Oct 11 2017

Thank You

A quick post to say thank you to all of you for all of your visits to my blog throughout the years and to say how much I appreciate you and how honored I am that you take a few moments from your day to stop by and view whatever creation I am posting. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!  Hugs to you all!!!!

Pink Thank You 1a

Jerri Siggy3


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15 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Pinky says:

    Your work is truly amazing! I love this beautiful card.

  2. Gwen says:

    Your creations are always so amazing, you are truly very talented. tfs

  3. Janet Fleming says:

    Hi Jerri

    What a lovely thought, your work is so lovely.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.

    Love Jan xxx

  4. SandraSue says:

    We all should be thanking you for all you do. Your work is so beautiful and different. Most people of today don’t take the time to do something so special. Each time you post something you are giving us a gift and maybe an idea. Thank you so much!

  5. Suzanne Hicks says:

    Awww, how thoughtful of you! We appreciate your creative genius and that you share the beauty with so many 🙂

  6. Cindy Howell says:

    You are very welcome but we should be thanking you for sharing your beautiful creations. Keep them coming 🙂 Love You, Cindy

  7. Faulba Dorsett says:

    I always get excited when I see a post from you because I know what exquisite work you do. It just cheers me to see your work and I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you!

  8. Oh, sweet Jerri, it is a true joy to visit with you and see the beautiful designs you’ve worked using the hands that God has given you — to bring beauty into this world! I love your art and your heart, and may God continue to bless you and allow you to make beauty! Your work is a delight to my eyes, and I love seeing the intricacy of it and how you take mere pieces of parchment and tools and make stunning beauty! So, yes, thank you! Hugs and love! xoxo

  9. nancy says:

    Love your work!

  10. Frances says:

    Always a pleasure to visit! Hugs

  11. Love looking at your beautiful creations!! Love the little bows in the corner on this card too!

  12. Chelsea Johnson says:

    You are too sweet, Jerri. It is a treat for me to be able to see your gorgeous paper art and to have drooled over so many beautiful pieces over the years. I know blogging your work takes a lot of time, and I sooooo appreciate you doing this so I can enjoy the beauty you have created. The card above is just another example! I love your beautiful, kind heart as well, as I have gotten to know you over the years.

  13. Anna says:

    Gorgeous card – I would love to learn how to make parchment cards!

  14. Rufus says:

    You are more than welcome, although I feel like I should be thanking you for sharing such beautiful, elegant creations!

  15. Anne Young says:

    Dear Terri,

    Your work is always an eye candy to me. I always enjoy your work and marvel at them. I think I want to say thank you to you more than you say to me!! 🙂 Thanks for your generosity of sharing your beautiful work all the time. May God continue to bless you with such talent!! Have a great weekend ahead!!


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