Jan 17 2016

Honeysuckle and Lace

My mom has a fence surrounding her backyard that has honeysuckle growing profusely over, around and throughout the entire fence. The scent is heavenly when it’s in bloom. This card reminds me of her lovely flowers.

Honeysuckle and Lace2

I have been wanting to do this pattern or such a long time and actually made two cards, one was given to a dear friend. I think I’ll keep this one. The designer is my good friend, Gail Sydenham. The pattern and can be found in her book, My Precious Collection.  

The card is made of an outer card (regular parchment paper) and an inner card (shaded fuchsia). It was a joy to work this card and to paint the honeysuckle. The painting was done with Pergamano’s markers (perga colors exclusive) and Pintura acrylic paints. The lacework was embossed with a variety of embossment tools.

Thank you so much for your visit, until next time .   .   .

Jerri Siggy3

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25 Responses to “Honeysuckle and Lace”

  1. Anne Young says:

    Hi Jerri,
    Truly a labor of love!! If you ever give your card away, you have to give to someone who appreciates your meticulous & beautiful work and is in their place to keep at least for a very long time if not forever. Precious indeed !!

  2. ann williams says:

    My dear Jerri

    You just keep getting better and better. Your work is wonderful. thank you for sharing your journey of pergamano

  3. Jan Castle says:

    Another BEAUTIFUL project Jerri!!! I can almost smell the fragrance!
    Paper Hugs,

  4. Cathy says:

    It reminds me of our own honeysuckle. Another magnificent card….

  5. Velta says:

    My stars…I am sure no one has used that expression in a while….
    Just beautiful and intricate as all…love it Jerri 🙂

  6. Jessica says:

    When my mom still had her house, there was a fence down one side of her property. It too was covered in honeysuckle! This card is gorgeous! The colors are perfect! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    Hugs, Jess

  7. Dottie says:

    I had these vines growing prolifically up an evergreen in my yard. The tree itself was about 25′ tall with the vines cascading down like fireworks. The vines eventually overpowered their host but for years and years it was a joy to all who saw this most unusual display of beauty. Your card brought the memory of our summer “Christmas” tree! Quite naturally I loved your card! Thanks for sharing Jerri!

  8. Gloria Westerman says:


  9. Lorrayne ingram says:

    Another beautiful card. Love the flowers. Your embossing and painting are stunning.

  10. Cec says:

    Such a lovely way to start my day – looking at another one of your gorgeous creations. I love the colour palette and the lace, both cut and embossed is so pretty. I have never seen honeysuckle growing but can picture it now after looking at this and reading how prolific it can become.

  11. Pinky says:

    Beautiful work, my friend!

  12. Frances says:

    Beautiful work! Love the flower coloring! Hugs

  13. Faulba Dorsett says:

    I get so excited when I see I have received an email from you. Your creations brighten my day. You are so very talented and I appreciate you sharing your talent with us. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Carolyn says:

    You have a talent that produces superb parchment patterns. Your pergamono technique is exelent and stunning, and I admire you and your accomplishments.

  15. Chelsea says:

    Oh, such pretty honeysuckle! But I really love the lacework. It is just gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful art!

  16. Debbie Dunham says:

    Reminds me of my mom’s back yard too. I loved spending time out there when it was in bloom! Love the lacy borders! Another exquisite card!

  17. Beautiful, has the look of a vintage hanky, Lovely!

  18. Marilyn in E ~Town says:

    Oh Jerri your work is beyond beautiful, I can’t even imagine the time you put into these. I truly think these are a piece of art work! It is wonderful you’ve been Bless with such talent.

  19. Elaine Moore says:

    Oh My – just an incredible card. Thank you for sharing your talent with us

  20. CherylQuilts says:

    Oh, Jerri, this card takes my breath away with its beauty! I so love the painted honeysuckle and just love how it reminds you of your mom’s lovely flowers. And the parching you’ve done is exquisite, especially as I look at the extremely fine details with the caring touch that clearly is intricate and fine, which must require attention to how you work so carefully with pressure and – especially – with love. These are truly works of “heart,” sweet friend! I am so delighted that you share these works of art with us. What a joy, and what a delight that Gail is a good friend! Hugs, sweet friend!

  21. Ceci Reyes says:

    So exquisite… the embossing, the lace and that beautiful flowers. Love your card. Thanks for sharing that beauty.

  22. Sue says:

    Truly stunning! Thank you for blessing
    Us with your inspired creations.

    You are amazing!

  23. Rufus says:

    So beautiful. Can almost smell it. And the design at the top and bottom is simply breathtaking! I’m sure whoever got the other one of these will treasure it.

  24. Cindy Howell says:

    Very pretty………….. Over the years of moving around honeysuckle always reminded me of home. I always wanted some in my yard. The house we moved into here 16 years ago has an old cattle fence line since we back up to woods. And in the spring it is covered with honeysuckle and the smell brings back sweet memories.

  25. Tracy says:

    Oh my goodness the lacework! And I can’t even begin to imagine being able to paint something like this. A masterpiece! Hugs!

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