Sep 28 2016

Fall Maple Helicopter Pods

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Hello dear friends, I hope you had a wonderful summer! It’s hard to believe Fall is nearly here. If your husbands are football fans, I’m sure you’re finding it nice to sneak into your craft rooms and play. I’ve been busy with learning software to create parchment patterns these past several weeks. In between working with the software, I did take some time to play and have sporadically been making a few cards along the way.

Today I have a card to share designed by Gail Sydenham. You may remember her name as I’ve posted several of Gail’s cards that I’ve recreated. This card was published in a Pergamano magazine the Fall of 2010 when I was starting my parchment journey. I loved this design but knew I didn’t have the skill or talent to recreate it at the time. This Fall I felt ready to tackle it and I’m so glad I did. While my painting isn’t as fantastic as Gail’s, I’m very happy with the results.

Maple Pod A

I’ve never seen maple pods so before I started the painting I googled (don’t you just love Google!) and read up on them and viewed many images to have a little knowledge about them. I learned that children love seeing the pods twirl through the breeze spinning about like tiny little helicopters (hence the nickname). The pod casings are very delicate and wispy, I also learned that the seeds are edible.

I painted the image with Pergamano Colors Exclusive markers using a Pergamano #2 water color brush.

Maple Pod C

The outer card is made of regular parchment paper. The inner card is made from yellow parchment paper. The image is painted on regular parchment paper. I used the multi grid #4 for the grid work. I used Pergamano perforating and embossing tools, as well as Pergamano embossing and perforating pads to work the design.

Wishing you a very happy Fall, ya’ll,

Jerri Siggy3





Products Used:

Parchment Paper

Perga Colors Exclusive

Embossing Tools

Perforating Tools

Paint Brush

Embossing Mat

Cutting Mat

Perforating Mat

Parchment Scissors



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27 Responses to “Fall Maple Helicopter Pods”

  1. Cathy Hughes says:

    Jerri, gorgeous as usual. Love maple pods.

  2. Gail says:

    Thank you Jerri it is Beautifully painted and this is not easy to do .xxx

  3. Paula Gale says:

    Oh my goodness Jerry, this is absolutely stunning. You should definitely not play your painting skills down because this is just wonderful. Don’t compare yourself to someone else – you have a massive talent in your own right and deserve full credit for that talent. Well done for achieving something you once though impossible – show true determination and the skills you have gained.

    Crafty hugs – Paula from across the pond xxx

  4. Barbara Riefner says:

    Beautiful card. Your talent is astounding!

  5. DOt says:

    Good morning Jerri,
    I love this card. It is very elegant, autumn. Your talents are amazing.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Seeing an email from you is always happy mail. Such a pretty card!

  7. Suzanne says:

    As always, a masterpiece and I learned something. I have maples here where I live and did NOT know that the seeds are edible!

  8. Cec says:

    So nice to see you posting again. Your card is stunning as is the painting on it. I am with Paula – you are being too hard on yourself. Love the cut work on the border. I didn’t know the seeds in maple keys are edible and wonder if they could be a replacement for pine nuts, which are so expensive. I have lots of maple trees here so I need to look into that.

  9. Cathy says:

    What an elegant card for the fall! The detail on the lace is exquisite. I’m amazed at what you did with the software to not only design it yourself but then to create the design. Jerri, as always, your talent is amazing and your work makes my heart smile.

  10. Faulba Dorsett says:

    Congratulations on your appointment! I know you are so proud and excited. I love, love, love your last three cards. You are so talented. I have tried Pergamano and I do not have the patience that is required for this very beautiful craft. I just love the delicacy. Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations. It is good to have you back.

  11. Ceci Reyes says:


    It is always a pleasure to attend to your post and find a very beautiful project. Your card is so exquisite with the parchment detailed edge, and your painting is so beautiful, you don’t need to qualified your painting skils, because the result looks amazing! Love it. Have a wonderful autumn and enjoy all the colors of nature…

  12. Kristine Vencel says:

    Wonderful to hear from you, Jerri! So happy all is well, you are just busy.
    Gorgeous design, beautiful coloring! I am not an artist, just a crafter, so do not critique by any means. I just admire & enjoy the beauty of your cards!

  13. Chelsea Johnson says:

    Wow, that is gorgeous, Jerri. I think the coloring is perfect. The parchment work is so pretty – a perfect compliment to your “whirlibirds”!!! (I’ve got lots of those in my yard right now. I should send you some!! Hahaha!)

  14. Frances says:

    Beautifully colored! Thanks for sharing.

  15. CherylQuilts says:

    Oh, Jerri, what a treat to see your email in my inbox this morning…and then to see the beauty! What an absolutely gorgeous card, and I love the fall theme. Having grown up in NJ and experiencing these maple helicopter pods…YES! You’ve captured them perfectly, and it brings back such joyous and fun memories of our playing with them. Yes, we would open them and put them on our noses…what silliness and fun. Truly, your work is exquisite, and I love the amazing painting. WOW! And I continue to be awed by your parchment work with the fine and intricate designs so perfectly made. Beautifully done, sweet friend, and I am so glad you’ve had some time to enjoy making this one and learning to use the software. Hugs, sweet friend!!

  16. Jessica says:

    Beautiful! I remember my boys playing with these little helicopters. And… I have vague memories of my own as well! You always seem to take me on a walk down memory lane. Thanks again, hugs, Jess

  17. Pinky Roth says:

    Jerry, this is simply gorgeous!

  18. Jan Marie says:

    You always surpass your last attempt and never fail to inspire. So grateful you shared.

  19. Eunice B says:

    Hi Jerri, I just saw your name on my list and was thinking you haven’t posted anything recently, and here you are my friend. What a wonderful fall card!! Beautiful as always, and I love your little info about the leaves. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

  20. Carol Southern says:

    Another superb creation. The painting of the pods is so beautifully done. Love seeing your work.

  21. Jan Castle says:

    How delicate and lovely Jerri – you always do such beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  22. Rufus says:

    Jerri, it was so nice to see a post from you in my inbox. And as usual, it’s another stunner! What a beautiful job of painting you’ve done, they are gorgeous.
    As kids we used to take them and split the seed part with a thumb nail, they were slightly sticky inside and we’d stick them on our noses. Why? I really don’t remember that part, just the silliness of it and the joy of being kids!
    Wouldn’t dream of splitting these beauties. And love the delicate tracery of the grid work. I can’t imagine the precision and patience it takes to create your works of art. But I’m sure glad that you have it!

  23. Oh wow, outstanding, you did a perfect job of coloring these, I remember as a kid laying in the grass and watching them fall from the tree seeing them spin. Beautiful card, so glad you were able to share a creation!

  24. Incredible!!! Your painting skills AND your pergamano ones are just astounding. You are one talent packed lady Jerri. Gorgeous work. Hugs!

  25. Debbie Dunham says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  26. Anne Young says:

    Could not miss your post in any way. I was in US for more than a month so have not read my emails. Now that I am back to my own place, I saw your post and it beats me. What a beautiful piece of work. I just marvel at it and keep telling myself how can you do it. It is impeccable and your painting is great not to say your pergamano work. Bravo!!…………Anne

  27. Marilyn in E~Town says:

    WOW absolutely stunning. I just so love your work, you are one very talented crafter!

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