Oct 09 2010

The Fine Print/Copyright

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All content (including text, images, photographs, tutorials and designs) is copyright © Jerri Kay Jimenez, all rights reserved.

My artwork is shared for your personal inspiration only and may not be copied for publication, contest entry, or taught in classes for personal financial gain. Tutorials I provide on my blog are provided in the spirit of sharing. They are copyrighted to me and are not meant to be used for teaching in classes for financial/monetary gain. I spend many hours working on the techniques and tutorials and freely share them with you. I am very honored that you choose to spend a few moments of your time visiting my blog.  Please feel free to share my designs and tutorials with others by providing a link to my blog to them.  It is very hurtful to learn others profit from what I have freely given to all.

Thank you for understanding and for visiting my blog, I value your time and truly appreciate you spending a few minutes of your day here with me.  Many blessings.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Lovely, Jerri. Your wedding must have been beautiful. I, too, love G45 papers. I’ve never been able to buy more than one pack at a time. But times, they are a changin’. Beautiful card! Luscious ribbon and lace tucked into your flowers. Love the whole effect. TFS, hugs, Jess

  2. Luz Wheeler says:

    I am so glad to found you. Can you tell me where to find pergamano tools? Amazon seems to be limited. Thanks

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