Feb 10 2011

Spellbinders – Valentine’s Wall Hanging

Ladies I’ve been dying to show you this piece. This is the largest design I’ve made to date. The length of the design is approximately 22 inches and the width is approximately 14 inches. The versatility of Spellbinders™ dies is beyond imagination! This piece by far gave me the most anxiety. I knew I wanted to use the Elegant Posts, together with the Grand Circles and Grand Scalloped Circles dies, but was totally stumped on how to pull it together to make the design work. Every morning I would walk into my studio, sit down and look at the 12 posts that I had cut and then look at the scalloped circles. I played with them, arranging them in different patterns, I tried adding other dies .   .   .  nothing clicked, I’d come up totally blank. Becoming frustrated, I’d push everything aside and work on other designs. Then, one day, I sat down and it all clicked. I knew what I was going to do. Amazingly, it all fell into place and the design was completed.

When I sat down to start the CHA designs, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was going to do or where it would lead. I started by having a general idea of wanting to do something for Valentine’s, wanting to use red roses and wanting to use the Grand dies. Some of you may wonder how long this design took to make. It’s difficult to put a time frame down. I make up tons and tons of flowers and leaves before I start the actual designing. The dies pay for themselves  .    .    .  I can’t begin to imagine how expensive it would be to purchase the flowers and leaves needed to complete all the designs in this series. Once you have all the proper tools, i.e., cutting dies, embossing pad, embossing tools, you’re set to go. Your only expense is the paper. But, I digress, how long did it take to make this design  .    .    .  okay, it took a little over three hours  .    .    .  truly! But, keep in mind the flowers and leaves had already been made. Links to Spellbinders™ dies are at the bottom of this post.

I really love the silk hanger. I used May Arts 1.5″ black silk ribbon, as well as May Arts 1.5″ striped grosgrain ribbon (a soft, thick gorgeous texture, perfect for the double loop bow). The bow is approximately 6 inches across. It was made using the large Bow Easy. I used May Arts black 1/8″ silk ribbon for the pompom tassel.

To make the pompom I adhered two small roses together with the silk in between the two roses.

Remember the Elegant Posts on the Placecard? I promised I’d be back to show you more designs with the Elegant Posts .     .     .   Isn’t this amazing! I trimmed off the bottom of the posts and arranged them around the twelve scallops of the Grand Scalloped Circles. Beneath that is a black circle cut with the Grand Circles dies. To cut these larger dies, you need the Grand Calibur system. The dies are huge! At the center of the posts I adhered an ornate circle cut from the Parisian Motifs dies to cover where all the posts join.

I’m providing several pictures to show you placement of the flowers and leaves at different angles. This picture is of the top left side of the hanging.

This picture is taken from the top of the design aiming down. See the iridescent feathers, I love them! They are less than 1/8″ in width, very tricky arranging them in the designs, but well worth the extra effort!

Yesterday I told you that the rose on the Napkin Holder used four of the five blossom dies. I said I had another rose that used all five of the dies  .    .    .  well ladies, here it is! That rose is massive, well over four inches across, so beautiful in this floral design! If you look closely at the center of the rose and allow your gaze to stray to the outer layers, you’ll see all five sizes in the layers of petals.

I couldn’t resist tucking in a bit of silk in the center of the flowers. The Spring green spider mums are a perfect compliment to the red roses. Did you notice I chose to use two reds in the arrangement  .    .    .  I like that! This photo is of the right side of the design. You can see I took liberal use of the leaves, tucking them in throughout the flowers.

An angle of the lower left side. All the flowers and leaves were adhered with Aleene’s Thick Tacky Glue, as well as the feathers and the bow. I used Zip Dry Adhesive to adhere the larger Grand Scalloped Circles and Grand Circles layers. I always use Zip Dry Adhesive for all layers on all my designs because it doesn’t buckle the paper. The tacky glue will buckle layers, it’s not good for layers/panels. I just realize I omitted to take photos of the back side of the wall hanging. I cut extra layers of the Grand Circles, one of poster board and one of the Moss Green paper. I adhered the poster board to the back of the design and then attached the silk tails. Then I attached the Moss Green circle over that, totally covering the back panel, hiding the ends of the silk tails for a perfect finish on the back.

Another shot of the lower left side of the hanging showing the layering of the flowers and leaves.

I love the dimension shown in this photo and wanted to include it in the post. I’m so loving the Foliage dies!

An overview shot showing the flowers nestled together with leaves tucked here and there. As you can see, the flowers overlap each other allowing for a more realistic arrangement.

Wouldn’t this wall hanging be stunning hanging in your dining room! I like this picture taken from an angle. I included a small floral spray in the upper right corner of the design and .   .   .  lo and behold .   .   .  there’s my little lady bug .   .   .  I just couldn’t let this piece be finished without my little lady!

TUTORIALS for making the flowers:

Flower Tutorial Part I

Flower Tutorial Part II

Flower Tutorial Part III

Flower Tutorial Part IV

Tools I use for optimum results in making the flowers and embossing the leaves:

Embossing Pad A5

Embossing Tool – Extra Small (for leaf veins)

Embossing Tool – Small Ball (for small flowers, leaves and butterflies)

Embossing Tool – Large Ball (for mid-size flowers and leaves)

Embossing Tool – Extra Large Ball (4.5mm) (for large flowers and leaves)

Embossing Tool – Extra Large Ball (6mm) (for large flowers and leaves)

Supplies used on the above design:

Paper: La Creme (DCWV), Fiesta Red, Moss Green, Black, Spring Green, Christmas Red

Ink:  Antique Linen and Old Paper Distress Inks, Old Olive and Always Artichoke (SU), Port Red (Memories)

Spellbinders™ Dies: Grand Calibur, LF-249 Grand Scalloped Circles, LF-114 Grand Circles, S4-157 Sunflower Set One, S5-035 Parisian Motifs S4-158 Sunflower Set Two, S5-032 Elegant Posts; S4-058 Daisy HeadsS4-328 FoliageS4-312 Blossom Three (Spellbinders Paper Arts)

Ribbon:  1.5″ Black Silk Ribbon, 1.5 Striped Ribbon, 1/8″ Black Silk Ribbon, Small Bow Easy, Large Bow Easy (Stamp Simply Ribbon Store)

Misc.:  Feathers (Silk Warehouse), Black and Gold Glass Beads (Michael’s), Lady Bug Sew On Brass Bead, Sponges, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Embossing ToolsEmbossing Pad (A Touch of Grace – Paper Boutique)

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I love it when you come to visit!  Wishing you a wonderful day!

Paper Hugs,


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52 Responses to “Spellbinders – Valentine’s Wall Hanging”

  1. velta says:

    Oh My, Oh My…Jerri…this is the “best” ever! You are always amazing me, but this time my jaw dropped to the floor. I just LOVE your hand made flowers…no one does them better than you!! TFS!!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Jerri, you’re killing me! This is over-the-top creative, gorgeous, and all the other adjectives that encompass totally wonderful. Thank you also for sharing the details of how it all came together. I was surprised to know you struggled with how to use all the elements you wanted to incorporate. I guess I thought that everything just popped into your head! But seeing the finished result shows your commitment to making every detail work together artistically, and that lots of thought, planning, design, and love went into making another spectacular piece.

  3. Karen Wallace says:

    All of these have just been stunning, I can’t imagine how many hours it takes to make one of your creations!!

  4. Sheila - UK says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! All these WOWS are because I truely blown away with what you are doing with the Elegant Valentines Collection and this is no exception Jerri! Another SPECTACULAR creation! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creative mind-blowing pieces with us. I just feel so priveleged to be able to see your stunning works of art.

    Love Sheila xx

  5. Marion says:

    Would love to add my praise too Jerri but I’m completely lost for words. (Husband cheering in background at the thought of all that silence!!!!).


  6. Janice says:

    Stunning!!! I just received my Grand Calibur and dies on Wednesday and my first thought was how am I going to use these because they are so huge! You’ve given me one idea.
    Thanks for sharing all the tutorials I may be trying this.:)

  7. Jenny Gropp says:

    Jaw dropping! Amazing detail and style!

  8. Kittie says:

    Another gorgeous creation , Jerri! our flowers are stunning.

  9. A W E S O M E!!!! Jerri, I have been watching this whole series come together in silence because I simply have not been able to find the right words to express what I’ve been witnessing. The one word I just posted truly isn’t “loud” enough either but I’m still speechless, so it’ll have to do :))

  10. Jen says:

    Wow it is just stunning you have out did yourself!!!!

  11. Mary Ann T says:

    I am simply in love with the flowers you make and I started reviewing your mum tutorials. I really want to attempt to do this but first have a question about paper. Is there a certain brand or type of paper you use? I have loads of Bazzill cardstock, but somehow it doesn’t look like it would separate the way your paper does. (If the answer is posted somewhere on your blog, I’m sorry for not being able to find it.)

  12. Ursula Uphof says:

    WOW!!!!!! Jerri, Not much more I can add. I just think your attention to the detail is just so amazing, These are just such amazing works of art. I am going to look for the blossom and foliage dies. Thank you for being so generous with sharing your talent. It inspires me to create. Warm wishes and have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Phil Droney says:

    Oooh oooh so lovely – truly wonderful – love seeing your beautiful ceations – thanks to Linda Duke and Spellbinders for introducing you – I just adore these dies – the possibilities are just amazing as you have shown.

  14. Nancy Schultz says:

    Oh my Jerri this is stunningly GORGEOUS!! I am so glad that I have found your blog. Your work just blows me away and I am so thankful for the tutorials you have put together to make your gorgeous flowers. I think I have all the Spellbinder dies ordered now so I can try to make some of these gorgeous flowers. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent! Can hardly wait to see what you will show us next.
    Thank you.

  15. Karen Lawrence says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! So glad I found your site…through Linda Duke’s blog. Did you make the pale green “spider” mums as well? They really add to the overall balance of the design. If so, could you do a tutorial at some point. Keep the eye candy coming!

  16. Heather Peel says:

    well. Jerri. Another mind blowing ,STUNNING creation from you .you just go on and on excelling yourself.i keep telling you how honured and pleased i am to of found your site .I just am so mesmorized by all your beautiful Creations . i managed to but once upon a springtime from a uk store .so it worked out better really .Its the postage that kills us over here .And if we spend too much which is so very easy to do .We then get stuck with taxes at this end .aaaaghhhh.but thank you for all your help .Have also found a site selling color paper cheap.,well cheaper its on sale .Started making some blooms yesterday .Im so pleased with them .Cant stop making them now .Going to make a stash of them .Thank you Jerri. your Skill is outstanding .Hugs Heather

  17. Deb Saaranen says:

    Wowzers…what a gorgeous wall hanging! So beautiful…so well thought out and pondered over!!! LOL!!! I love the fact that you used different color reds as well…you don’t really notice that right off…just the fact that it all looks soooo realistic and natural…just like the multiple aged colors of blooms in the garden!

  18. Becky Jo says:

    Truly beautiful! You are a very talented lady and I thank you for sharing your projects. The detail you bring out in flowers, leaves, etc. is amazing! Hugs!!

  19. This is Exquisite……magnificent…..your creations is breath taken………I love it…..now I guess I can close my mouth……thank you so much for sharing this this masterpieces……you are truly a master of paper!!!!!

  20. emily says:

    You must be planning a special dinner with this beautiful wall hanging and the napkin rings to use in your dining room. Love the texture in the leaves and the layered blossoms.
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  21. Sheri says:

    another masterpiece from Jerri. WOWZERS is all I can sputter out. I am drooling here

  22. Barbara says:

    Stunning! I don’t have anymore words to describe this!!

  23. Angela says:

    Oh that is BEAUTIFUL! You work magic with paper! I would love to hang this in my house! big hugs, Angela

  24. bethann d says:

    everyone has expressed my sentiments exactly, incredible, beautiful.stunning,,,,, what else is there to say???

  25. Mickie says:

    Totally awesome Jeri. Egads you are such a great designer! This has been such a beautiful series with all the red flowers. Your R O C K girl!!

  26. Cindy Lou says:

    Well Jerri, it seems the concensus is that you have definitely outdone yourself. This is just beautiful, and I can tell from the tone of your voice, you are extremely happy with it. You are such an Artist to the Nth degree of the definition. Do you enter anything you do into any type of competition or perhaps galaries? You should you know, I think I told you that last year. You have a designers eye and translate it well into your most (and mine) favorite medium. Have a wonderful God blessed day, you’ve made the sun shine for many of us who have had lots of clouds 😉 I hope he makes your sun shine brightly as well.

  27. Karen says:

    AWWWW Jerri! This is beautiful. I get so excited when I see a post from you. I save it for last so I can savor your newest creation. Thank you so much! God Bless.

  28. Sandra ltb says:

    Sandra ltb

  29. Pat Jandacek says:

    Fabulously beautiful works of art!

  30. Pinky says:

    Jerri, yet another beautiful creation from you. You never cease to amaze me, gf!

  31. OH MY….. just stunning, enjoyed every picture, you are such a pro at arranging the flowers and leaves, cool design, amazing work!

  32. Frances says:

    Love it, this is so beautiful! hugs, Frances.

  33. Hi Jerri,
    All of your Valentine Creations are just gorgeous!! I love how you are always thinking outside the box. They just take my breath away.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie,

    Hugs and Blessings,

  34. Angel Hawks says:

    This is just stunning! I’m in awe!

  35. Jessica says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Each flower you make is prettier than the last! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Jess

  36. Jerri: This is beautiful … I have begun practicing on making flowers. It is time consuming so I don’t know how you find the time to make so many.. You can be very detailed or not so detailed, but it is fun and the more I practice the more creative I find myself getting.. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. It helps us all to know that we can get creative, even if we cannot produce the type of work you come up with it is still rewarding and beautiful. You are the BEST!

  37. Janet Castle says:

    SOLD…I’ll take it! What can I say Jerri…it’s almost beyond description – although you did a good job describing your creation!!! It’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

  38. Gale Howard says:


    Jerri, this is stunning, all of your work is, and I’m not sure I could come up with the right adjectives to do your work justice. You are a very talented lady. Thank you for being generous with your tutorials.

  39. Hi Jerri!
    Oh my Goodness! This is stunning, Gorgeous and Beautiful!!
    Spellbinders is SOOOOO LUCKY to have you!!

    I wish you lived closer so that if you ever taught class I could take them from you!!

    Well, your tutorials are so appreciated! Thank you so much!

    Blessings and Hugs,


  40. SO SO beautiful, Jerri! Those flowers are incredible.. really amazing. I went and read each of your tutorials for making them. You are the goddess of flower design!!!

  41. Rufus says:

    I’m speechless, really. What could I possibly say? Except incredible?!
    The whole series has been lovely, but this is amazing!

  42. Edna Siu says:

    Jerri, it is admirable, it is the best one.

  43. josie Walrath says:

    Awesome!! tfs

  44. Heather says:

    Well Jerri – what can I say that hasn’t already been said……this valentine series has been awesome and I can’t imagine what you will create next!!! I think spellbinders sales will have rocketed this month. I can’t wait to start making these flowers – your tutorials are superb. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us your creations (I can spend hours on your blog!!)

  45. Maz says:

    Oh my Jerri!
    how gorgeous is this???? Wonderful, wonderful. I still haven’t made these flowers. I need the spellbinder flower. Thanks for reminding me.
    Love the design. You re a true artist.
    Hugs Maz

  46. Even if all the flowers and leaves were already made I couldn’t do it in three hours. And all the time it takes to make all those flowers and leaves? Unimaginable! But I look at your designs and my jaw drops. The details are wonderfully inspiring! Someday I’ll just sit down and make flowers, and then I’ll wonder what to do with them. For now, I’ll sit awestruck over your gorgeous creations.

  47. Diane says:

    Wow Jerri, this is totally out of this world awesome! Well worth the time, effort and thought that went into this.

  48. Beth Norman says:

    Jerri, words alone cannot say how much I love your work. You are so talented and creative. The rich red is stunning against the black. So elegant.

  49. Tosh says:

    Your creative use of the Elegant Posts is nothing short of genius!! This creation (work of art), is beyond stunning Jerri!! You’ve outdone yourself again. WOW!

  50. […] used the same leaves for the tail of the fan that I used on the Wall Hanging to tie the designs together, as well as the black silk bow and […]

  51. Paula says:

    amazing, fantastic, fabulous, incredible, stunning… what more can I say… I just showed my 17 year old and even though I told him it was all made of paper – he kept asking – “what, even those green flowers, even the leaves” he was impressed (and he really isn’t easily impressed if you know what i mean)!

    I just think that it must have taken an incredible amount of time, patience and talent to make all of these things. I’m in awe!!!

    Paula, Derbyshire, UK. x x x

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