!

  61. Jerri, these are STUNNING!

    They are going to be gorgeous on your tree! I hope you can post a picture of them once they are there so that we can see them with the Christmas lights!



  62. Deb Saaranen says:

    So precious! Absolutely breathtaking!

  63. Tina Crea says:

    Oh Jerri your ornaments are so beautifull !

    I want to see your Christmas tree …


  64. emily says:

    Your ornaments are so detailed and rich looking. Beautiful design.
    Thank-you for sharing! :o)

  65. Conniecrafter says:

    Oh Wow these are just gorgeous works of art, what great detail you put into them!!

  66. Judy Covey says:

    Jerri, your jeweled ornaments are absolutely gorgeous! You’re finally getting back into doing the projects that I like and would attempt, again. You are a fabulous artist.

  67. Arlene says:

    Truly beautiful! I have been debating about purchasing this die set but this has changed my mind. Wonderful tutorial.

  68. Rose Ann says:

    Absolutely stunning, Jerri!! Your poinsettias look incredible, and you have the perfect touches of gold glitter, and pretty gems!! So lovely!!!

  69. Carol Southern says:

    Two glorious, stunning creations. Love your work.

  70. Tosh says:

    Exquisite!! Your poinsettias are stunning!! And I love the gold diamonds as a bg!! WOW!

  71. Jerry these are absolutely wonderful. I’m finding time to read how you actually made these and you bring so many new techniques to the table. Thanks for sharing your wonder talent.

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