May 04 2011

Parchment Peach Card

I had a chance to play this past weekend and made this sweet parchment card in tones of peach and salmon pink (my wedding colors). The beautiful design is from Mieke Springer’s book, Parchment Craft, My lifeIsn’t it absolutely gorgeous! This card was on my “must do” list and I’m so glad I made it. It’s perfect to use for a birthday, Mother’s Day, wedding, thinking of you and sympathy. I’ll inscribe a sentiment in the center when I get ready to send it out.

Cutting these little crosses in the parchment paper with Parchment scissors  is easy to do and the results are so beautiful. I used the fine mesh grid and a Pergamano perforating mat to perforate the areas between the scrolls using the arrow tool, as well as the one-needle perforating tool. The scrolls were traced with a mapping pen using Tinta Gold ink. The flowers were traced with Tinta Pastel Pink and the leaves were traced and painted with Tinta Leaf Green. Perga Colors Exclusive markers were used together with the Perga No. 2 paint brush to paint the flowers and leaves. Pintura paints (yellow ochre, brown and white) were used in the flowers’ hearts.

After I traced and painted the flowers on a separate sheet of parchment paper, I used the two-needle perforating tool to perforate around the edges. I used the parchment scissors to cut the flowers forming the picot edge. They are adhered to the card with PergaKit 3-D Adhesive, a silicone adhesive made by Pergamano especially for 3-D techniques.  I used the fine stylus, extra fine ball, small ball and large ball for all embossing on the design. A piece of salmon pink parchment paper was placed inside the card. I used the two needle tool to perforate the areas within the scrolls and around the inner and outer card (through four layers of parchment paper). I then cut the areas within the scrolls and around the inner and outer cards.

I placed the card in front of the window to show you the beautify of the light shining through the parchment. I love showing you photos of the soft luminosity of parchment paper. It’s very beautiful and unlike any paper I’ve used. The sheer delicate beauty is what attracted me to parchment craft. Help me, Lord, to see  your beauty all around me.  May my gratitude spill over from a cup full of thanks to you.  –Women’s Devotional Bible — NIV.

If you’re interested in parchment craft, I’ve provided links to information and tutorials below.

Parchment Craft Information and Tutorials:

Pergamano — Getting Started With Parchment Craft  — The Techniques – Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Pergamano — Playing With Techniques 

Pergamano — The Techniques – Volume 4

Pergamano — The Techniques Volume 5

Pergamano — The Techniques Volume 6

Supplies Used:

Parchment Paper Regular, Salmon Pink Parchment

Tinta Ink:   Gold, Pastel Pink, Leaf Green

Perga Colors Exclusive Markers

Round No. 2 Pergamano Brush

Embossing Tools:  Fine Stylus, Extra Fine Ball, Small BallLarge Ball

Perforating Tools:  2-Needle, Arrow, 1-Needle

Easy Grid Fine Mesh

Mats:  Embossing Pad, Cutting Pad, Perforating Pad (for grid)

Parchment Scissors

Removable Tape

Magnetic Design Board

White Pencil

Perga Soft

Fan Sponge

Perforating Ruler

Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate your visit and am thrilled you shared a portion of your day with me.

Paper Hugs!!!!!!  


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  1. Denise says:

    Beautiful Card!! Love it!!

  2. Sheila - Uk says:

    Hi Jerri you know I’m in awe of all your creations but your parchment cards are something else!!! They are so exquisitely elegant and I always adore the colour that you add. Really there aren’t words to describe your wonderful talent. I look forward to seeing your next stunning creation. Congratulations in all that you do. Thank you so much for sharing everything with us…it is so much appreciated.

    Love Sheila xx

  3. Chelsea says:

    Oooo, Jerri! This is a beauty!! I am amazed at how perfect your scissor crosses are. I haven’t had very good luck myself in getting mine to look that pretty – or as perfectly placed – as yours are. Your work is just exquisite!!

  4. Your card is so beautiful! The colours are so warm. I love the details and care you put into your creations. It’s so easy to tell you love what you are doing.
    Thank-you for sharing! 🙂

  5. Leanne says:

    Wow Jerri…..
    I know we’ve had a couple of small email converstations recently about Pergamano. I will read each one of your postings listed here to see what I can learn from your information and tutorials. It’s still something I hope to learn in time. Thanks so much for sharing all of it. Your work of course, is just beautiful! Blessings…Leanne

  6. Rebekka says:

    This is gorgeous…Beautiful colors and design.

  7. Holy Mole! I just found your blog and you are AMAZING! Girlie, I bow to the master! I just suscribed through Google reader and look forward to seeing you creations. Thanks sooo much for sharing.

  8. Debby Walker says:

    OMGoodness Jerri, this is stunning! I don’t know if I would have the patience to snip the “x” put you certainly do a stellar job. Another masterpeice my friend. Hugs to you.

  9. Carole RB says:

    Hi Jery

    Very gorgeous card

    Have a nice afternoon

  10. Dottie says:

    I was just going to order from your store when I opened up this blog to see another jaw dropper card! It is stunning. You certainly did find your niche in life with your artwork. The soft colors are just gorgeous.
    Just beautiful.

  11. maria says:

    oh my gosh jerri!
    this card is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Susie says:

    Soft and beautiful, Jerri! I love this type of card as much as I do your gorgeous flower work. If I ever stay home long enough I might be able to learn how to do this *laughing*

    The delicate look of the parchment, the soft colors you choose… all make these cards keepsake gifts. You’ve captured the details so well with your great photography skills as well. Thank you so much, Jerri. It’s always such a treat to view your work.

  13. Maryann says:

    Ooh my goodness! This is sooooooo gorgeous. You are just one of the most talented girls in parchment craft, that I´ve ever seen. This is ssooo close to perfect, that I ever think is possible. I´m totally in awe about this card. Simply stunning work. WAUW.

  14. Barbara T says:

    so soft and lovely

  15. Joan V says:

    This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Carol R says:

    This is a gorgeous card! Love the colors. One day I must venture into making parchment cards. They are just beautiful.

  17. Barbara L says:

    Jerri, this card is beautiful. The colors are perfect. Your talent continues to amaze me. Thanks!

  18. Lyndal Chapman says:

    Jerri, I was lucky enough to take the copic marker class at the same time as you did here in Tampa. I have been following your blog since then. I love your work. Do you teach classes anywhere in town?

  19. ann says:

    Hi Jerri,

    this is my current favorite. What a beauty. You are the master! So sorry I will miss you this time, see you in the fall.


  20. Tosh says:

    Yet another stunning work of art Jerri!! I’m in awe of your patience and attention to detail and colors!! This is a real STUNNER!!

  21. Rose Ann says:

    Such gorgeous shades of peach, Jerri…and I always LOVE your parchment designs!! Stunning!!

  22. Sue K (Australia) says:

    omgosh jerri – i cant talk – ive just choked on my coke zero as this beautiful vision downloaded in front of me – STUNNING

  23. velta says:

    Hello Jerri! How beautiful !! Love the peach colors and as always your parchment creations !!! I cannot get past your flowers, let alone these parchment beauties…..I cut out some more leaves tonight and hope to work on them this weekend…trying to perfect my leaves….Hope you have a blessed Thursday and Friday…I am taking off…to care for my precious grand babies.. 🙂

  24. Just stunning, Jerri – love it — gorgeous colors!

  25. Carol Southern says:

    Another stunningly beautiful parchment piece. That peachy colour is gorgoeus too so soft and subtle for this delicate card. Love the way you coloured the flowers, they look terrific.

  26. Elly says:

    This is so beautiful!! Must have taken hours and hours to make this….

  27. Oh Jerri your card is stunningly gorgeous! What a labor of love this card is and your talent is amazing. I so love to look at your creations they are all stunning. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.

  28. Kittie says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous, Jerri! I love the cut crosses.

  29. Joan Fricker says:

    Jerri, what a gorgeous card. The colors are so beautiful and all the detail work you do is awesome.

  30. Beth Babcock says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

  31. Jerri, you’ve produced yet another totally outstanding parchment beauty!! Love the colors…..always love your work, whether it be paper crafting or parchment craft, and the compassion you have for every little detail is amazing. Thanks for sharing your never ending creativity with us :))

  32. Robbie says:

    Amazingly beautiful!! But not surprising! I look forward to seeing what you create each and every day. Have a blessed day, my friend!

  33. Karen Wallace says:

    As always this is over the top awesome!!! I’m going to show this to my scenic stamping group today, I’m hosting about 14 of us this week and I can’t wait to show them your blog.

  34. Charlene Dahlberg says:

    Just gorgeous!! It must have taken hours but wow it sure is worth it . Some very lucky person will be thrilled !!!

  35. Sheri says:

    I am sitting here with my jaw on the floor once again. So pretty and I bet your wedding was amazing!

  36. Jerri,
    Elegant and extremely beautiful. You are amazing!!!!

  37. Marimer says:

    Es absolutamente fantástica, de museo. Enhorabuena. Besitos.

  38. Carolyn says:

    So pretty! You never cease to amaze me.

  39. bethann d says:

    exquiste.beautiful, stunning. i’m out of superlatives. the time, the details. just wow.

  40. Pinky says:

    Jerri, again, you are so popular that I had to scroll down quite a bit to make my humble comment… 🙂

    Your attention to detail is so awesome and I know time-consuming, but your end results are simply stunning and this card is no exception, gf! It is so beautiful and I love the soft colors you used in making this wonderful creation.

  41. Mrs. Ham says:

    Jerri, Girl you are mastering this parchment craft. This is just stunning.

  42. Clare Curcio says:

    This is stunnning! What beautiful work! It looks very time consuming though. Is it?

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  43. Marion Matthews says:

    Jerri, This card is simply the prettiest card I have seen in awhile. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Barbi says:

    Beautiful card, wow, you always do such stunning work! Thank you for sharing, you are as always very inspirational!
    Cheers from Dartmouth Nova Scotia

  45. So soft and elegant. Lovely design. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mothers Day

  46. Tracy says:

    All your projects are always beautiful, but I just love it when you share one of your parchment ones. They are so delicate and soft. Just love the look of them. 🙂

  47. How beautiful….and amazing….your talent just amaze me……truly a work of art…..thank you so much for sharing…

  48. Fab says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  49. Barb(GrandmaUpNorth) says:

    Your parchment cards are all stunning, and this is no exception. Thank you so much for sharing. Your work is just beautiful.

  50. Cathy says:

    Another awesome job, Jerri. I love the color combinations.


  51. Deana in No. CA says:

    I’ve run out of adjectives to describe your overwhelmingly beautiful work. You have a God given talent to create beauty from paper, pin and ink. Sharing with others blesses us as well as Him. Thank you!

  52. What can I add? Nothing! You are always amazing. Thank you for the wonderful work you create and sharing it with all of us.
    Hugz, Dottie

  53. Frances says:

    I’m amazed! This is gorgeous, love all the details you put into it. This is a work of art!! Hugs, Frances.

  54. Bev J. says:

    So very beautiful!! I would like to try a parchment card but, no, I must not buy materials/tools for one more project!

  55. Patti King says:

    This is really beautiful Jerri. It looks like it takes a lot of work to make those crosses. Not sure my clumsy hands could do it but I sure like the looks of it. And you always make it look effortless. Thank you for sharing.

  56. Hi Jerri!

    This is just stunning!! Gorgeous!

    You have certainly mastered this art form! Wow!

    Thank you for sharing with us.
    I hope things are well with you and your Family.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Blessings and Hugs,

  57. Jane Harrah says:

    Wow and beautiful!

  58. Mary Gutierrez says:

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! What a gorgeous card.

  59. Barbara R. says:

    Wow – Jerri. Your card is outstanding!!! So beautiful. Your work is always so awesome. I wish I could make some of the creations you do.

    I admire your talent and love seeing each and every one of your gorgeous designs.


  60. Gayle says:

    Jerri,You always awe me.This is absolutly beautiful..Your creativity is endless. I really love this beautiful soft card and the soft colors just finish it off. Have a wonderful MOTHER’S DAY. Gayle

  61. Linda Duke says:

    Ahhhh, you made this for me right… LOL!!! OMG!! Awesome, Gorgeous, etc, etc what else can one say. You are so talented my friend.

  62. Tonniece says:

    Oh My, I love this one Jerri. Your parchment cards are so stunning. I wish we lived closer so I could watch you in action.

    Keep them comeing, LOVE THEM


  63. Anne says:

    Your work is beyond words as always!! Your parchment craft is forever so pleasing to the eyes…… elegant and clean looking while mine is so “rough” compared with yours. I am afraid to show them off to people now as I always find fault with my work. I think I need a lot more practice to be a little bit closer to your work. Great job, Jerri!

  64. Trish Verner says:

    WOW WOW WOW Absolutely stunning Jerri
    Trish x

  65. lynn legge says:

    ohh my gosh your work is absolutely gorgeous.. thanks so much for making us all drool… better hope it doesent short out our computers..
    that peach color is so beautiful ..
    i love the look of parchment it so elegant.. and im sure the recipient of this card will treasure it forever.
    thanks again

  66. Janet Castle says:

    Beautiful, Gorgeous, Awesome…and I could go on and on Jerri! Absolutely stunning!!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us,

  67. Some truly serious gorgeousness goin’ one here, Jerri!! This is breath-taking.

  68. A truly lovely card from your highly skilled hands. This is a wonderful masterpiece. I am in awe of your design work and placement. I look forward to everyone of your designs.

  69. Oh so stunning, you do such beautiful work, so love these colors

  70. Janine says:

    HOLY COW!!!!! This is amazing!

  71. I love these colors! So beautiful, and such a lovely design. Paper hugs to you, too!

  72. Andrea says:

    wow this is beautiful
    could i get the pattern for it

  73. Nancy Ward says:

    Wanted you to know I posted a link to your blog today on mine.

    Nancy ward

  74. Brenda says:

    Beautiful !!!! The most beautiful card I have seen. I want to learn how to make one like this. One of my ‘senior ladies’ passed away this morning. This would be so appropiate to show her light to the world.

  75. deb s says:

    Wow – that is an incredibly exquisite card. Wonderful

  76. Susan says:

    Beautiful Card but getting withdrawal symptoms as you have not posted any new cards since 4th May.

  77. Jaline says:

    Hello Jerri, my computer had serious problems and I have missed you blog so much. Nice to be back and your card is splendid. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

  78. diane mcvey says:


  79. Joan Ervin says:

    Oh my, Jerri…this is truly a masterpiece!!!! I love the delicate beauty of the parchement paper and just look at all the intricate details…WOW!!!!! You are an amazing talent, gf!!!!

  80. Kay G. says:

    This card is beautiful Jerri. I always look forward to your blog. God has really blessed you with such talent. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  81. Silke Ledlow says:

    AMAZING card Jerri! I love it when you show us your parchment creations! Enjoy your summer…hugs ~S~

  82. Hi Jerri,

    What a beauty. This card takes my breath away. I love your parchment work girl. Just stunning. 😀

    Have a blessed day.


  83. Jill Haddad says:

    This is GORGEOUS!!!! I know how to do everything except cutting the little crosses with the parchments scissors. Is there some secret? Please explain. Thanks.

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