Apr 14 2014

Garden Girl Parchment Card

Good morning ladies, today I have a very sweet parchment card to share with you of a little girl that I just adore.

Isn’t she precious! There’s actually quite a bit of work in this card. The design is from Pergamano’s book, Anneke’s Charming Creations, a design of Anneke Oostmeijer. The design in the book has a black silhouette of a girl. I changed it up a bit by perforating and cutting around the inner circle and inserting a vellum cut out of this sweet little girl. The image is from Summer Breeze vellum.

Due to the transparency of the parchment paper it’s hard to photograph the depth of the colors with the sunshine behind it. I like to take pictures of the cards on a flat service to show the intensity of the colors. Learning parchment craft is not difficult, but it does take some practice. If you’re interested in picking up a new craft, or getting back into it, I have some tutorials listed in the left side of my blog entitled Parchment Tutorials. Click on the link and you’ll be directed to the tutorials. There are seven different technique books involved. I have posts on each of the books (see Parchment Tutorials on left side bar), giving descriptions of what’s in the books, as well as some pictures of my completed designs from the lessons teaching that particular technique. To get started I would suggest purchasing the parchment kit, a mapping penTinta white ink, and the parchment DVD. The DVD illustrates the techniques and goes hand-in-hand with the seven technique books. I sell the Technique Books in my store.

The card is made of regular parchment paper, with a pink parchment insert. Using a mapping pen I traced the image with Tinta white and gold ink. I shallowly perforated the pattern, then did the embossing. In this design, the embossing was done on both the front and the back of the card. When the embossing was complete, I deeply perforated the design. I used a fine mesh easy grid within the design to pierce the small holes with an arrow tool. I then completed the cut work and inserted the vellum image of the small girl.

The design would be so special for a little girl’s birthday. A daughter, granddaughter, God-daughter or niece would love this.

I sell Pergamano supplies in my online store, A Touch of Grace – Paper Boutique, as well as PCA parchment tools.  Links are provided below.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, I feel so blessed when you take time from your busy day to visit with me — sending warm wishes your way for a beautiful, sunny day! I hope to see you later in the week.

Paper Hugs,



Supplies used in this design include:

Book:   Anneke’s Charming Creations

Paper:  Regular parchment paper, pink parchment paper

Ink:  Tinta gold and white

Grids:  Easy Grid Fine Mesh

Perforating Tools flower, 2-needle, arrow

Embossing Tools: small ball, large ball

Misc.:  Mapping Pen, Perga Soft


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38 Responses to “Garden Girl Parchment Card”

  1. Jocelan says:

    Oh what a beautiful card.
    Blessings Jocelan

  2. Kristine Vencel says:

    Oh, Jerri, another softly elegant but whimsical card with your gorgeous parchment work. I think the parchment is so ethereal in appearance. It almost looks like it is floating on the pink background. I am always amazed at your creations. Thank you so much for taking the time to share them with all of us!

  3. She is adorable Jerri! Beautifully done!

  4. Kittie says:

    I can’t believe how much elegant detail there is surrounding your precious garden girl. This is absolutely stunning. The colors are wonderful. Another treasure that I know will thrill the heart of the recipient. Thank you for sharing Jerri.

  5. Sheila - UK says:

    Oh mu, oh my! Jerri this is the most prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time….you know how much I’m in awe of your wonderful creations but this is something else. The little girl is delightfully adorable and beautifully coloured in…..my hair was that colour many many moons ago!
    It also goes without saying that your parchment work is out of this world.

    Love Sheila xx

  6. AWESOME!! Absolutely AWESOME!! I could go on and on, my friend, with kudos for your parchment work and how you have progressed since you began your learning journey in this craft, but I’ll simply say, one more time…….AWESOME!!

  7. Joan Fricker says:

    Jerri, another gorgeous creation. Beautiful image and your work is fabulous.

  8. Cathy says:

    Jerri, Another stunning card. Honestly, the parchment work on this card looks like the most exquisite lace! To get that effect on paper is an amazing talent. I can’t imagine how many hours that took! So, so beautiful.

  9. Gloria Westerman says:

    This is lovely…you do such amazing work…I can’t imagine sitting for hours making this labor of love…well I know it would take me hours…lol…
    Beautiful stunning work….thank you so much for sharing…love it…

  10. Peggy Allen says:

    Wow, this is stunning. Much love and work was put into this masterpiece.
    God bless,

  11. Trish Verner says:

    Hi Jerri,
    I am in total awe of your incredible talent and always look forward to seeing your fab creations. TFS
    Trish x

  12. Donna Ellis says:

    Breathtaking! I cannot even imagine holding the tool to accomplish this timeless art form, Jerri. Perhaps that is why I sigh and cannot stop looking at the tiniest of details and perforation on your parchment craft beauties. This is simply breathtaking – jaw dropping gorgeous. Wow. I cannot find words LOL Love the sweetness of the image on vellum, too. So beautiful! hugs, de

  13. Jessica says:

    Again I say…WOW! This must have taken hours! The places just above and below just pick, pick, pick, and then all the swirls etc! Your little girl is just beautiful too. Love the colors and all the beauty of the design. Anneke must be a marvel, to create all these beautiful design for you. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful work of art with us. Hugs, Jess

  14. LindaMar says:

    Good morning, Jerri!
    I take a minute before going to work to check my email in the morning. It’s so nice to see one from you. Seeing what you have created is such a lovely way to start my day. tfs

  15. Rebekka K says:

    WOW! What a stunning card, beautiful design and colors, and Yes she is precious and she is colored beautifully. 🙂

  16. Phil says:

    What a beautiful card. You did an amazing pie e of work. Congrats

    Good. Wishes. Phil

  17. Phil says:

    What a beautiful card. A fantastic work or art. Congrats

    Good. Wishes. Phil

  18. Dolly says:

    Wowza…such a work of Art! TFS

  19. Cec says:

    Oh my, isn’t she just too adorable. This is a gorgeous design and suits this image so nicely. I love the sections of the design that have been pricked all over and look like the Aida cloth that I use for my cross-stitching, which seems to have taken a back seat to my card-making and now my mixed media projects. Too much fun stuff to do and too little time 🙁

  20. Leanne says:

    Yes…she is precious! This card is sweet and beautiful all in one. Your work with parchment paper is a work of art. It seems so labor intensive. Must take you hours? TFS

  21. Chelsea says:

    What a charming card!! The parchment work is fabulous, as usual, and the little girl is darling! This really is a fantastic work of art and I can’t stop looking at it. The accuracy of the tracing the evenness of the piercing, the gorgeous edge work are all perfection. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  22. I can only imagine how long it took you to make this card. The details are so delicate and intricate. This is such a beautiful craft technique. Gorgeous Jerri!

  23. mary anne says:

    This is lovely. I am entranced with this style of paper crafting but I’m not sure my eyes are up for it.

  24. dottie says:

    Oh my goodness, Jerri. What an awesome project to set out on. This card hit the top with the little girl insert. She is beautiful and the piercing work nearly leaves me speechless. So, so beautiful I wish I could see it in person in front of a window!

  25. Cecilia Reyes says:

    Jerri. This little girl is so sweet, love the soft coloring. But the perforating and embossing work is just amazing, this is a master work, so beautifully done. Every detail is so exquisite. You are a parchment master.

  26. Maria C. Pelaez says:

    wow Jerri!! this is a very beautiful card .muyyyy bonita , delicada y tierna es lo que exprezan para mi ,color y trabajo en su tarjeta esta muy linda como todo l usted hace bella… 😉

  27. Oh my is that image just the sweetest and your framing of it is absolutely Gorgeous, love the swirl effect of it, it looks like a lot of work but so sweet!

  28. Darlene G says:

    Oh my, the little girls is so sweet. And the card is beautiful.

  29. Anne Young says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your talent. This card is just adorable with the cute little girl in the centre!! If I were you, I would not part with it!! So much work and really a labor of love!! Happy Easter, Jerri!!……..Love, Anne

  30. Jan Castle says:

    AMAZING card Jerri….sooooo soft and pretty! TFS your expertise and beautiful projects!

  31. Marilyn in E ~Town says:

    Jerri, I am speechless. . . This card just leaves me staring at your post!!! I can’t believe how gorgeous this is, just stunning! You must have such a pleasure able time creating these gorgeous parchment cards. Really, I can’t express how I feel when I see your blog with one of these parchment cards, I just stare at it and share it with my husband who is impressed!!!
    Keep on creating!!!!

  32. Eunice B says:

    Good morning Jerri, another wonderful card. I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel when I see one of your creations. I am always in awe of all your work, and I feel so blest when you share with us. Have a great day! Many hugs my friend.

  33. Paula Gale says:

    Oh Jerri – this absolutely stunning parchment craft of the best quality. I love the adorable stamped image of the little girl. Too cute for words…wow. there is nothing at all not to like about it at all.
    Thanks for sharing your talent.

    Paula x x x

  34. Carol Southern says:

    Another stunning parchment card. There certainly is a lot of work in this, but the result is worth it, just look at that beautiful creation.

  35. It looks like vintage lace! How miraculous. Gorgeous coloring and a totally beautiful photo set up, too.

  36. Chelsea Le says:

    My goodness Jerri, this is so incredibly sweet and stunning! The intricate details of your parchment craft still blows me away. This one is another stunner for sure!

  37. Oh, isn’t she the sweetest! The delicate work in this is just amazing. Perfect framing for the image. The card looks pretty with the sun shining through it, as well. It’s nice to see it both ways — with and without the transparency showing. Spectacular work, Jerri!

  38. Debbie Dunham says:

    Oh my! This is just breathtaking! Beautiful!

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