Nov 22 2010

Gold Whiteworking

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I am enjoying parchment craft and learning more as I go along.  This card is an example of Gold Whiteworking.  The pattern is by Siri-Anong Suwanachin (Indonesia), it can be found in Pergamano Mazagine, Volume 14.   I don’t offer the magazine in my store, but if you’re interested in it, I would be happy to order it for you.  The magazine has 31 pages and is filled with 7 projects.  Some of the projects have up to 3 designs, for a total of 14 patterns.  I do have a pattern packet, M76 – Golden Yellow Lacework, which includes six patterns by the same designer and they are gorgeous! If you would like to view the designs, click on the link I’ve provided, then click on the thumbnail under Product Description and the picture will enlarge so that you can see all six patterns.  I took this picture at night to better show the contrast between the gold and the whiteworking.

This photo was taken earlier in the day.  I love the soft delicacy of the flowers and leaves, so beautiful. I have a few mistakes within the pattern, but I think overall it’s still very pretty.  I’ve listed the products necessary to make this card at the bottom on the post below.

I placed the parchment paper on the magnetic design board, taped it down with removable tape, drew the folding lines with a white pencil, and traced the design with a mapping penWhite Tinta Ink was used to trace the leaves and branches, Gold Tinta Ink was used to trace the small flowers.  After the tracing was completed, I removed the parchment paper from the magnetic design board and attached it to the fine mesh grid and perforated the pattern with the 1-needle perforating tool. I then removed the parchment paper from the grid and embossed the leaves and flowers with the small ball and large ball embossing tools.  I used the extra small ball to emboss the fold lines and the fine stylus tool to outline the branches.  Once the embossing was completed, I used the parchment scissors to cut the small crosses.  To finish the card, I folded the two flaps in and trimmed off the excess parchment paper at the top and bottom of the card with a craft knife.  I cut the outlines of the lower leaves only.

A piece of Mustard embossing paper was used for the gold insert.  May Arts 1/8″ gold silk ribbon was tied around the card, a triple loop bow (Bow Easy) was attached to the silk ribbon using a small piece of Ultra Thin Glue Dots and the card was finished!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I wish you and your families happy times and many, many blessings. 


A Touch of Grace – Paper Boutique:  Parchment Paper, White Pencil, Tinta White Ink, Tinta Gold Ink, Mapping Pen, Magnetic Design Board, 1-Needle Perforating Tool, Fine Mesh Grid, Extra-Small Ball Embossing Tool, Fine Stylus Embossing Tool, Small Ball Embossing Tool, Large Ball Embossing Tool, Perforating Mat (placed under the fine mesh grid), Embossing Mat, Cutting Mat, Parchment Scissors, Perga Soft, Mustard Embossing Paper, Scotch 3M Removable Tape, and Ultra Thin Glue Dots.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Paper Hugs,


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  1. Tosh says:

    Another stunning work of art Jerri!! You must have the patience of a saint!! I’m in all of all the details that went into this stunning card!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweet friend!!

  2. Patti Jo says:

    Astounding!!! Your work is so unique and beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing it all and the information.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too!

  3. Just stunning Jerri.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.Philomena

  4. Karen Wallace says:

    This is just breathtaking, I am speechless. Just amazing and Happy Thanksgiving, I would love to sit at your table and see this all together.

  5. Kittie says:

    Jerri, what a gorgeous and elegant card. With all the flourish like leaves, etc my favorite thing is the gorgeous simple ribbon.

  6. Truly gorgeous, Jerri! It is so delicate and fragile looking — just beautiful!

  7. Tina Crea says:

    whaouuuuuuuuuu !!!
    Absolutely marvelous

    Jerry It is realy a enchanting moment when I come to visit your blog.

  8. Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! For someone who just started this technique, you have such a way with it! I have never seen such beautiful work… rivals things I have seen in magazines! Everything I have seen of yours is perfection. Such talent! I think this and your flowers are my favorites…no wait I love it when you use the stencils too…..Lets just say I love your work! Such elegance. Have I gushed enough? I don’t want to sound biased but you can really tell you love what you do!

  9. Absolutely outstanding, Jerri!! Beautifully done, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  10. Joan Fricker says:

    Jerri, this is stunning and certainly a Jerri work of art. I love the colors and the soft look. Great job

  11. Dealbaida says:

    At last!! Something we have in common – parchment crafting. This is really beautiful Jerri and as a fellow “parcher” I know just how much time and trouble this would have taken.

    As ever, it’s exquisite.


  12. Sheri says:

    Oh My! I have never seen anything like this before. It is stunning! Amazing! Gorgeous! Over the top! And even more than that! You did a beautiful job Jerri

  13. Sandra ltb says:


  14. Conniecrafter says:

    Oh my is that stunning, just takes your breath away, such lovely work you do!!

  15. Karen says:

    Love, Love,Love your art!! Such talent! This card is so beautiful. I like parchment craft, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the gift,that you do for it. Thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Diane says:

    Jerri, this is breathtaking! I look at your beautiful work and I am always in awe of it, this is stunning. Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

  17. Wendy Moore says:

    Drop dead gorgeous. I’m overwelmed by your talent. Have a great holiday!

  18. Beth Norman says:

    Oh my heaven and stars, is this ever beautiful. I absolutely LOVE it. You are so talented Jerri and I love to see what you come up with next.

  19. Just breathtaking! Beautifully detailed and absolutely fabulous!

  20. Shawna says:

    Wow, Jeri, that’s stunning!

  21. diane mcvey says:

    A*B*S*O*L*U*T*E*L*Y B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L !!!

  22. Cherie says:

    Jerri, As always, each new project of yours is more stunning that the last! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creativity with us!

  23. Angela says:

    Oh my goodness! That is just so beautiful! You are a truly gifted designer to come up with this beautiful work of art! Stunning work! hugs, Angela

  24. That is absolutely stunning. I just love it. You are such a talent.

  25. Jerri, Stunning and Gorgeous don’t even begin to describe your work!
    I am just in awe everytime I see it!
    You truly have been touched by Grace and given such incrediable talent.

    Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    May you and your Family be Blessed this Thanksgiving and always!


  26. Janet Castle says:

    Amazing work Jeri!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Jan Castle

  27. Rose Mary says:

    That thud you heard was my jaw dropping onto the floor! This is just stunning! Thanks for sharing all your lovely and inspiring work, and especialy this.
    Rose Mary

  28. Cindy Lou says:

    I envy you your parchment skills Jerri, I am working on mine, but have a long way to go to reach your level. I love the depth perception work for the leaves, it is all just gorgeous, my biggest problem is as I age (haha) my eyesight has a tougher time following the lines and patterns, but I work slowly and diligently and sometimes things turn out quite lovely. I repeat, your work is beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us and giving us inspiration to continue on 😉 Blessings!

  29. It’s a pattern… 1. I click on Jerri’s blog 2. my jaw drops! This happens EVERY time.

    Jerri, this is exquisite… truly incredible.

  30. Annapurna says:

    I second what Susan (rainy) said. I should give up all my craft supplies. Decided!!

  31. Dottie Davis says:

    How come your wrist hasn’t fallen off yet? Oh My Gosh, this is gorgeous! It must have taken forever to complete. You must have the attention span as wide as the ocean to complete these projects. Jerri, this, to me, tops them all. I love monochromatic compositions and this is just plain right up my alley.

  32. Tonniece says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Breathtaking Jerri



  33. Carol Southern says:

    Ohhhh my, what beautiful work you do, what talent. This is one stunning creation, again!! You produce them so quickly too. What a pleasure to visit your blog and see things like this pop onto the screen.

  34. Marilyn says:

    Once again you have posted the utmost beautiful work. What a gourgeous card you have made. I am so jealous of your talents. Thank you for posting and letting us all know what kinds of beautiful work of art there is out there!

  35. Sue K (Australia) says:

    O……………M…………..G…………….. – again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerri – do you want us all in a permanent state of shock and awe!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW – i just love it – your work is so delicate and intricate and – again – another soon to be lucky recipient.

  36. Sylvia Johnson says:

    This is fantastic. Simply gorgeous. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  37. Mary says:

    Another masterpiece, Jerri:) Always enjoy your designs, though they appear so time consuming I’m amazed at how many different items you have completed…I’m jelous!

  38. Ohhhhhhhh…sigh….. Dreamy, delicate, exquisite!

  39. velta says:

    Hello my sweet and dear friend…another “gasp” from me…you have produced a creation that is now, over the moon…How delicate, intricate and simply elegant. Thank you for sharing again Jerri…I wish you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings 🙂

    P.S, (does anyone do a P.S. anymore)? Thank you for your inspiration this year…It has been a wonderful ride 🙂

  40. emily says:

    The detail and artistry in your work is awesome! The gold touches make it so elegant and rich.
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing! :o)

  41. pinky says:

    Jerri, wonders cease to amaze me! You are w/out a doubt one of the most talented crafters I know, gf! This is gorgeous… I am in VA for Thanksgiving…hope you and yours have a wonderful holidays!!!!

  42. Deb Saaranen says:

    Sooo beautiful Jerri! Elegance defined!!! Beyond my limited vocabulary…LOL!!!

  43. Michelle jadaa says:

    Stunning!Im a real beginner teaching myself parchemnt craft and its work like this that inspires me to try harder…Thanks!!

  44. Barbara says:

    This is a fabulous card. I love all your creations.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  45. Hi Jerri,
    Your parchment work is so beautiful. It has a real delicate look to it. I used to do parchment work but it never looked as good as yours. There is such a lot of work in this and it must have taken you ages. It would take me all year I think.
    Hugs Maz

  46. Jenny Gropp says:

    This is amazing. SO soft and delicate looking. You wrote you have several mistakes, which made me about spit out my coke — I don’t see anything but perfection here! Absolutely beautiful!
    Have a HAPPY Thanksgiving!!!!

  47. Amy Johnson says:

    WoWsa! This is amazing! What detail!

  48. Darlene Gabriel says:

    Oh WOW – I don’t know what to say………..this is one of the most gorgeous cards I have ever seen. I just love seeing all your creations. I wish I could learn to do parchment work too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  49. Dottie Davis says:

    I emailed you regarding your wrist and think you email me a second time but I think I may have lost it. Sorry to bug you.

  50. Nena says:

    This is just beautiful~~~ Thank you for the inspiration!! It would be great if you
    video taped yourself creating these products from your store so we could learn
    how to use them.

  51. Anne says:

    It is utterly beautiful!! I cannot find any words to describe your work! You really inspire me to work on parchment & perforation work again. 🙂 I have been sick for a while so I have not left any comments in your blog…..I think I have to really get well soon so that I can begin my craft work again!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day!!

  52. Hi. Stunning work. Beautifull, deticate, elegant 😀

  53. Silke Ledlow says:

    Happy Sunday!!! Your card is FANTASTIC Jerri!!! I so adore all of your parchment creations and this one is truly amazing!!! How long did it take your to create this one??? Hugs ~S~

  54. Nancy Kestin says:

    This is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us.!

  55. OH MY JERRI,

    This is STUNNING! I don’t know what else to say. This is STUNNING!

    Hugs and Blessings,


  56. An absolute work of art Jerri!

  57. Joan Ervin says:

    THUD!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like this, Jerri…you are an amazing artist!!!! WOW, I’m totally at a lose for words….absolutely gorgeous work!!!!

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