Mar 30 2011

Easter Basket Tutorial

Hi girls, today I have the tutorial for the baskets on the Easter banner I designed for Spellbinders™ Bunny Hop last week. I’ll be back with the ribbon tutorial later in the week. 

For those of you who may have missed the pennant tutorial, I thought I’d try something new and fun! When I get to the last of the tutorials, showing how I wove the ribbon through the pearls and attached it to the back of the pennant, I’m offering the completed tutorial project as blog candy. All you have to do for a chance at winning the design is leave a comment at the end of each tutorial telling me what you think of the tutorial. At the end of the week I’ll select a winner using Again, to be eligible to win the design, you have to leave a comment on each tutorial. If you missed the pennant tutorial, you can find it here.

Again, for all you experienced crafters, hang in there and speed read  .   .   .  LOL  .   .   .  I don’t want to leave any newbies behind! I’ve made some of the pictures smaller in this tutorial as I covered using the Grand Calibur in the pennant tutorial earlier.

Place the Easter basket die from the Easter Fun set on the base plate.

Cover the die with two pieces of cardstock color of your choice and the cutting plate and pass through the Grand Calibur. TIP: you can cut two pieces of cardstock at once.

Cut five baskets using cardstock and cut two baskets using chipboard from a cereal box.

Cover die with tan embossing mat and embossing plate and run through the Grand Calibur. (the color is way off in this picture, the embossing plate is pink)

Okay, this is the fun part! Isn’t that one gorgeous die! It’s from Fancy Tags TwoI do believe it’s my favorite of all the tag dies. When making the banner, I wanted to place eggs in the Easter basket, but didn’t have any dies for eggs. So putting on my thinking cap I went in search of my Spellbinders dies to try to find one that had a negative cut out that would resemble an egg and also be small enough for my basket. I nearly gave up hope until I came upon this die. When I saw the heart shape, I though the size was perfect, but I didn’t want hearts in my basket .  .  . I nearly put the die away and then, suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head. I cut a few pieces of scrap paper into squares about a half an inch in size.

I placed two pieces of the scrap paper on the upper heart and two pieces on the lower heart and passed the die through the Grand Calibur. TIP:  Clean the paper out of the die before cutting again.  It would not cut through two layers the next pass through the Calibur without plucking out the scraps. I used a sewing needle to quickly remove the paper left in the die and then made my second pass with blue and green paper.

These hearts will soon be eggs, but they’re also pretty for Valentine’s Day.  I’m thinking of those little candy hearts with “Be Mine”, “Love You”, etc. on them.  WOW .   .   .  three uses for this die  .   .   . see what you can do with a little imagination, creativity and Spellbinders™ dies!!

Okay, here’s the light bulb part I mentioned above.  I used my Cutter Bee scissors to cut the hearts into eggs. I started at the bottom of the heart and cut on a curve to form an oval shape. The eggs don’t have to be perfect, they’re all originals!

Use tweezers to hold the bottom of the egg and liberally apply adhesive, I used Perga Glue.

After covering the egg with adhesive, dip in glitter.

Cover eggs and let adhesive completely dry.

The baskets and eggs are cut, now it’s time to assemble.  Take four of the five cardstock baskets and two of the chipboard baskets.

Adhere the cardstock baskets to the chipboard baskets (front and back). The basket on the left shows the front of the basket and the basket on the right shows the back of the basket. The two chipboard baskets are completely covered with cardstock now. The top basket is the fifth cardstock basket, it will be used later in the tutorial when I adhere the basket to the pennant.

Adhere grass inside one of the chipboard baskets, I used Perga Glue for this step.

Press the grass down firmly and let completely dry.  If you don’t get full coverage, when adhesive dries, do this step again.

Basket will look like this when dry.

Trim grass around edges of basket. Make sure adhesive is completely dry or grass will drop off.

Place two 1/8″ foam pads on top of the bow.  Place a little adhesive on the foam tabs to give you time to move the basket around for perfect alignment.

Place the other chipboard basket that you covered with cardstock on top and adhere the two baskets together as shown.

Using the Perga Glue nozzle, spread adhesive on the embossed areas on the front of the basket.

Sprinkle glitter over adhesive liberally and gently shake off. Gently brush off excess glitter when adhesive is dry.

Make two small bows for the basket and adhere small pearls in the center.  I used 1/4″ light green silk to make the bows on the Bow Easy.

To finish the basket, gather eggs, basket and bows.

Adhere eggs inside the basket. Cut some of the eggs on a diagonal to place in the basket (see pink egg).

Place as many eggs as you’d like in the basket. I feel less is more and didn’t use all eight eggs.  Adhere bows and let adhesive completely dry. 

Turn basket over and place adhesive as shown.

Adhere basket to bottom of the Easter pennant. Be careful that the adhesive doesn’t touch the scrap paper underneath the pennant. Let adhesive dry.

Turn pennant over.  Take the fifth basket you cut from card stock, place adhesive on the front side of the basket and then place it over the back of the basket filled with eggs.

This is what the back side of your pennant and basket will look like when completed.

Turn over and let adhesive dry.

I’ll be back soon with the Ribbon Tutorial and will complete the this design.

Thanks so much for stopping in and don’t forget to leave a comment if you’d like a chance to win the finished pennant design in this tutorial!

Paper Hugs!!!!!!  


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    Cute trick with the tiny eggs. Ph, and I love the pastels for Easter & Spring.

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    Havde a wondderful day and take good care.

  6. Clavell says:

    I wondered how you made such perfect little bows! Looking forward to the ribbon tutorial. Very ingenious design!!!

  7. Sheila - UK says:

    This is an absolutely clever tutorial Jerri….thank you so much…you just never cease to amaze me.

    Love Sheila xx

  8. Cyndee Scholet says:

    Your tutorials are so well written and photographed! Aren’t you clever with how you used the hearts to make eggs! I wonder if you could glue two hearts together (curved eggs pointing together) to get a larger egg???

  9. Cheryl L says:

    The little bows added to the baskets are a great detail. Thanks for all the tips.

  10. Anne says:

    I would not think of a heart will come out as an egg – never!! You are such a genius!! So much details and yet looks so simple to do!! I really admire your patience and creativity. You have got all the talents to make such a cute & detailed banner!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  12. Barbi says:

    As always your projects are so adorable, I love the baskets, all of your ideas are so inspiring. You always see the perfect project. Thanks for sharing, Have a great day!

  13. Pam P says:

    Love how you used the Fancy Tags Two to make the eggs, so clever. Your detail to each and every project is incredible, love the pastel glitter. I enjoy your blog so much, I always check my e-mails to see if there is an entry from your blog and if there is it is the first one I check, can’t wait to see what you will show us next.

  14. cheryl miller says:

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