Mar 03 2017

Pergamano – Azaleas

Hello sweet friends, just popping in today with a quick post. The day is gorgeous here as you can see in the picture below. It’s bright and sunny; a cool and crisp spring day. I hope you’re experiencing the same weather wherever you are!

Jerr's Azaleas

Spring has come early this year, my azaleas started blooming a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been so inspired by the beautiful spring flowers, who wouldn’t be!

IMG_9978 copy

Browsing around through some old Pergamano books, I came across this gorgeous pattern from Gerti Hofman’s book, Eyecatching Designs – how perfect! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to give it a go. I’m so pleased with the finished card.

IMG_9941 copy

I took pictures of my azaleas this morning to include with this post. I have two azalea trees at the front entrance of my home that are light pink. Have I mentioned before that pink is my favorite color . . . these pale pink flowers bring a smile of pleasure.

IMG_9979 copy

Thank you so much for stopping by, sending you sweet warm Spring wishes for a fabulous weekend. I hope you take time from your busy schedules to relax and enjoy your family.

Jerri Siggy3





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25 Responses to “Pergamano – Azaleas”

  1. Eunice B says:

    Hi Jerri, you have captured the essence of the azaleas perfectly! Another awesome card my friend. I have a little azalea tree that has flowers almost that same color, yummy! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Eunice

  2. Elaine Moore says:

    Oh my! So beautiful (as always)

  3. Absolutely breath-taking, my friend!

  4. Anne Young says:

    Hi Jerri,
    Great piece of work as always!! I am truly in awe of your amazing work!! You never stop wowing people of your work. Your flowers in the garden are very pretty as well. I still have the poinsettia in my garden. Can you imagine that?? 🙁
    Love Love,

  5. Lorrayne says:

    Breath of fresh air to look at all your lovely work and your flowers. It is 20 this morning and we received some snow last night. 🙂

  6. Kittie says:

    Jerri, this is beautiful! I love the colors of green and pink that you used. So fresh and cheery!

  7. Pinky Roth says:


  8. Gloria Westerman says:

    My azaleas haven’t started blooming yet…but it will be soon….the buttercups are always the first sign spring is coming….with the warm 70`s it won’t be long…..
    As always your work amaze me with it’s beauty….and workmanship…and this card is no different….it captures the spring’s blooms….beautiful…tfs…

  9. Edna Burgess says:

    Beautiful real flowers and beautiful card. thanks. Edna

  10. Janie Printz says:

    Jerri your amazing colors of spring do indeed bring a smile to my face as I can almost feel & smell the beauty of them. You have that special touch in creating both on paper creations & in your garden…
    hugs, Janie

  11. Cec says:

    Thanks for posting a photo of your garden. At least I can feel warmth from the photo because it is only going to be 10F here today but the snow is gone, for now. That can change in a heartbeat. Your card is beautiful and a great representation of your azaleas. Love the shape of the card and the lacy frame is gorgeous.

  12. Faulba Dorsett says:

    I just love azaleas and you have captured them perfectly in your card. My mother had azaleas planted over our entire yard. I just enjoy riding around Vicksburg looking at the different shades and colors of these beautiful bushes. Thank you for sharing this amazing card.

  13. Kristine Vencel says:

    The first word that popped into my head when I saw your card was “delicate”. Such gorgeous, delicate, stunning flowers on your card! I do so love to see your creations and I am so thankful that you are willing to share them with us.

  14. Jan Castle says:

    So life like Jerri…stunningly beautiful!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity – love the look!
    Paper Hugs,

  15. Jessica says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Ours were blooming here. Looking just like yours. But it got down close to freezing last night! I havent been out yet today. But I’m sure they do t look like they did.😟 Your card is exquisite as always! Hugs Jess

  16. Wow, Jerri. What a stunning card. My friends and I have taken Pergamano classes for years and I know what detail and precision it took to make that card. Amazing!!!

    Thanks for sharing,

  17. Chelsea Johnson says:

    Exquisite!! Your “real” azaleas are gorgeous, but your parchment version is just as beautiful. Those of us in colder climes are enjoying a virtual spring through your lovely card.

  18. Cathy says:

    Oh so gorgeous!!! Always such an inspiration, Jerri, thanks for bringing this beautiful bright spot into my day.

    Hugs, Cathy

  19. Your flowers and leaves are gorgeous, shading beautifully. Lovely framing of it all!

  20. Stunning, they’ve been beautiful this year which was surprising as we had no cold weather.
    The card is simply beautiful.

  21. Kristie Gijanto says:


  22. Ceci Reyes says:

    So beautiful… they look real, just like those ones from your door entrance. Yo have magic in your hands.

  23. Becca Feeken says:

    Jerri, your card is enchanting, as always!! What a beautiful spring you are experiencing!

  24. Debbie Dunham says:

    Stunning card! Wish spring would get here soon! The azaleas are beautiful!

  25. Oh, Jerri, what an exquisite card, and your parchment work and painting is completely amazing and just jaw-dropping! I also love your inspiration, and we sure do live in a beautiful place! Hugs, sweet friend! xoxo

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