Oct 25 2015

Gail’s Parchment Daisies

Good morning Ladies, today I’m excited to share a beautiful design created by Gail Sydenham. The design is from her book My Precious Collection.  Gail’s book is fabulous, full of beautiful designs. I’ve completed several of them and will be posting them in the coming days. 

Gail's Daisy 1

This is one of the more challenging cards to work, but  . . . oh . . . so much fun! If you’re a parcher and love beautiful floral designs, this book is a must have! Gail doesn’t disappoint . . . I promise. I’ve included in the picture a few of the flowers I made with mulberry paper.

Gail's Daisy 3

These daisies are . . . . oh . . . so . . .  precious, it was such a delight to paint them. This design would be fabulous worked in pink and brown . . . . hmmm . . . . I’m just sayin’ . . . .


So much detail in this pattern, so much fun to work, Gail’s designs are absolutely amazing! If you’re a fan of grids, you’ll love this one.

Gail's Daisies 6

May your day be filled with delightful flowers!

Thank you so much for your visit, until next time .   .   .

Jerri Siggy3





Supplies Used:

Paper:  Regular Parchment Paper, Yellow Parchment Paper

Book:  My Precious Collection

Perforating Tools:  1-Needle2-Needle, Angle Tool

Embossing Tools:  Extra Small BallSmall BallLarge Ball, 2mm Star Embossing Tool, Extra Small Ball Stainless Steel, Fine Stylus Embossing Tool

Tinta Inks:  Leaf Green, White Tinta

Pintura Paints:  Yellow, Brown, Sepia, White, Black, Light Green, Dark Green

Accessories:   White PencilMapping Pen#2 Kolinsky Paint BrushEmbossing PadShallow Perforating PadDeep Perforating PadPerga GlueParchment ScissorsSpongeTear Off Palette, Perga Colours Exclusive, Multi Grid #4

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34 Responses to “Gail’s Parchment Daisies”

  1. Cathy says:

    Just lovely…. as always, Jerri, your work is amazing. The delicate designs executed to perfection… I am in awe…

  2. Anne Young says:

    Hi Jerri, Very intricate work, indeed! I have to bow to you for such beautiful n detailed work. I can’t do it for sure! Bravo, sister! …..Hugs, Anne

  3. Kittie says:

    What a stunning work of art Jerri. I love the flowers and all the detail surrounding them. Gorgeous!

  4. Gloria Westerman says:

    Jerri…stunning….truly a master pieces….tfs

  5. Mary Auvil says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Paula Gale says:

    Wow Jerry – things so intricate and detailed – it really shows off your massive talent for parchment craft. It’s a beautiful piece of work. So sunny and great to see those colours too…

    Paula from across the pond xx

  7. HollyB says:

    Gorgeous… absolutely gorgeous…. At fist glance I thought it couldn’t possibly be a card. Such detail, oh my goodness !!

  8. Cec says:

    Exquisite. Love the doily look to this card. Your painting is gorgeous and the bright yellow is such a lovely background.

  9. Carolyn T. says:

    Your work is amazing, as usual. I always look forward to seeing what you are working on.

  10. Lisa Gregory says:

    Your work is amazing!! This piece is so so beautiful!!!

  11. Hello, hello, hello….

    Only one word this time, my friend!!!!


    Big hugs,

  12. Cindy Howell says:

    Good Morning cousin Jerri,

    This is beautiful, as usual. So happy to see you back to doing something you enjoy.

    Love You, Cindy

  13. Kristine Vencel says:

    Beautiful, Jerri! Love the coloring. So soft & lovely. And your piercing & cutting are always superb!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  14. Oh my that is just Stunning, makes for such lovely framing of your Beautiful flowers, you do such wonderful work and is always a joy to see. Have a wonderful week

  15. Debbie Dunham says:

    Gorgeous! You must have so much patience! Truly a work of art!

  16. Ronny says:

    Such beautiful perfect work. Your coloring is beautiful. This pattern has so many different aspects of parchment work. Wish I were so talented and could do as well as you.

    Ok, I just learned something I never knew–there are two different kinds of piercing pads? I thought all were the same, so have no idea what I have and I have several. How does one know the difference?

  17. Janie Printz says:

    Jerri this is absolutely gorgeous… Love the soft colors & your beautiful delicate work. Also love your wonderful paper flowers that look so realistic. I wish I would have brought my mulberry paper with me so I could practice making those flowers now I’ll have to wait until spring to give them a try again. Are you still selling the paper ?
    hugs, Janie

  18. Pinky says:

    Sherri, this is absolutely amazing!

  19. Pinky says:

    Sherri, Kerri, Kerri😂

  20. Pinky says:

    Kerri, I cannot spell today????

  21. maria says:

    hola Jerri!!!!! gusto de saludarla y saver que esta bien!!!! su tarjeta esta hermosa, colores y diseno tambien,, linda como de costumbre…

  22. Pinky says:

    I think spell check is doing this, so sorry….

  23. Jocelan says:

    Stunning you do the most wonderful creations Jerri,thank so much for sharing your talent with us.
    Blessings Jocelan

  24. Chelsea says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! The lacy scalloped edges compliment the daisies beautifully. Your workmanship is flawless! What a treat to be able to see your final piece here on your blog.

  25. Velta says:

    Hey there Jerri – Another delicate and intricate work of art. You never cease to amaze me with your talent! Hope all is well with you and yours! God Bless 🙂

  26. Deb Saaranen says:

    Jerri…gorgeous work of art! Such a precious talent that you have…so happy to see you posting!

  27. Thank you Jerri Beautifully worked .I am so pleased that you have enjoyed working my designs from My Precious Collection .
    Your work is beautiful x

  28. gary moore says:

    very beautiful work jerri

  29. Ceci Reyes says:

    Jerry you did a wonderful piece, so delicate and full of beautiful details. Lots and lots of time and expertise. Is so beautiful to be real…

  30. CherylQuilts says:

    Oh, Jerri, what an absolutely beautiful and exquisite piece! You are amazing, and Gail’s pattern is so beautiful! You’ve certainly put a lot of work into this piece, and it will be cherished for years to come. I love all the photos, especially the close-ups…wow, I love the fine detail and amazing intricate design. I know how much you love parching, and it shows by your work. I look forward to seeing photos of your other pieces. Stunning, sweet friend! Hugs!

  31. Marilyn in E ~Town says:

    WOW Jerri, what an amazing card. Your work is a piece of perfection art work! Such a talent you have, thank you for graciously sharing with us. I can hardly wait to see your next project!

  32. Chris Franks says:

    So beautiful! You must have a very steady hand and much patience. 🙂 Gorgeous!

  33. Carol Southern says:

    A magnificent piece, love it.
    Congratulations on achieving the 3 Levels. Well done!!

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