Nov 19 2010

Assorted Leaves – Wreath

I’m back with another ornament that I’ve been working on.  I used Spellbinders Assorted Leaves dies to create this pretty, festive wreath.  I’ve provided a “quickie” tutorial below for those interested in making it.  It’s very simple and will look so pretty on a Christmas tree.  The wreath is about seven inches in diameter.  It can be made bigger by using a larger base.

To create the base for the wreath I pulled out my Spellbinders Large Circles dies.  These are the mid-sized dies in the set, not the largest ones.  The base is cut from chipboard. 


I cut 20 leaves from Moss Green embossing paper using the oak leaf from Spellbinders Assorted Leaves dies.

Using an extra large embossing tool and an embossing mat, I embossed the leaves as shown.

To get the leaves all glittery without wilting them, I used 3M Spray Mount.  I was afraid if I used a liquid adhesive the leaves would go limp from the moisture.  I advise wearing a latex glove for this part and spray over a newspaper, Spray Mount is in an aerosol can and will get all over your work area. I sprayed and glittered the leaves one at a time with Martha Stewart gold glitter.

I arranged the leaves on the chipboard base in a circular fashion as shown.  I used fast drying tacky glue to adhere the leaves down.  I placed ten leaves on the front and ten leaves on the back.  I let the front side dry before adhering the leaves to the back. I set the wreath aside for a few hours to let the adhesive dry.

I found this berry wreath in a holiday store a couple of weeks ago for $3.95.   After quick examination I determined it was a great bargain for berry embellishments on altered items.  The wreath is about six inches in diameter and loaded with berry clusters.  Using wire cutters, I snipped off several clusters for the leaf wreath.  I arranged the clusters on the wreath and adhered them with the fast drying tacky glue.

Thick gold cord, heat curled gold ribbon, and dyed silk ribbon makes up the bow.  I dyed Christmas Green silk ribbon the color of Hunter’s Green and made a large bow (using the Bow Easy).  I adhered a berry cluster on the bow with the tacky glue and set aside to dry. 

I adhered the cord and gold ribbon hanger between the leaves, sandwiching the ribbon tails in the leaves, not to be seen.  The gold ribbon was heated with a heating tool to curl the ribbon, you can see the holes where the ribbon melted.  It was a mistake, but gives the piece a bit of a vintage look. 

Once the adhesive was dry, I attached the bow with the fast drying tacky glue and adhered a miniature Santa glass ornament in the center of the wreath.  To attach the Santa I applied the tacky glue to the gold wire at the top of the ornament used to hang it and adhered it in the leaves. 

The wreath is easy to make, but does take time while waiting for the adhesive to dry.  I work on other projects while waiting.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit, I truly appreciate it!

Paper Hugs,


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41 Responses to “Assorted Leaves – Wreath”

  1. Chelsea says:

    This is fabulous! What a great idea! I love how you used a “fall” item like a leaf and transformed it into a Christmas-y ornament. It makes that leaf so versatile!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful inspiration with us.

  2. Bonnie Thrasher says:

    Love the wreath. It’s gorgeous. I live just across the bridge from you in Pinellas Park. I really enjoy your work, and will be ordering some items from you soon.

  3. Kittie says:

    I love your wreath, Jerri! This reminds me of my mom’s flower shops during the holidays.

  4. Ursula Uphof says:

    Again a beautiful Christmas ornament. Will have to try it with some other leaves. Your house must look so lovely at Cchristmas time. Thank you Jerri for the inspiration.

  5. Teresa says:

    So beautiful. I think this is a project I can try. Thanks.

  6. Rama says:

    Very inspirational, you never fail us with your exquisite projects, each one a masterpiece. Thanks.

  7. Joan Fricker says:

    Jerri, your ornaments are so pretty. I love them! Thanks for the tutorial too.

  8. Oh my goodness — this is SO very pretty!!! I totally LOVE this creation — BEYOND LOVELY!!!!

  9. Dealbaida says:

    Goodness me I hope you never run out of ideas Jerri – life would be so boring without a regular touch of grace to cheer and inspire.

    As stunning and inspirational as everything you create.

    Thanks, as always


    PS Do you ever sleep?

  10. Beautiful as always, words have not been creative for your work.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jerri.

    Pat Erickson, Scrap N Yak Shack

  11. Cindy Lou says:

    What a nice way to display/frame some of the more vintage Christmas ornaments! I have just a few that on their own just don’t stand out the way I would like, but this is an excellent idea to give them the opportunity to be noticed as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Silke Ledlow says:

    OMG…this is over the top cute and gorgeous Jerri!!! I think I might have to try this awesome idea!!! Happy holidays and keep this fabulous creations coming :)!!! Hugs ~S~

  13. Pinky says:

    Jerri, another gorgeous Christmas creation from you. This is over the top beautiful and I love it!

  14. Sheri says:

    Another amazing project! I am sure your tree with be beautiful with all of these wonderful homemade ornaments on it

  15. Peggy Maier says:

    Love it! Such a neat idea. I’m going to try this. Thanks for the tutorial.

  16. Another great idea. Jerri this is just beautiful. I love the little ornament hanging in the middle. Very vintage.
    Have a great day girlie,

    Hugs and Blessings,


  17. Wendy Moore says:

    Love this little wreath. I enjoy seeing these creations being made out of bits and pieces of found items. The leaves are a great addition. I can only imagine your Christmas tree – must be fabulous!

  18. Bev J. says:

    Beautiful-great idea on buying the berry wreath-they add so much to a project!

  19. Jessica says:

    Gorgeous Jerri! What a great find on the berry wreath! I love the wreath ornament because it can be a tree ornament or it can be hung from a window, or anywhere elst! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Linda Duke says:

    Gorgeous… You are so inspiring Jerri, and your projects truly shows your passion for art. This is beautiful.

  21. Amy Johnson says:

    Such a pretty ornament wreath! I love those glittered leaves!

  22. Just beautiful! Love the sparkle and both versions of your wreath are simply amazing!

  23. Cathy Hughes says:

    I love it! It reminds me of a couple of ornaments my mom had.

  24. April says:

    You do such an excellent job. This is sooo pretty!

  25. Janet Castle says:

    Love the look!!!! Now to get some berries as I have everything else to make one…thanks again for sharing your creativity!!!
    Jan Castle

  26. Barbara says:

    This is just gorgeous!!I love it
    Another project added to my Christmas “to do list” LOL

  27. Carol says:

    Beautiful! So much prettier then a store bought mini wreath. Definitely worth the time and effort to make. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Diane says:

    Thanks Jerri, this is another stunning piece, those berries are to die for too!

  29. Jerri, This is just Gorgeous!! The wreaths could also be done with coppoer for Thanksgiving as well for candle rings. Just Beautiful! Thank you so much for the inspiration and for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. Barbara Riefner says:

    What a great idea and design. I love it. This one I may try!!!


  31. Jan Gavin says:

    So pretty!

  32. Deb Saaranen says:

    This is drop dead gorgeous Jerri…(as my husband is picking me up off the floor…)! Whenever I think you have hit the top of your creativity scale, there you go and push it higher!!! Wow!

  33. kit says:

    The wreath is lovely. I really like the colors you have chosen to use. The first picture gives the impression that it’s much bigger than it is.

  34. Beth Norman says:

    How do you come up with so many awesome projects? Pure talent. I am in love with this wreath and thank you for giving us a tutorial. I’m going to scout out the leaf and try to make one too.

  35. DawnL says:

    awesome…I see yet another Spellbinder set I NEED!!! LOL.. you enabler you!

  36. Earline says:

    You really amaze me with your work.

  37. America says:

    PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! Jerri, You always do such wonderful work- i get sooo inspired to try new things everytime I stop in to visit you and so I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!! 🙂 YOU’RE super talented and AWESOME!

  38. Conniecrafter says:

    Oh so pretty, great idea with the berries and I will have to remember the spray glue I know a few of my projects had problems with the glue being to wet, tfs!

  39. Rose Ann says:

    Your wreath ornament is just gorgeous, Jerri!! I love how you show the process of making your leaves, and the gold sparkle you’ve added is sooo pretty!! I love the berries as well!!

  40. velta says:

    Hi Jerri ~ Your wreath is just gorgeous…I have been working on handmade gifts for my family and friends for Christmas…and will post them soon. This one gives me the idea that I would love to CASE and make some for my friends as well. If and when I do, I will give you credit…What a great gift idea…Thank you for sharing 🙂

  41. Jenny Gropp says:

    The patience you have to create these masterful projects is mind blowing. Stunning, Jerri!

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