Apr 13 2011

Turquoise Parchment Card For A Friend

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A dear friend recently went through a rather difficult time, necessitating a lengthy surgery and hospital stay. She’ll soon be home and I can’t wait to just hug her tight! I made this card for her and decided to wait until she came home from the hospital. She traveled to another state for the surgery and I didn’t want to take the chance of her card getting lost or crumpled in the mail. This beautiful design is from Mieke Springer’s book, Parchment Craft, My lifeIsn’t it just stunning! Turquoise is my friend’s favorite color.

One of my favorite techniques is cutting these little crosses in the parchment paper. Using parchment scissors makes it a breeze. 

To make this card, I first traced the lines by using a mapping pen with white and gold Tinta inks. The second step was to paint the flowers, leaves, scrolls and small arcs around the edge of the card. I used Perga Color Exclusive Markers to paint the scrolls with Pergamano’s Round No. 2 Brush. I painted on the front of the parchment paper for the scrolls and painted on the back for the flowers and leaves. The next step was to do shallow perforating using the two-needle and four-needle perforating tools. The mat to use for shallow perforating is the Cutting and Perforating Mat. It’s depth is 1/8 inch, which facilitates a shallow perforating depth. This mat is also used for the stippling technique.

Once the shallow perforating was completed, I then embossed the small circles between the crosses (at this point the crosses are not there, I used the four-needle tool to make shallow perforations) using the small ball embossing tool. I used the Embossing Mat A5 for all embossing. Once that was completed, I used both the small ball and the large ball embossing tools to emboss the flowers. I used the small ball to emboss the leaves, and the large ball to emboss the painted scrolls. The last of the embossing is the large and small arcs around the edge of the card. I used the large ball for the large arcs and the small ball for the smaller arcs.

Once the embossing is complete, it’s time to go back and deeply perforate the same areas that I shallow perforated. This is a snap because the holes are already there from where I shallow perforated earlier. This time I used a thicker perforating mat, the Embossing Mat A5. This mat is double sided, perfect for embossing on one side and perforating on the other side. You might wonder why I shallow perforate and then go back and perforate again deep after I’ve completed the embossing. If I perforate deep the first time around, the holes will be larger near the areas I want to emboss the small balls between the crosses. When using pressure to emboss, deep perforations may split, leaving a rather large hole.  The needles are thinner toward the tips, with shallow embossing only the first 1/8″ of the needle is inserted into the paper .  .  . hence shallow perforating.  The cutting and perforating mat is used for this to ensure all holes are the same size. 

Once the deep perforating was complete, I then began cutting the crosses with the parchment scissors. These scissors are especially made with strong, very sharp pointed tips, perfect for cutting these tiny crosses and for all the beautiful lace work involved with parchment. I then cut the areas between the large and small arcs (the second picture from the top of the post shows a close up of these cut areas).

To finish, I scored along the left side of the card with the extra small ball embossing tool and gently folded the scored line. I inserted a sheet of folded Ice Blue parchment paper and taped it down with removable tape.  Using the two-needle perforating tool, I perforated around the outside edges of the card through all four layers as shown in the picture (not on the scored line). When I finished perforating, I removed the Ice Blue insert and using the parchment scissors, I cut around the edges of both cards. When I finished the cutting, I inserted the Ice Blue card back inside the finished card.

If you’re interested in learning about parchment craft, I’ve provided links to information and tutorials below. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have by clicking the “E-Mail Me” button underneath my picture on the left side bar here on my blog.

Parchment Craft Information and Tutorials:

Pergamano — Getting Started With Parchment Craft  — The Techniques – Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Pergamano — Playing With Techniques 

Pergamano — The Techniques – Volume 4

Pergamano — The Techniques Volume 5

Pergamano — The Techniques Volume 6

Supplies Used:

Parchment Paper:  Regular Parchment Paper, Ice Blue  Parchment Paper 

Book:  Parchment Craft, My Life

Ink:  Tinta White, Tinta Gold

Tools: Two-Needle Perforating Tool, Four-Needle Perforating Tool, Small Ball Embossing Tool, Large Ball Embossing Tool, Extra Small Ball Embossing Tool, Mapping Pen

Accessories:  Cutting and Perforating MatEmbossing Mat A5, Perga Color Exclusive Markers, Round No. 2 Brush, Parchment Scissors, Perga Soft, White Pencil, Magnetic Design Board, Fan Sponge, Perforating Ruler

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I’m always tickled when you visit!

Paper Hugs,


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  1. Maryann says:

    WAUW this is simply a masterpiece Jerri. Your friend will definately be thrilled with this one, that´s for sure. Every little detail is just soooo perfect. Your embossing is so neat and beautiful done and there´s not the slightest little slips anywhere, and your crosses are simply awesome, not even one little slitz has broken. It have just taken a very long time to make this gorgeous piece of art, but I agfree, it´s sooo worth it, when you see the stunning result here.
    I really think, you´re perfect in all you do ha ha ha This is awesome. I couldn´t make anything like this, even I´ve been doing it for almost 15 years now LOL.

  2. Sue K (Australia) says:

    O…………M………………Gosh Jerri – this is another JAW DROPPING creation……. im just picking it up now. This is just AWESOME – i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Hope your friend is ok – and she will be wrapped to receive this. Lucky lady. x

  3. Marion says:

    Your friend will love this beautiful card. To admire its beauty and realise what dear friends you are will do more to help her recovery than all the medicine and pills in the world.

    Just fabulous!


  4. Susan says:

    Stunning, Beautiful, Gorgeous what more can one say!

  5. Sheila-UK says:

    Oh Jerri…well I’ve never felt so emotional over a card but when I saw your stunning parchment card and the story behind it I was so moved. It’s so absolutely stunning and the aqua shade is such a delicate shade….. a favourite colour of mine too….your work is incredible. A big hug to your frirnd from me and wishing her a very speedy recovery after her surgery.
    God bless.

    Love Sheila xx

  6. Clavell says:

    Absolutely exquisite!!! Hope your friend is well soon.

  7. Elly says:

    Wow, this is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  8. Carol Southern says:

    Yes, another absolutely stunning piece of art and what a beautiful colour that is. Love the design too.

  9. Glenda says:

    Another masterpiece! I don’t know why I’m suprised…everything you do is beautiful…however, this piece is breathtaking!

  10. Kittie says:

    YOur friend will be so pleased to receive this gorgeous gift, Jerri!

  11. lynn legge says:

    ohh my gosh.. that card is stunning.. do you sell them ???? i just love the look of that..
    its so delicate and the most beautiful card ive seen..
    you are one talented lady…
    thanks for sharing with us all
    big ladybug hugs

  12. guilly says:

    Really stunning!! I am a parchment crafter and just love this pattern so I must go and buy the book! Thank you so much for sharing. All of your work is just so beautiful and inspiring

  13. Jen says:

    Wow oh my you did a gorgeous job creating this card all the detail I have never tried this technique!!!

  14. Karen Wallace says:

    I’m speechless, this is over the top amazing and gorgeous. What a keepsake!!

  15. Barbara R. says:

    Your design is breathtaking!! Just lovely. Your friend will be so happy to receive it. The soft colors are just beautiful.

    Your talent continues to amaze!!!!

  16. michelle f. says:

    WOW!!! i need to get my thesaurus out to try and find another word that hasn’t been used to describe your card. it is indeed absolutely perfect and gorgeous and stunning. your friend will definitely be blessed to receive such a labor of love.

  17. bonnie weiss says:

    Jerri, this is not a card … it is a finely detailed work of art that should be framed and displayed. I always knew that your projects were highly detailed but to see this one with the individually cut crosses, perforating, painting, embossing … it’s truly unbelievable the time and work that must have been put into this project. And I’m sure your friend will love it as much as she loves you for creating it for her.

  18. suzanne says:

    O M Gosh This is simply stunning!
    I LOVE it. How very talented you are
    Hugs Sue x

  19. Deb Saaranen says:

    What a vibrant, beautiful design…your friend is going to cherish it! Wow!

  20. Betty B says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Your card is just breathtaking in its beauty.

  21. cepet says:

    Jerri, this is magnificently done! Your friend will be tickled to receive such a beauty! Hope all is well.

  22. Carolyn says:

    That is gorgeous! Your friend will be so thilled.

  23. Dottie Davis says:

    What a beautiful creation to open up my eyes first thing this morning! This is stunning like everyone else has said. The colors are beautifully delicate with the white on white is gorgeous to say the least. Your friend will stare at this for hours relishing its beauty but more importantly the one who gave it.

  24. Absolutely STUNNING, Jerri!!!! Although I love all paper crafting, I adore parchment craft and this piece is magnificent. Exceptionally well done, my friend xxx

  25. Baukje says:

    Awe inspiring, Jerri, the colours are amazing.
    What a talent you have.

  26. Sheri says:

    Your friend will love it! She is very lucky to have you as a friend as well. I bet she puts this beautiful creation where she can see it all of the time. It is better than medicine to know that you have a good friend

  27. Your friend is so lucky to receive such a beautiful card! She will love it! I hope she is doing okay and will be home soon! She will cherish this card forever!!

  28. Such a great design, it looks brilliant.

  29. Barbara L says:

    Wish I had your talent. I’ve tried Pergamano and never had success. It’s such an elegant craft. Your card is lovely. What a talent!

  30. LindaMar says:

    Stunning! I am so glad you tell how to do this, step by step. I feel like I could try my hand at making something similar. Thank you.
    p.s. Thanks for sending me an email about my comments!

  31. Peggy Allen says:

    Wow this is just amazing and my favorite color. You are so talented. Your work is always beyond words. I am sure your friend will be speechless/grateful. What a piece of art.
    God bless,

  32. Becky Jo says:

    Very beautiful and I’m sure your friend will love it, too! The detail in your work is simply amazing! Love this card. TFS the detail on how it was done. Hugs!!

  33. Fab says:

    You are absolutely amazing with the gorgeous work you produce! I am always thrilled when I get these tutorials from you. Please keep them coming.

  34. Barbara T says:

    Those colors are so vivid against the parchment; spectacular card

  35. Wow, this is just stunning! So elegant. Love the color. Your work on this is amazing. Hope your friend is home and better soon.

  36. JO WITNEY says:

    Good Morning Jerri, So it’s my third day on your site & it just keeps getting better & better. What a treat awaited mne this morning, your project is beautiful. I’m going to be trying a simpler pattern as it will be my first, I only hope I can do it justice. May your day be as glorious as your project. jo

  37. lisa808 says:

    Too beautiful to even try to put into words.

  38. Darlene Gabriel says:

    Oh my goodness — this is over the top gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning!! Such a lot of work in this beauty.

  39. Beth Norman says:

    Wowza. So much detail went into this. I love it so much.

  40. Pinky says:

    Jerri, this is so gorgeous and I love it being a round card as well. The color is simply stunning w/all the details used in your design.

  41. Cec says:

    This is absolutely stunning and your friend will be so thrilled to receive such a work of art. This makes the parchment bookmark I made look rather shabby but at least it is a start. I guess I better ramp up the practicing.

  42. Oh my another breathtakinly stunning work of art!!! I can so see why you wouldn’t want to send this through the mail and your friend is going to be so touched by all the love and work you have put into this…..just amazing!

  43. Marilyn says:

    My oh my, what a treasured card this will be. Your friend will be feeling great when she gets this beautiful card. Your work is gorgous!!!! I’m sooo impressed.

  44. Mary Gutierrez says:

    I can’t close my mouth…LOL…absolutely stunning card..love it..love it…love ..love ..love it!! Did I say I love it? Jerri what can I say?…it’s just beautiful…such exquisite work…the detail. OMG…ok..hope your friend is onto a speedy recovery, I’m sure when seeing your card she’ll feel much better.

  45. Carol Parks says:

    Stunning work, Jerri. Your friend is so lucky to receive this card from you.
    I sure hope she is doing better now.

  46. Debbie B says:

    WOW!!!! This is gorgeous!!! Your friend will love this card!!! I love the colors and all of the detail. One day I will try to do this. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Mrs. Ham says:

    OMG!!!! This is STUNNING Jerri. Totally BREATHETAKING. My word girl, I can’t take my eyes off of it. I’m saving this post.

  48. Cindy says:

    WOW- This is gorgeous! Can you purchase all the tools needed in one kit? I would love to try it.

  49. Dear Jerri:
    So much detail and so much work and love in this card. My birthday is in February and you can make me one.. LOL LOL LOL

  50. Jerri, thank you for showing another parchment card. SO ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Your friend will know how much she is loved…. the care and detail you put into your work is OUTSTANDING!!!

    You are a blessing,

  51. Patti King says:

    What a beutiful card – what love this will show your friend. I pray the Lord will continue to bless your talent Jerri – you bring such joy to those of us who read your blog. I have not been feeling well so the only email I have opened of late has been yours as each of your works makes me smile and I think about them throughtout the day. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely piece of art.


  52. Debbie says:

    BEAUTIFUL! But it should be framed!!! I haven’t done any parchment work for some time, but you’ve inspired me to try again.

  53. Joan Fricker says:

    Absolutely stunning Jerri!

  54. Cindy Lou says:

    Elegantly beautiful Jerri, your friend will be tearily full of joy to have the wonderful friend she has in you. Blessings.

  55. Thelma says:

    Jerri this is spectacular and it is one of my favorite colors too. It makes me wish I lived near you so I could take lessons.

  56. Laurie H says:

    Gorgeous! I am certain this will put a smile on your friends face!

  57. Pat Jandacek says:

    Very exquisite! I’m so glad you opted not to mail it and risk damage to it. It will be treasured to be sure!

  58. bethann d says:

    stunning doesn’t begin to describe this, the incredible detail, the patience you must have. truely mind blowing to use an outdated term

  59. Janet Castle says:

    This is the prettiest card I have ever laid eyes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a feast for the eyes…thank you so much for sharing it with us! Don’t think I will ever get my fill!!!
    Jan Castle
    P.S. I’m not sick but you can send me a card ANYTIME!!!!!! LOL!

  60. Sylvia Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness this is stunning. These are some of the most beautiful cards. They are truly works of art. God has blessed you with such talent.

  61. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh, Jerri, You’ve done it again!This is absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented! I know your friend will cherish it. I’d frame it! lol TFS
    Hugs, Jessica

  62. Karen Harper says:

    That is one of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen!!!!

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  64. Kaye McGrath says:

    Simplty stunning card I am sure your friend will love oit and treasure it forever.

  65. Deb S says:

    Wow – that is exquisite. I can see why you would want to give it to her yourself. She will love it! Wonderful …

  66. Charlene Dahlberg says:

    This is just the most awesome art yet. She is one lucky lady to be getting this and I am sure it will help in her recovery.. The love will just shine through.

  67. Jo Anna Grimsley says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Your friend will be so thrilled. Thanks for sharing all the links and information. Jo4Him

  68. Trish Verner says:

    WOW Jerri,
    This is only day 3 of following your blog and already I’ve run out of words to describe your creations… simply to say that this is the most beautiful card I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and I’ve no doubt your friend will adore it also- I pray she gets better soon.
    Trish x

  69. Anne says:

    Oh mine! Where can I begin….it’s absolutely breath taking and how I adore your work!! Your dear friend must be overjoyed with your piece of art……….made with love!! Hope she recovers soon!!

  70. Edna Siu says:

    It is incredible, so elegant, you must have used a lot of time to do so, it is just fabulous. You friend will appreciate what you did for her. Please send our regards to her too, wishing her quick recovery.

  71. Diane says:

    Your cards are more like gifts, who wouldn’t want to receive one of these beauty’s. Totally gorgeous Jerri.

  72. Rufus says:

    Jerri, this isn’t a card, it’s a work of art, a gift in and of itself! Truly lovely and exquisite. Your friend is going to cherish this. Hope that she’s doing better, although this work of art will help!

  73. DebraK says:

    Wow, awesome beyond belief! I would really love to see you put this into a YouTube video. It looks like it takes hours, days, months to complete… you are gifted girl! Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you!!! 🙂
    PS. do I really sound like your mom? hehe, I only turned 53 yesterday so I don’t think I could be your mom… but I would be very proud of you if I was! (heck, I’m proud of you anyway…!)

  74. Tosh says:

    Another jaw dropper Jerri!! LOVE the circle scallop shape!! And your coloring, as always, is exquisite!! WOW!!

  75. velta says:

    You are quite an amazing person Jerri!! Your giving nature reminds me of myself. Sometimes I give too much and I think the Good Lord is trying to teach me lessons. There are times that it actually dawns on me that…”hey, you need to stop.”” Mainly because I can tell that I am being taken for granted. What a stupid fool I can be with some people. It is okay though…I am blessed in so very many ways and with my child and my grandchildren I am probably the most happy human being on this earth!!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous creation with me…another lovely “Jerri” beauty!

  76. Your work is so gorgeous and delicate! I love the blue on this one. Hope your friend is doing much better and is home soon. I am sure she will be so glad to see you as well and will appreciate this beautiful get well card.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  77. Hi Jerri,

    Your work with Parchment just takes my breath away. This is just beautiful sweetie.

    Have a blessed day.


  78. Rose Ann says:

    This is a gorgeous parchment card, Jerri!! I love the images and colors, and the delicacy of it is exquisite!!

  79. Leanne says:

    Your parchment card is exquisite!!!

    I’ve always wanted to try that. But to get started with the proper tools is expensive. One of these day’s I’ll have to break down at one of the stampshows and buy the products at the booth and give it a try? Thanks for sharing your talent each day/week. It’s always exciting checking in on your next project.

  80. Jaline says:

    Oh my goodness, stunning. Where do you find the time. I know how time consuming Pergamano is. I agree will all the beautiful comments. You are a perfectionist and we can see it in your work. It is absolutely perfect. Bravo! You are also a great teacher.

    Paper Hugs

  81. Jaline says:

    Hello again, I forgot to thank you for showing which book you use for the pattern. I do not have that book… it looks like a good one. The cover is Wow. You are for sure my favorite artist and your friend will be so impressed. You are a very special human being.

  82. Susan says:


    Words fail me…another stunner,

    I hope your friend makes a speedy recovery, I’m sure this beautiful creation will help speed up the process,

    have a super week-end and thanks for all the shares


  83. Jan says:

    This is a mini masterpiece. It should be framed! I would love to try some of these techniques, but I’m not sure I could give it away after so much work went into it. It is really gorgeous.

  84. Rebekka says:

    This is STUNNING..Gorgeous design and gorgeous colors.

  85. Sigh… those flowers in the center, the colors — fabulous! If I ever take up parchment craft I know just where to come for instructions. Maybe when I’m retired… Thank you for so generously sharing your time and talent, Jerri!

  86. Susie says:

    I’m not surprised that the cross is your favorite part to make *smiling* How precious is this gift for your friend. Made with love and I’m sure many prayers for her well being. A beautiful piece of work and art.


  87. Saludos
    Gracias por estas pocas recomendaciones pero en mi pais no hay este tipo de Revistas por favor puedes compartir un poco de tus revistas por favor te lo agradecere mil y una ves. Abrazos de Pergamano.

  88. Evik says:

    So delicate, lovely!

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