Mar 22 2011

Easter Bunny – Monsieur Lapin – My Version


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Isn’t this non-conventional Easter Bunny the most adorable little guy! Not only are Spellbinders™ dies great for scrapbooking and cardmaking, they’re fabulous for all around paper crafting as well! 

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from one of my girlfriends. She had seen one of the fairy cards I posted last month and loved it, especially the hand made flowers on it that I made with the Blossom Three dies. She told me she had purchased a bunny from Steinmart that had a bird’s nest with flowers inside. She described the basket and asked if I would make small flowers to replace the flowers that came with the bunny (she didn’t like them). Without seeing the nest, it was difficult for me to judge what size would work best so I went to a Steinmart by my house and as luck, or lack thereof, would have it, that Steinmart didn’t have the bunny. She stopped by my husband’s office and dropped the bunny off and he brought it home to me. 

Now ladies, when I first saw this bunny I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed  .   .   .  LOL  .   .   .  I was expecting it to be a bit more traditional. I set it aside for a several days while I was working on other designs and finally got back to it late one night last week. 

I sat down and started playing  .   .   .  oh, what fun! The rabbit came with the bow, an empty basket, and the nest. Stacey didn’t ask for anything to be done with the basket, but it intrigued me and I started playing with it first and I have to admit, once I started, I really got into it. I had purchased the eggs and grass from Pottery Barn earlier in the week for another project.

Ladies, if you haven’t ordered the Foliage dies yet, what are you waiting for!!!!! Look at how pretty the foliage is in this basket. I used the rose leaves and the fern  .    .   .  sigh  .   .   . I just love them!!! I tell you these dies are fabulous for altered designs! I borrowed a spool of my husband’s rope to make the double looped basket handle. As I’m typing this post, Stacey calls to see what I’m up to .   .   . what timing .   .   . and she’s on her cell phone and said she’s near Steinmart. She’s going to pull in and check to see if there are any more bunnies left  .   .   .  I’m keeping my fingers crossed. She’s going to call me back, hopefully before I finish with this post!

After finishing the basket, I moved on to the nest. I couldn’t resist the feathers, I just couldn’t!! Nor could I resist my sweet little ladybug  .   .   . sigh .   .   . I’m in paper heaven .   .   . LOL! A few leaves, a few flowers, a few feathers and a bug .   .   . voilá .   .   .  it’s done!

Now, isn’t this just way toooo adorable! And yay, Stacey just called, they had one bunny left at her Steinmart  .   .   .  woo hoo!  I get a bunny .    .    .  yaaaaay! I have several pieces of the MacKenzie-Childs black and white checked enamel dishes, as well as the Honeymoon dishes. This bunny is absolutely perfect!

Oops, a flower fell out of the nest and landed ever so lightly on Mr. Bunny’s foot! Hmmm .   .   .  I wonder what I should name my bunny? Do you do that? Do you name your “pretties”? Any suggestions Ladies?

ETA:  I love Mary Lou’s suggestion (see comment below) .    .   .  Monsieur Lapin .    .    .  my bunny has a name  .    .    . thank you Mary Lou   .   .   . I love it, it’s so perfect.  I do believe he is french!

Thank you ever so much for indulging me today ladies! I’ve had so much fun! 

I hope you’ll be back Friday when I post my Spellbinders™ Bunny Hop design. (Hint:  think Easter and inspiration for your Easter decorating  .   .   . wouldn’t it be grand if YOU win the dies that Spellbinders™ is giving away that I’ve designed with!  So, be sure to come back and leave a comment on that post.

Until then,

Paper Hugs!

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71 Responses to “Easter Bunny – Monsieur Lapin – My Version”

  1. Ursula Uphof says:

    Wow Jerri, I can’t believe how everytime you just have a winner. Your creations are just so amazing. What a lovely Easter decoration Bunny Jo will be. Warm wishes

  2. Susie says:

    The red roses really look wonderful with the black and cream print. The bunny material looks like a cross between an old time tea towel (flour sack) and a very artistic type of toile. And look how pretty it looks on your table! A very versatile piece for the holiday. Beautiful Jerri.

  3. Irma says:

    Jeri, as usual, your work never cease to amaze me! The bunny is absolutely adorable. Who wouldn’t love it, even before your flowers. But with your additions — it is simply a must-have!!!

    Keep on doing what you do! You are such an inspiration.

  4. This is magnificent….your roses are just prefect with it…..and I absolutely love it…thank you for sharing….

  5. Anne says:

    Hi Jerri, The bunny is so slim like me – Bony Anne!! But it is so nicely decorated & adorable……..with the help of your magic fingers again!! Great work…you can’t stop inspiring everyone!!

  6. Beryl says:

    That bunny is just fabulous. You are so amazingly talented! Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Mary Lou Kemp says:

    Jerri, what about naming him Monsieur Lapin……..french for mister bunny!

  8. Dottie Davis says:

    At first glance when I opened the site, I was shocked at the rabbit! But, as I moved on with each picture showing what your lovely creativity and style, I actually started liking this fella. By the time I got to the end I thought just maybe…….

  9. Jen says:

    Oh my I want one he is just the cutest bunny I have ever seen!!

  10. Oh… I just love the bunny! What an awesome job you did decorating the bunny. I love your flowers still waiting for my blossom three and foliage dies so I can give your flowers a try. Can’t wait to see what your project is for the Spellbinder bunny hop.

  11. Joan Fricker says:

    Jerri, the bunny is adorable and your flowers are so pretty. Great job for classing up the bunny!

  12. Lynne Hurlburt says:

    Just love the bunny, what a great job. TFS Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

  13. Ellen B says:

    It is just lovely!

  14. Charlene Dahlberg says:

    Just the cutest thing I have EVER seen!! Love the flowers — and off to Steinmart to see if they have one — keep your fingers crossed!!!
    Love your creations!!!

  15. Barbara T says:

    Oh Wow! I want one!

  16. Phil Droney says:

    oh that is just so cute – love it – what a wonderful idea – I am sure you will have several suggestions for his name – thanks for sharing

  17. LindaMar says:

    Jerri! Is there such a thing as elegant AND whimsical? This Messieur Lapin is it! Beautiful job!

  18. Sheri says:

    Oh gosh, you could put Steinmart out of business! Yours is so much cuter than theirs. I never would have purchased theirs but sure would have yours!

  19. Carol Parks says:

    Jerri, I absolutely started giggling when I saw your bunny. That has got to
    be the strangest Easter Bunny I have ever seen. LOL You sure made him
    adorable with your gorgeous flowers and Easter pretties. I wonder if our
    Steinmart has any of these bunnies? Hummmmmm

  20. Oh my goodness this is just darling! I love this little guy, and I believe he is French too! 😀

  21. Pinky says:

    Jerri, this is a very non-traditional bunny, but oh how you put your spin on him and turned him into a work of art. I know your friend is going to flip out when she sees her bunny all decorated!

  22. Cheryl L says:

    I love the way you decorated the little guy. Will you be dressing up your bunny the same way??? Probably not, I’ll bet. 😉 Please share your personal bunny, too. I adore your creations. Thanks, and can’t wait to see your Spellbinder’s design.

  23. Rebekka says:

    I think he looks fabulous! And he does looks French 🙂

  24. Silke Ledlow says:

    FABULOUS…..this is just toooooo cool for words! I l.o.v.e your amazing creativity…you rock sister! Hugs ~S~

  25. Carolyn says:

    I agree with you – at first sight I wasn’t to impressed with the bunny but you made him come to life. Your friend is going to be thrilled.

  26. Carol says:

    Just love what you have done with this adorable fella! Fabulous name, Messieur Lapin.

  27. Becky Jo says:

    This bunny is so adorable! You did a great job on him. Are you going to do Messieur Lapin the same way? Or do each of your creations take on a life of their own? Hope you show Messieur Lapin when it’s done! I love to see all your creations because your talent amazes me! TFS Hugs!!

  28. Mrs. Ham says:

    This is beautiful Jerri. I’m sure your friend absolutely loved hers. Thank you for sharing Messieur Lapin with us. I always look forward to your creative creations.


  29. Sherry says:

    Oh my gosh! I want one! He is just so so so adorable. You never cease to amaze me!!! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Cindy Lou says:

    Too cute! Wish I had a stein mart close by, that would be just too much fun, and I rather like the unconventionalness of this guy, he has his own attitude and seems very gracious. Thanks for sharing Jerri, and I do believe my foliage dies are on their way 🙂 Blessings!

  31. Gretchen Wilson says:

    Wow – that’s impressive – I would have liked to have seen what he looked like before you got your hands on him. You can work magic with those fingers of yours. I’m learning some of the flower making with the paper, just this past weekend I was at a workshop and we made flowers. Wow what you can’t do with a piece of paper and ink. Hugs

  32. Beth Norman says:

    Is there anything that you can’t do? Your girlfriend is the luckiest girl on earth. Such an outstanding idea and outstanding work!

    • Jerri Kay says:

      Thank you Beth! Stacey loved it! She squealed in fact . . . LOL! She doesn’t use the internet much. She called me this morning and I walked her through how to get onto my blog and view the pictures . . . she’s delighted! We’re getting together next week and I’ll give it to her.

  33. April says:

    I just love this bunny. You did a fabulous job!

  34. Sandy #1781 says:

    How adorable and the french name is perfect! BTW… yes, of course I name my pretties. LOL! I’m off to see if we have a stienmart here. I think we do.

  35. Mary Gutierrez says:

    Absolutely adorable bunny. If I would of seen him I would never thought he could be embeliised to look so Great job Jerri!

  36. Carolyn S says:

    This adorable bunny is another example of your magic. There isn’t anything that you can’t alter and turn into a beautiful piece of art. Jerri you were over the top on this one. He’s gorgeous, fun and beautiful too!

  37. Chris Franks says:

    Love, Love, Love it!!!

  38. jo anne eggers says:

    that bunny is absolutely gorgeous!! i love rabbit things and especially love soft sculpture. i wish i could find a bunny just like that to decorate, although it could never match your beautiful designs. thanks for sharing.

  39. Mary Roberson says:

    You’ve done it again! And I absolutely love his name:)

  40. Janet Castle says:

    Personally, I think you should send the picture to ‘Steinmart’ as well as one to the manufacturer!!! He’s priceless!
    Lots of Bunny Hugs,

  41. Naomi says:

    This time you have gone over the top! This project is soooo fabulous. What a talented lady you are.

  42. velta says:

    Oh what a perfect name for this french guy!!! I absolutely love him and what you have created around him….No wonder you had so much fun with him…everything is just perfect!!! I say “Happy Easter!!”

  43. Kendall B says:

    Oh I love Messieur Lapin! He is adorable. None of the Steinmarts in my vicinity have him available. Who manufactures it please?

  44. gloria l says:

    WOW Absolutely stunning!

  45. Jessica says:

    I just love your bunny, and you’re right Misieur anything would suit him better that just plain ‘bunny’. This guy is just exquisite! What a great job, these flowers are just perfect for him too. I’m guessing that your bunny will look different than your friends? Well, either way, this one is just perfect.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Hugs, Jess

  46. Barbara L says:


    This is the perfect vintage Easter bunny. What an adorable little guy! Of course, your flowers and the little ladybug are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea. No Stein Mart here, but maybe I can come up with something similar for my granddaughters. They would love this! Thanks again.

  47. Jeri,, I WANT ONE!!!!! PLEASE… LOL

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, !!!!
    ────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥) __
    ───────────(♥) xoxoxo’

  48. Rosie says:

    Love your bunny and it is viola after you finish decorating any project. The bunny is darling!!

  49. Gayle says:

    Oh Jerri,This beautiful bunny is the greatest!!!! I am so impressed with what you do.This bunny is exquiset. He really had a great name too. Too bad there was not any more;you could make them up and sell them to us !!! You really amaze me.

  50. Pat Schwartz says:

    How adorable. I can see a run on Stienmarts everywhere for this bunny! You are so creative. Love all your designs. You and Becca never disappoint!

  51. Jeanne Kelly says:

    Great job with th bunny – I think he’s adorable – only thing I don’t like are his feet. I think I would have to change them….add a few bunny toes – just a little tuck here and there – Voila!

  52. Donna D says:

    Your work is just beautiful! I love how your embellishments have given the bunny so much class… he’s just perfect. Thanks for providing such great inspiration and sharing with us.

  53. Angela says:

    Wow this is fabulous! I love this bunny and all the special touches you added to him! A very elegant Easter decoration. Beautiful Jerri!! hugs, Angela

  54. Frances says:

    Adorable bunny, and your flowers gorgeous as always, love this!!! hugs, Frances.

  55. Rufus says:

    Well no wonder you had fun doing it, just look at him! You’ve turned him into something really grand and unusual! Fun, fun, fun!
    Thanks for sharing Monsieur Lapin with us.

  56. betty says:

    was not too sure starting out but am totally in love at the end !! so beaytiful x

  57. So cute! Love the switch up in colours for Easter. This would be awesome all year round. Autumn, Christmas, summer…it’s taken it from being a one occasion to a year long treasure!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring! 🙂

  58. I love your article. It can help me get much useful information. Hope to see more words in it. I think you will have interests to see

  59. Joan Ervin says:

    You do realize that after seeing your fabulous bunny, hundreds of ladies including me, will be rushing to Steinmart to find these bunnies!!! This is soooo AWESOME, Jerri…..he looks sooo gorgeous all dressed up with your beautiful flowers and foliage….WOW!!!! I tell ya, you could even make a rock look like a million bucks, my talented friend!!!!

  60. SO chic… so charming and enchanting. And so is the bunny! hehe LOVE you both.

  61. Rose Ann says:

    Oh my gosh…I totally LOVE it, Jerri!!

  62. Diane says:

    This is over the top Jerri! Absolutely to die for, I need to find a Steinmart and get those dies!

  63. Jan Gavin says:

    HMMMMMMM My nearest Steinmart is in Des Moines – about 100+ miles away. However, my granddaughter is in a dance competition there tomorrow & Sun. Guess where I’m going to be on Saturday!!!! Darling bunny Jerri!

  64. Kim Hupke says:


    Simply amazing!!!!

  65. He is too cute and your embellishing of him is Fantastic, right down to the ones that have fallen at his feet, gorgeous work!

  66. Pegy May says:

    Love your banner you made.. Love Spellbinders dies

  67. Clavell says:

    He is adorable and aptly named for his character!! …And beautifully appointed!!

  68. Nancy Williams says:

    What a fantastic creation. Makes me want to alter everything I own! I want those foliage dies – hope they come back in stock soon.

    I redid my cubicle at work with some of the flowers like you have here (mine are not of your quality of course) and it looks wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing all you wonderful projects with us. Looking at your pictures is really a treat!

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